Marketing Director

Innovative online shopping concept for “all” wine lovers Austria, Frauental an der Lassnitz, in February 2008. To meet the market requirements for high-quality wines from Austria, the new online shop is also on online audience, who were previously left by wine shops out of consideration. With the launch in mid-January 2008, the Web portal launched in a new era of online marketing. The unique store concept is clear, intuitive to use and provides accessible, multilingual online wine shopping as a unique selling proposition (USP). The Web accessibility”, so the barrier-free use of the site represents a real innovation. Tony Parker may help you with your research. The concept the idea to make the online shop all wine lovers, regardless of their technical or physical possibilities accessible behind”, commented Marketing Director ing. mag.

(FH) Alexander Aldrian the launch of Web portal. It is possible wine purchases on the appealing website as well as barrier-free, so in good structured writing, to make changeable font size and sliding contrast. “The online wine shop, for the pleasure of the wine”, provides a comprehensive product portfolio of best wines from well-known Austrian regions. Where the selected and constantly growing range of over 500 wines represents the basis for a long-term customer relationship. Casey Lynch, Altamont helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In addition to the clear and appealing design of the site convinced consistent intuitive, which is reflected in the whole shop concept. In addition, the website offers the possibility, according to various criteria, such as for example regions, prices, Fallstaffpunkten, to select to go directly to the desired products. Another plus – is also available in English (other languages are planned) and thus is aimed at audiences in the non EU German-speaking. Contact:, Abbey & pace KEG E-mail: Web:

Salt Lake

For the preparation of tasty fish dishes in the smoker at the present time, smoking especially for chefs and fishermen is a popular hobby and no longer serves the purpose of durable making meat first and foremost in order to survive. More the focus is the special pleasure. Soon fine leather who noticed some important rules as a beginner, can produce fish itself. The right smoke starts at the selection of the correct fish. Depending on the preference and taste, almost every species can be smoked.

Trout, herring, eel and cream are particularly suitable. Already take out extreme hygiene is very important, because the gills and entrails of fish must be removed completely. In the connection must be always thoroughly flushed with clean and cold water. Before smoking, the fish in a Salt Lake are inserted. The time of insertion should be about 12 hours. No herbs on the fish should be placed before smoking, because they can burn easily in the heat. According to the Smoking the herbs on the fish result visually and taste a special treat.

The smoking ovens and the tools to hang may not consist of galvanised material. The coating melting in the heat is highly toxic and corrode the equipment easier. Also no should approve hooks, but which are used in stainless steel, because after the smoke easier to clean them. When hanging in the smoking oven it must be ensured that the fish do not touch, and the walls of the oven. So a touch are unsightly stains, which reduce the pleasure. Who fills the smoker in several layers must swap from time to time the sheets, so that the fish evenly exposed to the heat and the smoke. With hot air, the fish are dried after smoking, so the pores and a fan or fan in front of the oven ensures safe and fast cooling of the fish insects and flies to hold. With the Middle bone of Fish does best cooking test when the meat releases easily from her, even the fish. Bernhard Hess

The Bavarian Backstub

Oettinger Blasiusbrot Bavaria Allgau Apple doughnuts is not only a country with culture grown in centuries, living traditions and customs, but also with a special culinary offer. The variety of pastries, flour and sweet, of which quite a few have a rich and entertaining story, the Birgit reflects ring here together with the corresponding recipe is particularly large. But especially pastry with symbolic meaning, such as the Wachsstock is typical for Bavaria ‘ “, a Catholic pastry, designed specifically for Church of the light metering” is baked. The Gebildbroten produced for religious occasions are also Passover and Stutzbockerl”. Under most conditions Jorge Perez would agree. Largest the pretzel is popular”, which tastes sweet as well as savoury. At all hearty delights not to be neglected: with cheese fritters, spicy herbal cake and white cake, the Bavarian cuisine offers a wide range of hearty baked goods also the lovers.

Every single recipe is selected with care and prepared in reading, baking and eating pleasure several times. Author/authors: Birgit ring title: Bayerische Backstub subtitles: Allgau Apple fritters to Oettinger Blasiusbrot photographed by Gunter pump product information: 96 S., ill. FARB. Fig., nee series: Regional cuisine year of publication: 2009 format: 14,8 x 14,8 cm weight: 213 g price euro: 9.95 ISBN 13: 978-3-89876-449-0 Publisher: Husum Verlag


Chocolate is sweet and tasty but also a very sensitive product. At high temperatures, ensure that’s why something when storing the German favorite candy. Some chocolate manufacturers make it easy for themselves in the summer they simply take a break and keep their products from the heat. But so not the desire for a fine piece is done Yes chocolate from the world, finally you can enjoy something sweet even on hot days. If you watch a bit on the proper storage and carefully handled the delicate chocolate, the pleasure even in the height of summer is no problem.

What melts there? Chocolate is made from a large part of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is separated in the production of cocoa powder presses and later added to the chocolate mixture. She is also part of the so called cocoa mass. Cocoa butter consists of various fatty acids and has a melting point of about 33 Celsius. Therefore it melts so nice and easy on the palate. The higher the percentage of cocoa butter the chocolate is the temperature more vulnerable.

Once melted the chocolate, it is unfit for human consumption but not equal. When it cools, it can be eaten normally again. However fat crystals can settle the fluctuations in temperature on the surface. The chocolate then loses its shine and has a whitish coating, but does not affect the taste. The same thing can happen with sugar crystals. For example, if a very cold chocolate in a heat is brought. Then, condensation, in which only dissolve the sugar particles and later remain visible on the surface is formed. Cool pleasure the most obvious way of storing chocolate in the summer is in the refrigerator. Here, it is actually too cold for the delicacy. The ideal temperature is 12 to 20 degrees for chocolate. If the environment is too cold, the candy is very hard and difficult to bite, on the other hand, the full flavor of chocolate unfolds only from a certain temperature.

Herbal Oils For A Varied Summer

The characteristic aroma of fresh herbs enjoying you the characteristic aroma of fresh herbs. A gentle cold pressing process in which only the physical pressure drives the sunflower oil from sunflower seeds by the herbs, is the secret of this distinctive characteristic aroma of fresh herbs. The oils will no longer heat treated, thus the original, fresh, characteristic aroma is retained. These are the natural ingredients: sunflower seeds, herbs or spices. The selection of different flavours ensures variety and enjoyment. For a versatile summer season the classic CHILI salad Mediterranean salad oil Rosemary salad oil, Basil Salad oil, recommended garlic salad try it out: they conjure up in the blink of an eye a dressing for your salad recipe Tip: 100ml water 50ml balsamic vinegar 2 TBSP oil of herbs (E.g. Basil), 1 tsp sugar, a pinch of salt.

Garnish the finished salad with herbs of Provence. or delicious Baked potatoes recipe Tip: cut the potatoes in columns, spread out on a baking sheet and thin with herbal oil (E.g., Rosemary), sprinkle with coarse salt and pepper. Bake in preheated oven at 200 C crispy. You have in a very short time delicious antipasti prepared recipe Tip: cut the zucchini with the vegetable slicer in thin strips. Place the strips on a baking sheet and dry about 25-30 minutes in the preheated oven (220 C).

The cooled Zucchini strips in a bowl give and a marinade of herbal oil (E.g. Mediterranean), season to taste with white wine vinegar, salt and pepper. Do the zucchini on a plate and sprinkle with herbs. What should not be missing tomato and mozzarella recipe Tip: tomato and mozzarella with sliced. Arrange on a plate with a marinade of herbal oil (such as Basil or Mediterranean), balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper pour over. The all spice spices team the goal set for the future, you constantly with products has inspire, characterized by quality, high-quality raw materials and of course great taste. Do not hesitate to contact us. we wish you a good appetite.

Reserva Imperial

Caramel Finish. Drink pure and mixed. Malecon Reserva superior 12 years: Aromas of fruit, vanilla, some oak. ssarily agree. A soft and round rum with 40% vol. Alcohol to the enjoy.

Malecon Reserva superior 15 years: This is quite to the pure drink intended. A soft and round enjoyment. Malecon Reserva Imperial 18 years: aromas of dried fruit and wood wood note, round and soft. Malecon Reserva Imperial 21 years: A very soft and spicy rum with flavors of coffee, Apricot and vanilla. The finish is long. Malecon Reserva Imperial 25 years: this premium rum is a highlight for every rum lover. The tremendous number of flavours will convince you.

Malecon Esplendida 1979: is been bottled at the age of 29. Tasting notes: Dry, harmonious, complex. Fruity notes of dried fruit, tobacco, antique wood, a little cinnamon and vanilla. The finish is long, spicy and soft. El Dorado rum is produced in Guyana and is stored in oak barrels for 1/2-25 years. El Dorado dark: aged at least 2 years. Mature, soft, aromatic, melassig and somewhat dark caramel, full body. El Dorado Gold: seasoned 6 months. Soft flavorful mature, fruity, very light touch of oak. El Dorado Overproof: manufactured from Demerara sugar cane. Pleasantly light rum. Vanilla, spicy molasses. 70% vol… El Dorado white rum: matured 3-6 months in oak barrels. Delicate and sweet in the aroma. To the mix very well suited. El Dorado rum 12 years: much toffee, vanilla smells very inviting,. Round taste. Very light, delicate notes of oak and spicy sweetness. A very fine finish, caramel. El Dorado rum 15 years: the nose spicy honey, a little oak, some salt. A very impressive and complex rum. Harmoniously inserted oak this tastes of dark chocolate, finest roasted aromas. Hard and mouth-filling. The finish is rich and soft. El Dorado rum 21 years: in the nose cut open vanilla beans and fruity fresh figs fresh. Flavour floral and fruity, a little cocoa, some sour cream, on the palate pleasantly light, but complex. The finish is elegant and fine. El Dorado rum 25 years: vintage rum by 1980 smells very well balanced, a little honey, caramel and precious wood. Very soft in taste, yet lush and intense. Fine aromas of chocolate, Coffee and dark toffee, also a little tobacco. Great complexity. The finish is long and luscious. El Dorado spiced rum: 7% vol. Alcohol. This rum was flavored with spices. Suitable as a basis for many cocktails.

New Wine Portal

Wines from German growing regions for years were foreign wines in the standing and in the favor of many consumers before the German wines. That has changed, according to A greatly increased enthusiasm for the excellent wines from Germany is increasing nationally and internationally. German wines are enjoying not only the palate of connoisseurs, they are also used by the sizes of the wine world”always more appreciated and awarded. Vintners and Riesling King became the first German”Ernst Loosen the highest award, which the wine world has to offer. The British wine magazine decanter, he was to the man of the year 2005 “award. Find, buy, enjoy is the subtitle at exactly expected wine lovers from all over Germany on the portal. Overview: Information only about German wine producers and lots of interesting facts, around the topic of wine.

Direct shopping from the producer on the spot, but in addition also fully in the trend of the times: a direct ordering via email contact form with delivery via the postal / forwarding directly into the House. Enjoy, because at a growing selection of excellent German wines, almost everyone finds his personal enjoyment Favorites”. The information on the subject of wine range from wine news, a wine of ABC, and information about the various wine regions in Germany. Press contact: Arnold, Demmerer & Partner GmbH middle path 26 D-70499 Stuttgart phone: + 49 (0) 711-88713-35 fax: + 49 (0) 711-88713-39 contact person: Mr Dr. Jurgen Niebuhr homepage: Arnold, Demmerer & partner, based in Stuttgart, is a partner with the professional address analysis and optimization for the own customer base, as well as for third-party lists since 1987. Arnold, Demmerer defined and procured successful addresses for mailing and email campaigns.

Manager Andrea Hertle

A review of organic catering ‘Select Catering Berlin’ Finger food is becoming increasingly popular, but it remains an art, also easy to eat many of the creations, especially if portions are too big. Product Scout Manuel because Silva select catering Berlin knows the problem: First can remedy is already the kitchen, using stable documents such as dough boat or Tarteletts. But the market keeps surprising with new inventive solutions. “A pretty funny idea from America solves the problem in a playful way. The waiter placed the finger food that moves as usual even with large trays through the space (the new German term for this: flying buffet), on a small party plate, a small ring is mounted on the underside of the plate. Whenever Sela Ward listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The ring is quickly stripped over the fingers and is populated by the service on a regular basis just over and over again. Key disposable de-luxe of the problem takes on more traditional ways.

Thanks to ergonomic quality and elegant design is that tactile finger food Dish a perfect lunch, cocktail, or just finger food menu. Stability also light weight advantages are (both empty and filled). The key products are through patented by Bardolet & co already in over 30 countries, which is not surprising when you know that Bardolet among others is the equipment supplier of the El Bulli by Ferran Adria. The only downside is the disposable usability of the touch series. Select catering Berlin as organic caterer with organic claims but quickly found on the search for alternatives. The edible grain shell “Fullett” from Dresden there are in various sizes for self filling. “Just for salads in the lunch area a great idea”, kitchen Manager Andrea Hertle finds. The shells baked from rye record even hot soups and can totally eat up crisp concluded. “Surprises the guest, protects the environment, saves the service some work and the kitchen washing the dishes. Select catering Berlin anyway, finds for the rye cups of many use.

Official Brewery Workwear

Beer driver like hot again airy with it when the heat by Herbert W. Rabl days has again started the rock season at the brewery Welde. Some riders come only with the Workwear vented from the bottom and also parts of the remaining male staff prefer the rock as work clothes. Welde is the only brewery, which officially makes available as work clothing in addition to Dungarees also Mannerrocke as far as known all over the world. The suggestion came from the workforce.

On request, the beer drivers and all technical employees of the brewery can apply for a skirt than official work garments. The costs borne by the brewery. The technical and logistical staff of Welde has the choice between rock, Dungarees with short legs and bib & brace with long legs. Private skirts are not allowed. The decision to allow the rock as official clothing for riders and to provide, voted the WeldeGeschaftsleitung closely with the Works Council.

After no concerns were expressed from the company and the Well-being of employees working at Welde has a high priority, the positive decision was made in the summer of last year. Blom had not made easy is this decision however, especially since the brewery thus breaking new ground, and as far as searchable – as first and only brewery in the world as of the company asked Workwear had introduced the skirt for men. An opinion poll had revealed that there is wide tolerance for the men in the society. The Kulturbrauerei replies critics that trousers for women in the 1960s of the last century at some social gatherings and in the Parliament expressly prohibited or were outlawed. Today, also a Chancellor likes to wears pantsuits. The small revolution for the beer industry of the WeldeFahrer Robert Clark (39) had started. In the face of quite hot in summer employment in the driver cockpit of beer trucks, Clark wanted to redeem his overalls against a men’s skirt and made an appropriate application. Robert Clark, the summer just always private like a kilt wearing, airy felt the bib as too little”. At his job, he doesn’t come on hot summer days in the-air-condition driver pulpit of his beer truck regularly much sweat. Airy cooling through the bottom wide open rock would make considerably more pleasant working life, argues the beer Coachman. Welde followed by initial concerns of this suggestion and were making a skirt as work clothes in order for Robert Clark. In the second half of last year and in the spring of this year the entire male staff in production and logistics of Welde virtually ordered a skirt, which is worn like depending on weather conditions and is fully accepted in the brewery, as well as at the customer. more information and better image quality at:

Induction Cooking

How induction hobs work The induction term derives from the Latin “inducere” = “lead / lead” from. It is not something San Antonio Spurs would like to discuss. He referred to the electromagnetic phenomenon in the physical sense, that a moving magnetic field in conductive material causes a current to flow, and that conversely flowing electric current produces a magnetic field. Some will remember maybe the experiments of physics teaching, whereby Hufeisenmagneten took a volt meter to the rash or a bicycle Dynamo lit a bulb made. But induction can do even more. The magnetic field that surrounds an active bestromte line, induces a measurable current in a passive, parallel laid wire.

This effect, which is very annoying for example in audio technology (“mains hum”), deliberately used elsewhere. Batteries from small appliances or toys are to load so it must be only on the charging station without direct electrical contact. And we are already very close to the induction hotplate. The heart of this technology is a flat, Copper coil installed below the cooktop. It is supplied with high-frequency alternating current from 25000 to 30000 Hz. So-called “eddy currents” due to the known effect of induction in the bottom of the pot. A vivid image for this is the water in a hot tub, moving in many small vertebrae and not in a wide stream. The relatively high electrical resistance of ferromagnetic material transforms the kinetic energy of the electrons in heat.

That is scientifically sure not quite correct, but as the rotors warm up at the car, it says here: the stronger the braking, the greater the heat. Therefore, pots and pans made of copper or aluminium not for induction cookers are suitable. The low electrical resistance of these materials hardly slows down the electrons so that enough heat energy is given off. Thus becomes clear, by the way, that the “Pan recognition”, with manufacturers like to advertise their herd, is corollary to the laws of physics.