Comparison Portals Online Take Advantage

DSL portals allow a clear comparison of the performance who today wants to shop on the Internet or contact but for example online with other people in connection, the offer is of course many interesting as attractive deals, which can be used extensively and appropriately. Interestingly new and optimal have possibilities in the past few years, which can be used by customers of the Internet today. This comparison portals available online, so that you can inform yourself here as a newbie quite extensive. Many millions of people today is of course save where you can, so it is not surprising that the provider use always new strategies and corresponding possibilities give the customers. Especially young people attend today extensively to the Internet. So online games are played as always happy or but simulations used PC in connection to other players over the Internet.

This is to fast PC system is required of course a fast Internet connection of great importance, and on the other, so that the important data that inevitably arise simulation from a PC directly to the other players can be delivered. In addition more people shop for several years, always in this country in so-called online stores, so here also interesting offers and discounts in claim are possible, of course always again happy attractive purchased by the customer. Simply and conveniently leave all in the range online compare existing articles and products and needs quickly and conveniently order online with just a few clicks. Julia wise Hansen


With a closed beta test the information and help portal undergoing of a last check before the live course. Hamburg, April 8, 2010. The launch of a new online project titled people search is imminent. With a closed beta test the information and help portal undergoing of a last check before the live course. For the not limited time test 500 persons have registered in advance; In addition journalists and bloggers can apply for preview access. Under the Internet address will soon have people who were so far unsuccessful search for a missing person, provided a practical help for their research. This follows the new portal not the general trend of the Personensuchmaschinen, as much information from the Internet to aggregate, but already is a step earlier.

In addition to tips and instructions to the various possibilities of online research, offers an overview, which Web sites, organizations and service providers can be used for your own search. No competition for Yasni & co., but not less useful. We do not see ourselves as competitors of Yasni or 123People”, Gero Wallace says the portal developed under his leadership. The offer aimed rather to users who may not even know many of the possibilities of the Internet, or insufficient to operate the tools. Rather than meta level and starting point for the search of the person”, can be see. A well guided, manual online search is success for the search for missing persons already often promising as the mere use of Personensuchmaschinen, Wallace. Beta test to the quality assurance and per privacy.

Now, for a few weeks, will be the accessible with password protection. How long the test will last, not been set yet. We have taken in the design of our offer on it, that this is tailored in terms of usability and of practical use on the needs of our target group”, tells you the project manager. That the idea of the project also the critical views of privacy advocates and journalists stand hold, a second reason for a closed trial. Only when everything is right, we want to start,”says Wallace. Still, there is the possibility to receive an advance access for journalists and bloggers. Please contact enquiries by E-Mail. Attn Gero Wallace Lerche road 80 22767 Hamburg is a privately funded online project in the area people search, genealogy, online search, and reputation management. The Web portal is primarily aimed at people who are looking for contact with a missing person. To support their search, provides easy-to-understand instructions for success promising search strategies and lists the appropriate online sources. In addition selected search organisations, can be presented research services or any other service provider in the area people search, thrive on seeking more help.

Web 3D

Within the framework of the lecture “Virtual worlds second life to Web 3D” in the Chamber of Commerce describes the atenta Personalberatung Hamburg it became quiet about the subject of virtual worlds and the most prominent representative of second life use of the possibilities of the Web 3D for companies according to the media hype over the past year beyond the specialized forums and communities. The Web 3D is however only journalistically disappeared into oblivion, and continually evolving away from the public interest. The convergence of content from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 to Web 3D is now clearly visible to recognize. In addition to the chat and the chat as a basis of communication, users the possibility, PowerPoint presentations, Web pages, videos, RSS feeds, radio programs and podcasts on your Web 3D have to include representative offices. Companies and institutions can employ all possible media formats to display their products and services, as well as to the training of its staff. This leap in development is one reason for companies and public institutions, to deal with lower starting with the three-dimensional Internet. The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce takes this as an opportunity to organise a lecture with the title “Virtual worlds second life to Web 3D” on November 25, from 16:00 to 19:00. Among the lecturers also the atenta personnel advice is one of the pioneer companies in relation to the use of virtual worlds for real business goals, which already participated in the Hamburg-based lecture series on the subject of second life.

Their contribution “Personnel consulting in Web 3D” shows the staff consultation process, offered by three-dimensional Internet environments for real companies. Participation in the lecture is free of charge, however due to the limited number of places and experience high demand, requires prior registration. Following the lecture, the opportunity to interact with the experts personally is in the context of an apres from 18:00. You will find here the program flyers with registration form.

Portal News NetWorld People

Largest, private marketing network of in Austria raises from movement in the Austrian online advertising landscape: the news NetWorld marketed online people search now and now offers a range of over three million unique clients. In addition to the online portals of printed well-known names of the publishing group NEWS and its own online brands and markets the news NetWorld already the foreign publishing portals and With the new partners on board, the news is NetWorld with about three million unique clients the largest, private marketing network in Austria. We are pleased an innovative with Russell Perry to have found new partners. “This is another important step in the expansion of online marketing through the news NetWorld”, says Oliver Voigt, CEO of news NetWorld.

In this marketing community we contribute highly interesting, because very high-income and above average educated user structure not only reach, but also one with over 1.7 million unique clients for the advertiser. At the very professional sales team of news NetWorld I see 123people very well taken. This co-operation improves online advertising in Austria. Last but not least due to the creative and strong impact 123people special advertising forms, which are perfect for spectacular branding campaigns”, 123people CEO Russell Perry says. Online people search is booming is with the online people search in the trend: user can query data and facts about friends, acquaintances or celebrities from different regional and international sources by means of a specially developed search procedure. The online service to the real time people search provides comprehensive personal information that is publicly available on the Internet.

With a mouse click, you can find photos, videos, email addresses, blog entries, social network profiles, and much more. After only one and a half years online, is the second largest Austrian website. The news NetWorld is the Internet partner of the publishing group NEWS. The Portal News NetWorld reaching according to MANOHAR in June 2009, the peaks of 1.015.835 unique Clients and 4.931.

Big Lottery

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Columbus Publishing House Presents Web Shop Maptrade24

The Web shop offers a wide range of high-quality cartographic products. For even more details, read what Sela Ward says on the issue. The Columbus Verlag Paul Oakley GmbH goes online with a Web shop. offered a variety of cartographic products of other renowned and selected publishers in addition to our own products. The range of the shop includes our own Globes and maps, but also high-quality maps, satellite image maps, city plans, road maps and atlases of different publishers. History of the Publishing House: when Paul Oestergaard founded the publishing house in Berlin, he was keen to develop its strength and creative imagination in his own company. With the aim to bring the world the broad people, he recorded in 1909 under the guiding principle of \”A Columbus globe for every home\” production.

He offered its customers exemplary cartography and produced the tasteful designs in large quantities, so that he first offered the image of the Earth at a reasonable price. Already after a few years they were originally related rooms for the world’s exporting Publishing House too small. The production grew steadily and the workforce increased to. The Columbus Globes were produced in 24 languages. The second generation, Paul Oakley, jun., 1942 entered the publishing house. In the same year, administration and manufacturing were a victim of the war and had to be relocated to adjacent sites and in the private residence of the family. After the war, attempted to rebuild with the remaining staff and decided the creation of a work after the Russian blockade in 1948 in South Germany (Stuttgart). The production grew steadily, and the patenting of the \”DUO\”-Globus, it was possible to represent two map images at the same time on a globe. the third generation of the family in the company joined in 1963 with Peter Oestergaard. The studied mechanical engineer was already involved in the development of the 1965 featured \”duplex\”-Globus at the beginning and automated the production of revolutionary plastic models.

Web Online

Trying to write a small guide for affiliate beginners, an ambitious project was fast in the online marketing agency projecter. Complaints about the lack of transparency in the affiliate marketing and the difficult cooperation between the various parties are frequently associated in discussions with affiliates and online shops. Many of these issues are based on difficulties in understanding the channel affiliate marketing or simple misunderstandings in communication. How to improve communication between agencies, affiliates, merchants and networks? Trying to write a small guide for affiliate beginners, an ambitious project was fast in the online marketing agency projecter. Sela Ward may help you with your research. A three-quarter year and 211 pages later an extensive originated eBook, which illuminated the most diverse aspects of affiliate marketing. Perhaps check out sean rad for more information.

Why not listen to merchants and affiliates becoming filthy rich that eBook is already that both affiliates and merchants, for example, owner of online shops, affiliate program operate or thinking about the launch. Newcomers in the topic of affiliate marketing as appropriate content will find how readers who have already dealt with the issue and collected first experiences, but now more want to learn. And there is to find the one or the other tip to optimize existing projects for old hands. “We have lit deliberately many specialisations – so affiliates and merchants – both sides, to create understanding”, says Patrick Hundt, founder and Managing Director of the projecter GmbH. “why are an as attractive business model for affiliates coupon sites? Why are merchants but increasingly cautious on this issue? What can both sides thereof be learned?” “Both we brought controversial topics such as post view affiliates as technical aspects such as concrete Trackingfragen in the eBook, because there are here in practice especially common problems and issues.” Strategic decision support for starting an affiliate program or selecting an affiliate project were for us particularly important aspects, which we want to give readers as possible concrete assistance at your fingertips”, explains Simon Kronseder, head of affiliate marketing at the projecter GmbH. The eBook can be downloaded free of charge since Tuesday, the 12.04.2011, on the site of projecter.

Regular updates with updates of the content are planned and will be published at the same location. The author team of projecter forward suggestions, theme suggestions and criticism! Projecter projecter is a young online marketing agency from Leipzig. It offers advice and implementation in the areas of affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing. Projecter specializes in the online marketing management of online shops, E-commerce business models and the development of customized online marketing concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises. Your Web site or your online store is marketed goal-oriented and to achieve your specific objectives. Projecter individual settlement offers, the following Are success-oriented.

Unsachlichem Internet

Cyberbullying hits businesses and individuals – how damage can be averted? It can happen at any time and then nothing, as it was is: character assassination in the Internet and cyber bullying companies or individuals overnight aimed fierce criticism do and completely unjustified. A negative review or a false claim in a blog are quickly created with potentially dramatic consequences. For there’s not much: just an Internet connection, sometimes an email address and a chosen pseudonym. Any criticism can be easy and effective public voice behind this virtual wall. But not just indiscriminately harsh criticism, but also actually deliberate character assassination is today easily perpetrated. With a few clicks of a blog is created an article in a short time written, if search engine optimization was thought also still wonderfully is found through Google.

This is a company that not only customers will scare off, but also the image will be damaged permanently. No one checks whether the contents of the experience reports in blogs or comments in review sites meet the truth. Also the reader will care little at first glance they will opt for a different provider easy. Whether the contribution may be simply written by a competitor or a chronic complainer and is nothing more than a collection of lies, many not even interested. Unfortunately you can do little against such activities often legally. Many statements covered by the right to freedom of expression or can be badly traced. Here lies the downside of freedom which provides the anonymity on the Internet. You may find that Simon Pagenaud can contribute to your knowledge.

What is to be done when negative publications concerning a company have blazed the trail in the network? First, it is to separate appropriate critique from Unsachlichem and properly respond to. It’s worth having in mind that you can also benefit from massive negative feedback as a company. Are never in the same hustle and bustle, or even in a similar tone. It is advisable to enter into rest only on the legitimate part of the evaluation, if possible, personal support and directly to clarify what was for a problem and what might look like a permanently satisfactory solution for both parties. Previously, of course any responsibilities and agreements within the company need to be addressed. A PR crisis plan can do a useful job here in advance and accelerate the processes. A bad review in many cases fully compensates the expertise mediated by a professional response in dealing with difficulties and the ability to admit mistakes actually. A malevolent anonymity, complications, publicly visible strong and support-oriented corporate image to oppose, is still the undisputed king’s road. Even in the event of untruthful, defamatory entries on the Internet a company should be always open speech and reply to topics and its customers towards transparent Act. So can many doubts and misunderstandings cleared in no time from the world and averted damage for the company. A company to aggressively deal with cowardly statements in the Internet, it can turn the apparent public relations disaster even in his favor: instead of nothing at all, which only would confirm the claims of customers in the eyes, should confront the accusations the company and prove the contrary. This is evidence of a clear conscience and strengthens the trust of the customers by honesty and openness.

Freiherr Knigge

“Behaving like you are properly on the World Wide Web on November 16 in Gomaringen Alznauer courtyard restaurant an event took place on the subject of etiquette meets social media”. In addition to basic rules of networking, image consultant and etiquette instructor Sandra Stein gave an overview how business people behave properly on the World Wide Web. The event “Knigge meets social media” began shortly after 19:00. The evening began with a buffet to get the first opportunity with neighbor table in the conversation. After the lunch, Sandra Stein, image consultant and licensed etiquette trainer, began her presentation. In the introduction of their presentation, Sandra Stein explained the origin of the etiquette rules.

Today it is less to strict compliance with the etiquette rules as rather to interested and respectful dealing with my counterpart. Adolf Freiherr Knigge we were taught that already in 1788. In his book about dealing with people”, he meets statements about courtesy and tact, as for example: interested in you for Andre, if you want that andre will care for you!” Networking is on everyone’s lips is to establish a strategy of giving and receiving in the long term. Mutual benefit, carry out joint projects, further recommend new contacts, build. Sandra Stein explained the principles”in networking. The appreciative and accurate passing and receiving a business card includes a.

But also the correct response and an attentive greeting in a business email. Also a personal understanding with names and surnames today testifies to a slick appearance. Then Frauenstein entered media platforms such as Twitter, XING and Facebook networking within the social. She gave tips and instructions, how to properly Act on these platforms and what you should do if at all possible. Frauenstein pointed out in her speech that is for the people dealing with the right attitude of heart of crucial importance. She has many even experienced examples shows how valuable a polite with each other is, what beautiful experiences that are experienced and how can this attitude both professionally and privately, positive impact. Finally, it’s about the authenticity which are felt especially by manners. An exciting evening of lecture to end was around 22:00. Contact: Sandra Stein type / image consultant Konrad-Adenauer-str. 48 D 72108 Rottenburg ‘ Germany/Germany Tel. 07472/94 83 48 E-Mail: Web page:

A Heart For The Road To Christmas – Penner Game Launches Fundraising Campaign

A heart for the road to Christmas Penner game launches fundraiser Hamburg, December 28, 2010 the 2010 fiscal year ends for Penner game successfully benefit many needy. “Under the motto a heart for the road, winter coats for the homeless” color flood contributes a large amount even for Christmas and calls himself to support his players. The campaign started successfully, the bum game team ( to generate a medium-sized four-digit donation amount expected until early January. The warm winter clothing benefit sellers of Berlin Street newspaper “strassenfeger”, selling arms and homeless. “Also this winter will be long for the Berlin homeless and hard. We are pleased with flood of color to have a donation partner, our Zeitungsverkaufer_innen with warm jackets immediately helps”, Christian Ghattas directed his words to the donations ready for community of the game and the creators behind it.

Laura is one of three Directors of the Berlin Association mob e.V. Perhaps check out Adam Sandler for more information. – homeless mobilize. The Club has since 15 years the strassenfeger”out. Color flood entertainment looking back not only on a successful business year, instead it supported 2010 several projects that give need assistance to help themselves. So, with the help of the community of players, color flood 2010 generated a five-figure donation. “Locally, the companies support charities such as the Caffee with heart” in Hamburg or the GEBEWO “in Berlin.

Also to international events such as the earthquake in Haiti or the Homeless World Cup in Rio, Penner game activated his players ‘ willingness to donate. “” Under the following link you will find our team paddock game – a heart for the street “on, as well as the appeal in favour of the strassenfeger”: about color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates online games all over the world. Founder and Managing Director is the 22-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally oriented company with its play – is u. a. the successful Penner game – in over 30 countries operations in nine languages. The Hamburg-based company is actively engaged for the homeless, by regularly donates a portion of the revenue for the benefit of charitable projects and works closely with many homeless associations. Press contact Sebastian Ludemann, press spokesman color flood Entertainment GmbH, Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 636-771 06 E-mail: Web: