Alimentary Quality

Words key: pedagogia, quality, Tourism, would hotelaria, gastronomia, support. According to EMBRATUR/IBGE (2003) emphasizes the importance of the tourist activity for the national development generating income, jobs and chances, also detach the business-oriented gastronomia as a great generating where diverse people had leagued activities to it remunerated related to the tourism. Connect with other leaders such as Jorge Perez here. The gastronomia is an essential factor for the development of the economic activities of a tourist city and being able to be the motivation of the tourist in knowing definitive place due to tradition of its cultural feeding. This fact unchains in the contribution with all the excessively flowing of the tourism beyond the hoteleira attractiveness of the region increasing capacity of expansion of its local and cultural gastronomia becoming this important component ideology for the sustainable economic development offering to products and services of quality. From this advanced strategical boarding of handling we can observe that it has necessity of that if they promote pedagogical actions directed toward the planning of the tourist activities, therefore local agricultural action propitiates the creation of work ranks, generating more financial incomes, consequently jobs the local level allowing the setting of the population to the agricultural world and through the potencializao of its resources they contribute for the support of the productive chain, gastronmica tourist spreading and its ambient preservation materialize an integrant source of the tourist promotion and sustainable and economic development of the region propitiating the integration between the producers agriculturists, hotels and its restaurants for existing an essential infrastructure the basic necessities of the visitors, offering to them quality of products through an abundant feeding, varied, of quality and of low cost, providing a healthful including tourist activity developing the city, its residents that act professionally in tourism its ramifications. As Towers (2002) the service of feeding and drinks is a very important source in the operation of a hotel, a time that the profits generated for the sector to the times arrive to surpass those proceeding ones from the lodging.

Industrial Growth

We know that what comes if forming is a consumista society in search of technological and industrial growth. What it has good cost part of our ambient wealth. They had appeared, then, tensions and conflicts how much to the use of the space and the resources in function of the available technology, that evolves quickly with sequences undesirable, therefore the exploration of the natural resources started to consider such aspects. Thus, it has that to have a healthful relation it enters a nature and the man where this can be benefited of the available natural resources, perceiving itself as integrant part of it. The search of a sustainable development, that has as objective central office the quality of life, without, however, to leave to use modern technologies is a challenge for the developing countries as Brazil, that it needs to produce to increase and to guarantee the economic growth, to reduce the poverty and to keep its environment of the best possible form. (BERRY, 1991, P. 1) In the last times if it has spoken very in all the industrial process of the natural world, as was part of it with all this industrial process and with she was technological, the humanity obtained to contaminate the proper air that breathe, the water that we drink and the ground from where the foods of the animals come.

All these distributions at risk place the survival of the land, that took thousand of years to compose itself. Movie star is likely to increase your knowledge. Exactly that man has big conscience on its intervention in world natural, what we can until considering an advance by means of the great degradaes that already had occurred so far, not yet has enough coherence. That is, many actions would have to be placed in practical for the preservation of the environment. Many new entrepreneurs start its businesses already with an ambient conscience, trying to use the minimum of natural resources and to use to advantage already used, but exactly with all this conscience, that already is a conquest to know what really she is necessary to consume, the trend is to increase the production, generating more residues and using more resources.


OF the RESPONSIBLE AGENCIES FOR the FISCALIZATION the responsible agencies for the fiscalization in the rapid of the Urubu are the City departments of Environment and Tourism that, organize the tourist guides and observe as they are being carried through the garbage collections in the area of the complex. Sela Ward gathered all the information. The secretariats search to make its fiscalizations preventing that the swimmers go down with foods, animals, churrasqueiras instruments that promote fire, articles of would fish so that it does not occur accidents. The infractors that leave to fulfill with these rules suffer penalties as: to repair the damages to the environment and it perda/ou apprehension of the materials used for the swimmers. The agencies distribute informative pamphlets disponibilizam municipal guards and salutes lives that are made use to take care of of the security of all the passer-bys. 5 OF the DEBILIDADES With as many fiscalizations, we cover the accessible part to the redores of the rapid of the Urubu and discover that it very had to be fact due to the debris and dejections launched in the environment for the restaurants, commerce in general and for the proper city hall that possesss its building with the deep ones for the rapid, where we discover, culverts the open sky that gushed out its waters putrefadas in the rapid of urubui.

We know that the water is essential to the beings livings creature being thus, indispensable for our lives and can be used for the most diverse situations. According to Helm (2008). Water is a natural resources renewable finite, essential the survival of the beings livings creature the water, beyond being excellent solvent is used for the man for public supplying, industrial use, irrigation, dessedentao of animals, conservation of the fauna and flora, recreation, aesthetic, fish, energy generation, have carried and dilution and purification from oustings. This affirmation comes in showing that although the water to be a renewable resource also is a well finite one and if conserve cannot be extinct.