Caucasus Mountains

Floor tile with the name Wood, eloquently shows that this series simulates the texture of wood. There are five colors of tile: brown, black, red, beige and yellow. Tile series of Tajikistan and Sella have been chosen natural, earthy tones that will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in any interior. Tile surface is designed around the technology, not duplicating the pattern. A fine collection of floor tiles in the Caucasus Mountains, good option for those who prefer restraint and minimalism. Laths in conjunction with the tiles give the interior solidity and dignity.

Floor tiles Harmony with strong colors, deservedly popular among creative nature. With this tile can realize the most daring designs in various styles. To reach the color output of ceramic tiles on the Russian market Kerama maratstsi occupies a leading position compared to other factories – manufacturers. In size 20.1 x20, 1 cm is offered by Kerama maratstsi two collections of tiles Transbaikalia with imitations of natural stone, sandstone done in warm colors. As well as tiles Liverpool, part of the British collection, advertised in 2009 .. to the base color terracotta tile offers eight decorative elements! In the figures used in decorations classic English patterns and colors.

The base tile is easily combined with decorative elements. In the format of 40.2 x40, 2 series of Techno represented the family collections. Floor tiles Dolomites creates the feeling that in the hands of stone cut along with all its lines and stripes and the same rough to the touch.

Office Home Apartment Interior

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