Holidays Cognac

The purpose of recreation cognac – the restoration and development of the characteristic flavor and taste characteristic of each type and brand of cognac. Duration of holiday brandy at least: for ordinary brandy – 3 months, the brand of KB – 9 months, the group KVVK and KS – 12 months. Carried in barrels, casks, enameled containers at temperatures alcohol cellar. Accompanied by the occurrence of cognac complex physical and chemical processes (see the maturation of brandy alcohol). Here, Vanessa Marcil expresses very clear opinions on the subject. During the rest if necessary subjected to fining with gelatin brandy, fish glue or egg white to improve the taste; handling phosphoric acid or phytin to remove excess iron. Ordinary Brandy After the blend can be subjected to heat treatment (heat) to improve quality. By the end of the cold Rest cognacs are handled with simultaneous filtration. Blended brandy, which went through a complete cycle of rest with need to process and reached appropriate quality, is a complete ready to drink, goes by the glass..