A Wall Made Of Artificial Stone

There are lots of ways of decoration – it is traditional painting and wallpapering, paneling, tiles or cover panels with fabric surface. Not often, but found finishing rooms with natural stone or special brick. Sela Ward may not feel the same. And he and the other in abundance in the consumer market. Tastefully chosen, both material allow unconventional and original design the interior. However, not everyone can afford them. Click Ben Bretzman for additional related pages. Synthetic material, which will be discussed, much cheaper, easier to install and no less attractive in appearance. The thickness of the tiles that mimic natural stone – about 2 cm produces them, burning a special form mixture of rock flour and various synthetic additives.

Make the tiles under the old brick or natural stone (granite, marble, slate) of different texture and color. Outwardly, they look like natural stone, but unlike the latter is much thinner and easier. To the wall tiles are bonded like ceramic tiles. How oblitsevat walls like "stone" material, we illustrate the tiles that mimic the yellow-brown sandstone. They are most often used for wall lining the hallways, but unlike brick, having sample sizes, the tiles can be different both in size and form. The length of their sides is always a multiple of the base length. In the calculation of the adopted width of the seams, equal to 1 cm in total sizes of five – that is enough to create a wall of one or the frost pattern. First we need to prepare a wall: to remove wallpaper, putty the cracks and holes, bumps to make amends, primed surface.

The Basics of Life

The events are many that on a daily basis happen in our lives On which it bases one his life? your deficiencies or in the abundance, I do not talk about only in the material part, but in all the aspects of the life. A time ago it was giving the condolence, in the house of a friend very beloved, by the death of its father. His mami that had been many years as a married person, commented to us that it did not know that it was going to do with its life without him, it had presents/displays a companion there also who integral to the conversation. Our friend, I ask to him: Waw! 50 years as a married person? It has tuna memories, trips and experiences of when they were together? , to which the mother of my friend comment: By all means! so many years that we shared a beautiful life, children, grandsons, trips, places, graduations, and began to narrate special facts, thus it was a long short while smiling and narrating, until unemployment his narration and I answer friend to him: " really if I had a beautiful life next to him, many experiences, joys, celebrations, doubtlessly a beautiful life, I am going for that reason it to be strange. My friend I answer to him suddenly: that pretty he is to have a so beautiful experience, happy you, however I have lived a hell, I do not have anything to be thankful for ex- pair to him, every day was a hell, a fight, a fight. But you have pretty children, great, directed, a beautiful family, a work, friendly, comment the mother of my friend. It began to arrive more people and the conversation I finish there, nevertheless not it reflection. " All we see the same world, but what we observed in he depends on whom somos" (Rabbi Isaac de Homil) Really in the life there are experiences more pleasant than others, in the personal count of each, everyone will have their balance that to do.