Green Lighting

\”Green lighting GmbH becomes a partner of through the Internet portal more quickly to success with ecological daylight systems I look forward particularly the Division daylight with the professionals of Green Lighting to cover.\” were the words of Reinhard Flototto after the signing of the partner agreement with the CEO of green lighting GmbH, Alexander Korsch. We have gained a partner who knows on the entire keyboard in the area of housing. We are best represented in the\”, so the skilled lighting designers, trainer and coach, Alexander Korsch enthuses. Reinhard Flototto has created a whole new virtual living world in recent years. Aim of the portal is to be able to offer the consumer a comprehensive and multi-media Advisor around the theme of living.

To do this, Flototto has grouped the best in each industry around. The online magazine around the building, modernizing, set, justification and enjoy recorded daily new users. High-quality manufacturer of all thematic areas complement each other in in their performances. No question that Green Lighting is also represented in the noble Web Magazine. A beautiful home consists of many components: if they perfectly complement each other, the human well-being can increase all-round. And exactly this diversity offered by the online magazine: the new Internet platform puts together information, products and services of different providers and is Green Lighting.

We wanted to miss the chance never us, to present us in this high-quality circle\”, Alexander Korsch reports management of Green Lighting. In conjunction with other companies we have developed an online presence together with Reinhard Flototto, providing real added value our customers because it combines information and makes available on demand\”. The theme of energy saving is very important to us. More and more consumers pay attention to reduced CO2 emissions. The green building wave\”rolls to us. The Green Lighting daylight systems are perfect and cover new topic at us\”, so the inspiration of Reinhard Flototto further complemented.

Lisa Neumann University

Power saving tips for winter in the cold season many people try to avoid a high heating Bill. Often used then to a warm sweater instead of turning up the heating. As the consumer portal found, there quite yet other ways to keep energy costs low. In recent years, the cost of oil and gas have grown steadily. This will not change according to experts in the coming winter. Nevertheless, can easily power save, if customers once confront their power consumption. The nationwide heating mirror offers a good orientation.

In addition, each region should be considered as well as the type of apartment. Here the prices for electricity can ( power) greatly vary. Before the application for a change of electricity provider is filled, it applies to observe even the own heating behavior. So it is worth already, to reduce the room temperature by just one degree. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tony Parker. This can lead to energy savings of up to six percent.

If Rooms are revealed, it is significantly more effective to make an airing a few minutes as to tilt the window over several hours. Finally consumers should keep in mind yet that radiator not the furniture blocked. This prevents the spread of the heated air into the space. More information: service/press contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Federal Government Ziemann

The tenant would benefit also indefinitely then lower energy costs. Living could be so soon much more expensive. German Chancellor Merkel makes criticism of the energy concept of the Government do not apply. It is important that we make real progress on the way to the age of renewable energy”. She make themselves “that many people are more wind and solar energy want, but not ready, to support the necessary for our objectives redevelopment of our infrastructure.” Also the German tenants Association sharply criticized the initiative of Chancellor for higher rent for a building renovation for energy saving.

It’s really not intended to be at the end and also not comprehensible”, says the tenants Association. And Frank Ziemann: Although renters save after a renovation of energy saving on heating costs, but rather very little. “Ziemann calculates: heat a 70 square meter apartment just above 80 euro today costs a month.” If you are saving a half through thermal insulation and other measures of could the fuel savings would be still significantly less than the rent increase. “The Federal Government Ziemann calls for significantly increasing the State promoting of the rehabilitation of buildings. As a corollary, managing director Frank Ziemann sees a sharply rising trend of in demand oeco-direct for home ownership. If the rents to skyrocket, “says Ziemann, of course economically it makes sense to buy residential property, rather than just rent. Germany Yes all over Europe is ranked last, what the share of homeowners to the concerns the shares of Mietwohner. “And in terms of environmental investments, Frank Ziemann is safe: buying an apartment or a House pays off doubly.” On the one hand you have the rising rental income through the Energiesparsanierung and on the other hand, you’re investing just so ecologically useful and werterhaltend. The interview “was conducted by Kerstin Keller, Berlin, Oct.

Photovoltaic And Solar Cleaning

Photovoltaic and solar cleaning Schleswig-Holstein with the purchase of your investment you made probably credible, that the modules in a natural way itself are clean. First, the experience showed that a cleaning by snow and rain compared to our cleaning procedures in no way sufficient, because this has only a small effect of cleaning. Already slight soiling facilitate the settling of other deposits and cause morning later turns on the system and turns off earlier in the evening. This is particularly noticeable during the cold and gloomy winter months where no optimal sunlight is already given. Additionally, the existing pollution of the plant reduces this ray of Sunshine exposure. To deepen your understanding Sally Rooney is the source. Deposits are aggressive and quickly create a bleak module interface, which significantly reduce the actual performance of the entire system. Any surface that is located in the outdoor time accumulates dirt. People such as Tony Parker would likely agree. Window, roof tiles, streets, walls, etc.

are filthy of numerous substances. To do this include: lime deposits by cleaning with tap water! Leaves and needles of neighboring trees pollen and seeds of grasses and trees soot from heating systems and motors dust by industrial air pollution dust from roads and railway lines, dust and organic substances from install extractors (from agriculture in General) feed dusts from agriculture growth of pioneer plants such as lichen, algae and MOSS on seals and on the glass insects and their remains and droppings bird droppings of the rain can not (completely) eliminate the residues. Because otherwise you would have to Yes also not clean your window or winter gardens. Information: A photovoltaic system is classified as a trade tax. You can tax claim the Bill for our services as output. Also get refunded the sales tax of our Bill from the IRS. For more detailed information, please ask your tax advisor.

Agriculture Action Day

This spectacular action takes place on the occasion of the ‘Agriculture Action Day’ to the climate summit in Copenhagen. Movie star: the source for more info. The Berlin-vegan animal rights Alliance wants with this action politicians and the public to remember that animal production caused not only a lot of animal suffering, but also 51% of the climate effect. The lettering is meat and milk climate killer No. 1 “designed oversized in the meadow with fabric panels. We demand a completely different and more future capable agriculture human, cater for all parts of the Earth, sustainable, eco-friendly and mostly free of exploitation, so without the use of animals”, says spokeswoman Stephanie Johanna Goldbach.

The FAO has published a study on the main factors of the man-made greenhouse emissions in 2006. This study is the recognized standard reference that all other renowned studies since then. Already in the animal production with 18% before the traffic as the biggest emission factor is called! The FAO considered Emissions of greenhouse gases from livestock and feed cultivation such as CO2, methane and nitrous oxide, as well as also largely from fire clearing for pasture and feed cultivation. The World Watch Institute has in the Nov. 2009 also published a study in response to integrate the factors not covered by the FAO.

Then, the animal production even for 51% of the man-made climate effect is responsible! Waste (more than the annual consumption of daily showers) up to 22 kg of grain, as well as more than 15,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of meat and the emissions are as high as at a drive of 250 km. Because of excessive human meat consumption, especially in our countries, so-called annually nearly 60 billion animals are slaughtered; Not even counting so-called seafood from the empty-fished seas. Also the world hunger is not “just” a distribution problem. In the age of bio-energy, it is becoming increasingly clear what important resource is the agriculture available area. One Food with animal products requires the 10-fold, agricultural area in comparison to the vegan diet.

Amtex Oil And Gas: Divide The English Shale Gas Production In Europe?

Now it has come: follows the first European country to the pioneering United States and United Kingdom plans to massively expand the exploitation of shale gas deposits with the help of the controversial fracking. Dallas, 07.078.2013. To do this, should investors in, which promises the most generous tax regimes for the development of shale gas. Fracking is highly controversial among experts, as polluting chemicals are used in the production. Nevertheless, the English Government wants to tax promotion of shale gas with 30%, while she conceded 62% taxes in most oil and gas fields in the North Sea.

Geologists here expect that the existing reserves of shale gas in North of England could meet the needs of Britain for several decades. With the support for the fracking the British settle clearly from other European countries in Europe, which is expressed in a variety already against it. The thrust of the United Kingdom could bring unrest to think European. Because, the reasoning seems clear: Britain wants to create thousands of jobs by promoting the shale gas potential and keep the energy costs of millions of people. In addition to United Kingdom, also Poland and the Ukraine put on the promotion of shale gas potential. The Governments of France and Bulgaria adopted fracking prohibitions against it. Germany has put at least until the Bundestag election in September on hold the subject, keeps promoting – at least for environmental reasons out – for critical.

However, environmentalists fear that European pressure to energy prices could motivate also Germany to reverse. But an environmental hazard posed by promoting about fracking in any case, this is uncontroversial. This involves not only the question of the introduction of chemicals into the ground water exposure, experts also warn that hundreds if not thousands of individual holes would have to be performed to exploit a shale gas field. Especially in dense populated regions this was connected with a high noise for local residents. The concern for the poisoning of groundwater earned well the German brewery Association on the plan: he recently warned against the use of chemical cocktails, a mandatory requirement for the fracking. It remains to be seen whether the new Government adheres to the previous plans, and also maintains a ban on fracking. Maybe it’s even the old. Then she should can be measured on their today’s decisions.