A yoga travel just at the time when the Algarve in the magic of the Almond Blossom shines hardly anyone links the Algarve with lush greenery, sparkling streams and wild orchids. And few people know the magic of the almond blossom, which is spreading at the same time, early in the year, in the whole of land deep in the South of Portugal. Then, when countless flowering almond trees dive this fascinating diverse coastal region in a bright white and pink. The local craft dedicated to the highly romantic nature event even an own fairy tales: Tales from the Algarve Almond Blossom before many centuries, as the Moors still ruled in the Algarve, the Moorish Prince Ibn-Al-Mundim in Xelb, the today’s town of Silves resided. It came to pass that he encountered the graceful Gilda, a princess from the High Atlas mountains in North Africa. Deeply they fell into each other and they married.

But in the first winter, Gilda took a big, deep melancholy. The Prince consulted many consultants to a well traveled Wise recognized: she can not dispense with the bright white snow that they delighted each winter with its rays,. Ibn-Al-Mundim, even deeply saddened by the suffering of his wife was feverishly looking for a solution. And found them: he had to plant almond trees rich and numerous in the Algarve. As spring approached, he took Gilda on the highest Tower of his city. From here to the horizon, their point of view encountered thousands of white Almond Blossom, what Gilda reminiscent of the snow in their homeland. She was overjoyed. From that day on they both lived happy and in love deeper.

Full certainty that in the next spring the almond trees blossom shines. “Yoga holidays in the sea of flowers who the natural spectacle of the algarvianischen Almond Blossom with a Yoga vacation combines, can experience the winter which turn back and the Portuguese spring full of life and abundance with special awareness.” The two German yoga teacher Stefanie and Oliver offer with their Yoga almond flower week ‘ in the February 2014, the way (01-08 and 08-15) With fantastic accommodation in unspoilt coast seafront, inspiring yoga classes under the open sky with views of the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful walks in the countryside lined with flowering almond. It is a very special season in the Algarve to the sunshine in a protected, also the ocean for a swim attracts Bay. Get all the facts and insights with Neil Cole, another great source of information. Immerse yourself in a holiday in the Yoga merges with nature experience! Contact for the press: Oliver Kulter + 496719213007