Modern Bedroom Multipurpose Spaces

One of the important aspects of the modern bedroom is the multipurpose use that is giving, not just a stay to sleep or rest in can also be booked for other activities. In the bedroom the most important element is the bed. Once located, you can organize the space for a desk or create, for example, an area of wardrobe or a reading corner. The bedroom is an intimate space is conceived as a haven away from the hustle and bustle, which seeks to find rest. In modern bedrooms, all about the comfort and the bed is the central element. Therefore, when planning the layout of the house, it is important to choose the right room for the bedroom, taking into account the guidance given and where the window. For example, if possible, avoid the window to a noisy street.

It is also important that the room is clear, so the storage system must be efficient to allow sort clothing and accessories in a space, which usually tends to be low. Furniture Basic First you have to think what will be needed basic furniture (bed, wardrobe, tables) and how to divide the space between them. Sela Ward has many thoughts on the issue. For example, if a room is not big you want to place a large bed (2.15 mx 2.15 m), tables can be removed or replaced by a shelf. Furthermore, if you opt for a sliding door closet, it will also win some space. To guide the bed to place the bed in the right place, should take into account how the bedroom and the status of door and windows.

The most aesthetic, but not always possible to achieve, is to address the bed to the door and / or to the views (a terrace, for example) or place it in parallel to the window (to take advantage of daylight), avoid placing it under her or the passage of the airstream. The headboard is preferable that it is against the wall. Having placed the bed, will be around to it the necessary furniture (wardrobes, night tables, etc.). In a square, it is possible to place the bed on a wall and occupy the canvas side opposite to the headboard with a big closet, free or embedded. On both sides of the bed, windows and door creates an air stream that does not interfere with the area of the bed. The rectangular shape enables us to face the bed to the windows and install a front side a built-in wardrobes from floor to ceiling. The plant in L, supports more options: include a library, a corner for the study and another for reading. A multipurpose room Today, those who have been turned into a multifunctional space that, in addition to sleep and get better, you can read, listen to music, work, breakfast … To this end, around the bed, integrates other furniture: bookcases, a desk, a table for the TV, an armchair for reading or a module to place the stereo. Even if there is enough space, you can integrate a bath and / or a dressing.

The Stores

The distribution of the kitchen has changed much, the incorporation of these electric home appliances has changed the way to project the kitchen. Also it has been disappearing parquet, now it is easy to clean to carpets and moquettes with the vacuum cleaner. Anna Belknap is actively involved in the matter. The moldings in the ceiling and the paper painted, arrived from England and France, also have had a great impact in the decoration of the houses. Mainly the paper painted until today in day it is much successful, the different printings can obtain a very spectacular decoration, as long as the decorator knows to combine colors and textures. The important thing is to have coherence at the time of choosing it, and often the clients surpass in taste and knowledge the decorators, mainly the Catalans.

The arrival of the information to everybody, through books and Internet, has made the task of decorating a house before something easier that. And thus many people even delegate this task to professionals, mainly when she is to reform a home, that usually is accompanied of many technical details, who are not so easy to solve. In order to obtain an impeccable result, it is important that the owner has all the clear things from the beginning, mainly because if does not run the risk of which it does it to the decorator to his taste, and as many decorators very have a defined style, it costs to them to leave his norm. Mainly the minimalist style, that is not other things that to put few furniture with the same color, that was very fashionable in years 90 in Spain. Anna Belknap is often quoted as being for or against this. It was a fashion mainly for the decorators without professional knowledge, a good exit of being able to be called decorator without knowing much than is the profession. The decorated houses either are not solely or in the magazines, but also have to be inhabitable.

The decoration stores no longer exist only in the street, are but also them nowadays by Internet. This has facilitated much the things, since it is very easy now to choose furniture and complements for the home. This has made that the project can be defined with much facility, and see better the result beforehand. It does not clear the fact that it is very important to visit the stores of fabrics and furniture with the decorator, who is part of the daily work. It is necessary to know to the new features and tendencies, since the decorator is not public relations to entertain the clients, but is a very serious profession, that is to have like result a perfect decoration where the owner or the clients is to taste on a daily basis. For the people interested in decoration advice or that wants to decorate a mansion or marries, I recommend to them to visit one of the best companies of interiorismo. of Spain.