Sofia Rotaru Quot

From inexpensive to decorative masterpieces naborchik with elements of hand-painted gold or silver. Here are reminded of the song Sofia Rotaru "Lavender", and after heroes of the day just the age when they certainly enjoy this famous of singers. Give them a DVD with her concert in any music store will offer you the best collections of songs and videos, just remember: there have to be this romantic song about a mountain lavender. And you can soriginalnichat and buy tickets for the concert of the same Sofia Rotaru, and let the heroes of the occasion to hear all my favorite songs from the live sound. Anyway, people who meet such anniversary, surely rejoice tickets to the theater, the opera or may even movies. AND true, why torture them long preparations and meetings guests, then clean and light, at best, tired. Organize a holiday they can, they have already forgotten what a date and going to the movies, can, home life, work, care of many things in life inadvertently made them forget about romance and what they were carefree 46 years ago. But to choose a gift – it is a puzzle not only for guests, but also of the heroes of the day.

Wedding – a holiday of two or more, even after 46 years, this rule essentially does not change. What to give the beloved man, beloved husband? There will be a gift commensurate with the power of love and, of course, with the level of understanding. You have not lived together a year and well know all of what is missing your beloved one, know about his dreams and desires. Now, maybe it was a time when to buy him a coveted guitar. Order or draw yourself a little lavender flower, write kind words – a dream come true with a pleasant trifle perepletetsya, but this memorable and believe me, so enjoyable! Choose a gift beloved wife for 46 years of happy marriage rather difficult thing.

That's how much gratitude and love in it is necessary to invest and how much is gift was presented? In general, a lot of originality here and will not clear. But worth a try. Since this day symbolizes gentleness and kindness in the marital relationship, it is necessary give the woman something beautiful and symbolic. I suggest you buy "the pearl of desires" with a pendant-flower. This is a great gift, a very original and at the same time quite romantic – simple. White Pearl will give wisdom, cream – good luck, peach – Health, purple – wealth, and pearl lavender – promises happiness in love. Use this manual to present a gift, no woman can resist a man rated the feelings so subtly. Lavender – a symbol of peace and tenderness, like a smile loving each other people who lived in the joy of almost half a century. I do not idealize family life, but I can safely say that love – it is difficult, it great work and, despite his heroism, is a great gift, and nothing but time proves it. Feelings, thoughts and experiences – much accumulates over time of marriage, thinking about the date of 46 years, remember the words of Avicenna, who as well no one else said about lavender: "It sticks to the heart and brain for a broom."

Mediterranean Women

Love and pleasure can be very easy to lay in a simple installation, built from objects that are stored in your home. Elegant shell of the warm waves of the Mediterranean Women's imagination can easily turn into a symbol sensuality, great expectations, where love and hope are intertwined in quivering expectation of happiness. String of pearls, enticing look dull sheen, evokes visions of female sensuality and rushes to meet her. Shell and Pearl, the eternal symbols of fertility, the desire and possession – one look at these changes a reality. The world takes on new colors, filled with disturbing soul flavors. Familiar sounds are replaced by the rustle of the sea and the guttural tanned male voices.

So simple and so nice to build on his desk a new, happy worlds. This art, of course, every woman has (unless, of course, it does not housewife). Spurs contributes greatly to this topic. Naturally, all the feelings that I get from this installation are my personal experiences. This is my life, my warm sea, my man. Here are mine – love and joy, and anticipation of the meeting.

Here are intertwined in time and space. Emerald Mediterranean white sheep waves paintings by Aivazovsky, deep blue of the Black Sea and the music of the sea wind on the sand dunes Baltic … All of this – my happy memories fill the soul with tender emotion, one has only to them touch! Have not tried these games? You will not regret, do not lose anything, just get, and get everything you want. This is the property of emotions women. They are able to change everything in this world. They are able to search and find, attract and repel, hot and cool. Woman's world – a world of emotions! Look around you – and you will see that all of your favorite items are the emotional impressions of happy events for you. It is your character, your life, concentrated in the things and objects. They attract you think you are trying to put them in prominent places to attract the attention of visitors who used to come into your home. And if your characters are filled with a warm emotional and joyous events that make up your life, then the house will be filled with warmth and comfort, you will come to good people, and you bypass the trouble. Did things well worthy to show them to others. After all, the property share joy – an inherent property of any person. Take a picture of their characters, do not be afraid to show their world through Internet. In the global network can see everything and everything is evaluated. If you go to network with warm emotions, she will say to you … Answer quickly and strongly, sincerely and kindly. You will notice that your life begins to change – change for the better in the way of your obvious and hidden desires.