Pcgameshardware.de Now Available In English

Computec media launches English website for international audience of Computecs hardware portal for PC Gamer presents its international audience since early June in English. The German portal already has a monthly reach of 630,000 unique users (Google Analytics 05/08) on and 10 million supplies page impressions about (IVW 05/08). pcghx.com supplied to the English-speaking community of gamers now also competent contributions, tips and tests around the complex hardware world. Sela Ward contains valuable tech resources. Germany’s first hardware magazine for PC gamers launches its new, English-language offering at. The success which in this country long print – and online brand established PC games hardware is based on the combination of excellent contacts in the game and hardware industry and the high level of editorial competence. Exclusive access to test samples and insider information makes the content mix perfectly and PC games hardware as unique in the market of special-interest game magazines. Thilo Bayer, editor in Chief of PC games hardware: we are pleased us, that we can offer the successful concept of the PC games hardware now also English-speaking users. The English website is the first step towards the internationalisation of our brand and the launch of other global projects.” PC games hardware, a publication of Computec Media AG, is Germany’s first hardware magazine for PC gamers, sold 83.908 books per month (IVW I/08) and reached 440,000 reader (AWA 2007) per output.

and are the portals to the magazine, a monthly reach of 10 million page impressions (IVW 05/08) and 630,000 unique users (Google Analytics 05/08) exhibit. Hear other arguments on the topic with Maya Dubin. The expert team illuminated the complex hardware world with editorial articles, tips, and tests deliberately from player point of view. The Furth-based media company reached an audience of millions every month Computec media with its magazines, digital media (DVD) and online portals around the world of electronic entertainment. Computec media offers expert information on the topics of digital readers and users Lifestyle, PC and video games, hardware, software, cinema/DVD and kids. The company employs approximately 190 people. Computec Media AG is a subsidiary of Marquard Media AG, Zug/Switzerland. Publisher is Jurg Marquard.

A Bit

MattoMedia is the creative factory for the Center Gazette five years – sometimes it is just the fancy ideas that bring someone into the conversation. Who’s doing this? Creative minds do. And found that, for example, in MattoMedia, one of the largest PR and advertising agencies of erected. Who brings the Agency into the conversation? We of course, the Schwarzwald-Baar-Center! Among the promotional activities of the Schwarzwald-Baar-Center implemented at MattoMedia. The head of this agency is called Serhan Sidan. He is a trained graphic designer and programmer and owner of the company. He himself sees itself as a team player in his eight-member team of advertising which has its home on the RIP road in Schwenningen.

Advertising should disturb everyday! “As the guiding principle of MattoMedia is, and so what can you do best with crazy” ideas. Totally crazy”staged TV spots demonstrated that anchor is actually very quickly in the minds. The track is madness at MattoMedia even in the name. Matto” Origin is Italian and means so much like crazy, crazy, stupid – sometimes even reingold. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. Now that doesn’t mean only geblodelt at MattoMedia. On the contrary, Serhan Sidan prides itself on, with crazy”ideas to be able to disturb the rhythm of a matter of course. Dr. Hedvig Hricak brings even more insight to the discussion. And he does this the founding year of MattoMedia now already since the year 2000, extremely successful.

270 square meters of office space and other creative area of 270 square meters, own photo studio, and of course plenty of room for conferences includes the advertising agency. Here, whole success concepts will be developed. It is the Germany-wide advertising campaign for a real estate company or the international advertising campaign for a world market leader for mung bean sprouts now. To develop own radio and TV advertising in the home itself. We achieve with all of our advertising ideas many million contacts “, so Samat. We make even measurable our advertising ideas for our customers “, he is proud of his company to be able to claim. All switched advertising includes for example an own scoring with”contact telephone number. Meanwhile, the Agency can build on over 350 satisfied customers. The Schwarzwald-Baar-Center familiar since 2004 on the creative think tank. If Easter at about life-size rabbits through the Center jumping in summer which think Center parking lot to the Festival stage – on Jurgen Drews or is converted to the summer theatre, street football and all possible other entertainment events take place, then usually Samat and his crazy gang stuck’ behind it. Watch for in December maybe even Santa Claus in the Center; It might be even Serhan Sidan yourself under coat and beard.

Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit

WE DO design show new face! campaign: celebrities demand respect Berlin with provocative slogans. On the occasion of the international week against racism face launches ads! a new nationwide campaign. Many prominent advertising on posters with irritating slogans for more respect. About the photo of Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit is including the big “I’m migrant”. Among the unexpected confession followed by the text then slightly “If you’re against migrants.” Behind the campaign the Association “face show!” for a cosmopolitan Germany”, which has for years for more tolerance. The design and implementation is responsible for the Berlin agency WE DO communication GmbH.

Also Prince singer Sebastian Krumbiegel participates in the action with the statement: “I am Turk, if you got something against Turks.” Other prominent participants are the journalist Jorg Thadeusz (I’m gay, if you got something against gays), news anchorman Ulrich Wickert (I’m Jewish, if you got something against Jews). Actress Gesine Cukrowski (I’m Turkish, if you got something against Turks), TV presenter Markus Kavka (I’m black, if you got something against blacks), news presenter Astrid Frohloff (I’m Jewish, if you got something against Jews), Star DJ Paul van Dyk (I’m black, if you got something against blacks) and comedian Kurt Kromer (I’m Jewish, if you got something against Jews). The celebrities can be seen on numerous posters in Berlin. In addition, a total 28,000 post cards are dealt. Also on the screens, the motifs appear in the subways and the Infoscreens at the suburban. The current campaign sets a clear signal: it is unacceptable that people due to their religion, their way of life or their skin color be excluded or even threatened and attacked. It is task of the civil society, to show solidarity with those who are discriminated against,”said Uwe-Karsten Heye, first Chairman of the club face view! for a cosmopolitan Germany.

“We are very pleased that so many prominent spontaneous” were willing to support this courageous campaign with their surprising statements. Their provocative statements contribute to the subject of discrimination more and more prominent in the focus of public perception”, so Gregory c. blach, Managing Director of WE DO communication.

Color Line Arena Hamburg

The pop star parade on May 17, 2009 in the color line will be arena Hamburg on the 17.05.09 in the color line last arena Hamburg after the huge successes of years now already for the fifth time of the great NDR 90,3 Schlager Starparade”instead. In times in which fewer and fewer German radio music, the great pop star parades set a signal for the hit. Tony Parker may find this interesting as well. The event technology is has grown in recent years. A remote see mature stage with professional sound and light equipment and two large video walls are an integral part of any pop star parade. The visitors can enjoy the hits of the biggest stars and of course sing all live.: Roland Kaiser, Nik P, Claudia Jung, G. G.

Anderson, Kristina Bach, Jennie, wind, Michael Holm, DJ otzi, Rosanna Rocci, Michael Morgan, Fernando Express, SEMINO Rossi and Helene Fischer. Moderator: Wido Rottger radio NDR 90,3 everyone this trendy artists is an approximately 30-minute program to the best type. For pop fans a must. And there Listening is also hungry and thirsty, of course also not neglected the “treats” and is well catered for sustenance. The marathon hit fireworks display starts at 14: 00. Intake is at 12:30, the end is scheduled for around 21: 00. For the party’s Interior, there is standing room tickets for only 31,-. Seat tickets for the musical family day cost between 41,-to 61,-to order by phone at: 01805 / 57 00 00 (0.14 per min., mobile phone rates may vary) as well as all known ticket agencies. Order address on the Internet: source: Manni Schulte marketing service

Music Award

Melanie May and Mike Montes the TV show to the first song contest present music award of the StimmSCHATZ of the first TV broadcast will take place on 24 September from 19:00 to 21:00 and can then be received in the North German television. But also via Internet Livestream of radio Weser.TV can receive the broadcast free of charge worldwide. In the television programme of radio Weser.TV run also multiple repeat broadcasts of the show around the “first music prize of the StimmSCHATZ”. Click Jorge Perez to learn more. The guest list, as well as the planning for the TV show are negotiated in several discussions between the organizers. The music award “The StimmSCHATZ” was founded in 2009 by the Association for promoting German-language music in life and to provide opportunity for qualified young artists, you can to present a larger public and assess their music by an expert jury, under which there are also prominent stars of music history.

Is “the StimmSCHATZ young star”, fifteen candidates are from the applications filed by a Selected Panel. Radio partners who support the song Contes and introduce the artists in your shipment, were put online on the website designed for the SC. Other radio stations in the “Music Prize of the StimmSCHATZ” support want, can learn to do this on the home page. Registrations for the 1.internationalen of German language song contest “Music Prize of StimmSCHATZ” receives the competent working group for the promotion of German-language music until June 30, 2010. Read more from Related Group to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Good luck to all applicants! More info:

Offering Super Opportunities

Who searches a large stage and would like to be a singer, who finds a way of madness in American Idol and Dieter Bohlen. Each experience should take the chance. You sing to the Rihm who has warble not so many song in the shower. Congratulations from the lowest breast smashed as a birth day Staenchen. Small voice, big voice – all have a chance. Also Susan Heat detected only sang talent and wants to make it public by American Idol. Her idols are Susan Boyle and Paul Potts of the British talent show “Britan’s got talent”. This is the sister show of “DSDS – Germany sucht den superstar”.

Get on the podium and become superstar. No matter how young or how old are the participants. Of course dominated by mostly young talents, but also more mature men and women get their chance. The generation 50plus has also vocally plenty to offer. The procedure is the same for all:-apply neat on American Idol. -Be invited to the casting. -Convince Dieter Bohlen and his Mitjuoren from the own talent. -Affecting the necessarily good casting prepare.

-The song must be. -The tones have to sit. -Dance and choreography will be well rehearsed. -Good pick the outfit. -Absolutely hairstyle and makeup smart set here. -Don’t forget the makeup. -Have adamantly convinced by himself and his talent. -The irrepressible will to win have. -Give his very best. -Mental casting and theme shows well prepare. -Keep away from gossip and gossip in the casting. -Keep his goal in mind. -Never give up. Susan Heat reflected in her video as you on American Idol prepared: who wants to join, should adhere to the above tips. Bonne chance! Sincerely your Susan Heat love & life Advisor