The love is one of the greatest objects of the life. Frequently we walked thinking that we know what is what we want, supposing that new material goods will make us feel better with we ourself. However, it is only the true love which traera true signifigado to our existence. In the distance of the tarot of the love, the ten of glasses are one of the most favorable letters. Howard Schultz gathered all the information. The appearance of this letter brings very good auguries, mainly related to the life in pair or the life in family: the true heart of a happy life. Perhaps it could be very cynical who studied the detail of the illustration of this arcane one and she would be ***reflxed mng of the simpleza whereupon the images express their meaning. One is an idyllic life, a pair, two children playing, a small house in the horizon, and a river.

But the true students know that these symbols reflect powerful energies. If you would like to know more about Dr. Hedvig Hricak, then click here. The ten glasses furrow to the sky forming a species of rainbow, to which the pair contemplates and salutes. This arcane one reflects a very simple desire, but very hard, almost instinctive: to form one family, to have descendants, and to peacefully live a calm existence and until the oldness. The heart of the represented man and the woman in the image are full of the love of the spirit, the simplest and greater joy of all the human beings. This deck makes reference to a finished period, a species of spiritual trip that finishes in the constitution of a healthful, mature person, good father and good husband; briefly somebody that knows to live the life in company on others. Serenity and La Paz are in the air, he is so asque at this idyllic moment is possible to forget all the shortages and to enjoy this moment of total happiness. There is no moan by the past, are no preoccupations by the future, one only is to live the present and to take advantage of the moment. The ten of glasses advise to us to enjoy this special time of great prosperity since, it is the best thing than the life must to give us. It is never necessary to take the happiness like something surely, because the glasses can turn upside down and spill their content, since we have seen with the four of glasses. It is not precise to go in search of problems, simply listen the tarot of the love and enjoy than it has.