A few days ago, shipped in the direction of the clinic, when suddenly, was faced with my a select group of colleagues led by the DRS. Daniel juice, Miguel Seminario, Enrique Alvarado among others had gone with the daring proposal for inviting me to participate in the elections to the 1st Regional Council of the Medical Association. Such request filled me with pride obviously and as I listened to their arguments, they came to my mind, expensive souvenirs, names of friends so many leaders of the time University of the 70 fighters, arsonists in oratory, conspirators and great organizational discipline, with very few exceptions, giving the reason W. Churchill when he stated that who at age 20 is not revolutionary is because he has no heart, but who at age 40 is revolutionary because it has no head. Today make much lack in the leadership field them, thought Jorge Arrese (Belgium), Miguel Cabrera (USA), Santillan, Sanjinez, Bromley, Huancas Willi Soria and many more and while still listening to the arguments of my colleagues to convince me, I started to develop my Plan of struggle – as in the old days, I thought.

First thing you would do is rename the institution would call it properly as medical college (in replacement of the cold and distant Medical College) this change is shape and background sounds feels – and operates as an institution more human, more warm second would give immediate amnesty to all medical idling or subocupado of region I (bordering according to data from the National Council 35%) in this way would integrate all these colleagues and their families today marginalized and ashamed by their managers (have referred les a shameful intimidating letter) in third place during the two years of my Administration to win of course – in defense of life would call him and with this motto would take consciousness to physicians and health professionals assume this defense as the 21st century continues with a marked emphasis on the culture of death expressed in profile abortifacient contraceptives, in abortifacient pills the next day also with profile abortifacient, RU 486, in the decriminalization of abortion for social reasons, etc. in fourth place frontally would assume the fight in defense of the honor of the doctor and the medicine for which unfairly occupy first and flat debased of newspapers. It would coordinate with Guild Minsa of EsSalud, health, etc. agencies for the defence of labour claims: so many years already postponed m amigo Dr. Juan Balarezo arzan i would give autonomy to organize and complete the construction of the recreational center of the College of physicians.! Miguel. Miguel! -I was told my colleagues – the deadline has expired to pick up the planillones what we do, what do we do? -repeated – leave it – I told them – by displaying a patience that give you the years and experience (not that it means I’m old) but basically he chewed my anger– as had convinced me to apply – this gathering ended with lamentations, promises, expectations and finally colleagues went, in the address table already had accumulated papers, checks, proformas, orders, certificates, etc., etc. Uff! I console what would the clinic if he won the elections! It will be that Winston Churchill was right or will be as they say colleagues, which I have already renounced glorious past?