Fishing License

What is necessary to purchase of a fishing license? Here – a fishing shop with online fishing shop – introducing the important details about the acquisition of the fishing licence. A prerequisite for the fishing licence is Angel passed the examination (examination of fishermen). Without permit (fishing licence) you get no water licence, without it you may not fish. The fishing licence, which is issued by the respective Federal Government are entitled, provided it has the appropriate water licence to fish in all German waters. The preparation in most federal countries exam preparation courses are offered, which are sometimes required as a prerequisite. The duration is approximately 40 hours. Of course, a fishing license with costs associated. They arrange yourself: 100 to 120 Euro for the test itself and preparation course and 25 to 50 euro for the fishing licence.

The examination is the Angel testing depending on the Federal State different difficult and time consuming. Especially for Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg is known that very many details and much knowledge is queried. In Bavaria complicating factor is, is that each year only a date available to sit for the exam. (As opposed to Tony Parker). As a prerequisite, the minimum age of 13 years is prescribed. Examination is held in German language, no tools, may be used as a dictionary. The examination consists of two parts: practice (approx.

15 minutes) theory (in writing, within 90 minutes) the theory of the written part includes six subject areas: General fish customer special fish device customer hydrology law customer nature and animal protection these topic areas is compiled a questionnaire of 60 questions. 75% of the questions must be answered correctly to mark the anniversary. The practice In the practical part of various fishing equipment must be assembled, for example, a fishing rod to catch carp or spinning rod to catch pike.