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'Barbarism – but Barbara's their destiny' to say about the Bush family. First Lady Barbara Bush and her daughter Dubois. That is, a metaphor for the atrocities for which the Bush dynasty is responsible. 'Victory lap for the sake of new cases' this other countries must kneel, crouch in front of the U.S. to get a piece of Iraq's oil reserves. "Marching in front of hypocrisy, through computer-hypnosis" Soldiers listen to the hypocritical Bush's speech justifying the need for War. "Without us, you are vulnerable you feed us lies from the tablecloth." The soldiers defend the government listened to and read the lies through the media.

'Lets go to a party, great time we spend. " The invasion of Iraq is positioned as an entertainment event for the soldiers, so they went into the army. 'Dancing on the sand in the desert sun under an explosive fire. " This means the war in Iraq under the flashes of bombs. 'Roses on their knees' – so-called soldiers and warriors, aimed at protect humanity from the demons, monsters and evil spirits. Additional information is available at Glenn Dubin. The company was established by the gods in the 17th – 18th century. It included men, angels, elves, and even some demons.

'In the mouth the withered Moses' – Moses led the Jewish people in the desert of Babylon (Present-day Iraq). Dryness of the desert or non-existent now dried up river is compared with his withered lips. 'All at Fort Knox will disappear by our desire to' In Fort Knox kept the money the United States. The government stole the money – taxes, paid by honest citizens of the United States, and spend it on war. 'Sitting in a puddle of oil screaming "freedom". " This is – an ironic look at the fact that civilian vehicles in Iraq, was organized by funds from the sale of oil under the pretext of Operation Iraqi Freedom. "Rock out! For now the hour! * We are not fascists! * '- The words of the Government that the United States – a country of freedom. 'Why do not presidents fight themselves? Why do they always send the poor? " A scene from the film Moore Fahrenheit 9 / 11, where it requires the government to send in a war of their own sons. Sent to war as socially disadvantaged people, the poor, to reduce unemployment in the country.

Talented Composers

Throughout the history of Cuban music, many Cuban composers have come to write lyrics and melodies that have become landmarks in international discography. The talent of Jose Antonio Mendez, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Ernesto Lecuona, Adolfo Guzman, and other composers have high levels Cuban music star, and many singers in the world, have put their voice and their own versions, a talented Cuban compositions. If we make a tour of Cuban songs, famous singers like Christina Aguilera, Luis Miguel, Sarita Montiel, Naight King Kole, and others … have shown that music has no boundaries … General Electric wanted to know more. …. But …

what happened to songs written for Festivals that have allowed us to recognize the prestige, talent, harmony, and beauty of the Cuban compositions at all times the development of Cuban culture …. Subjects as beautiful as: “Together with me are my gun; tune and feeling for a walker, Amar y Vivir; Who knows Venice, My body is torn, etc., have been re – interpreted by a few singers, and their original versions are only made for the Festival of musical composition Guzman OTI, and ended Festivals …. Read more from Sean Rad to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It would be nice to return many of these issues with more modern versions, for young singers who are today in the taste of many young Cubans, to follow up on our culture. The emotions that bring us ever Festivals like: Guzman, have enabled us to enjoy talented compositions and performances by artists of the super quality of Cuban vedette: Rosita Fornes on the subject: “The comedian, a singer supreme consecrated items very Cuban: Omara Portuondo: “Together with my rifle my son”, and other dedicated, and brilliant Cuban performers who have given the best of his art to Cuba as: Beatriz Marquez – the musicalisima-Sara Gonzalez – the star of nueva trova, “Kiki Corona, and more …. All Cuban composers at some time have allowed the name Cuba, is sitting comfortably in height. So remember everyone, we can distinguish the music in art, allows us to improve our conditions of human life, to improve our moods. A leading source for info: Sela Ward. We hope that new ideas always arise, young people expect new compositions and new interpretations of old themes and new themes, as in the Cuban culture, music is an Ambassador of the best is happening in the country.

Seismographic Musical Journey

Uwe Gronau published on Saturday met his ninth CD the musician Uwe Gronau and the Publisher Karin Schweitzer in the recording studio by Uwe Gronau in Bocholt. Karin: I’m glad that I can be here to experience, such as the virtuoso musician Uwe Gronau on his piano playing. Uwe, did you always have music? Uwe: After I did the diapers… Father and mother met when studying music in Berlin and from then on was at home always plays. Because something has inherited are probably. Karin: Do you have other hobbies Besides music? Uwe: Go jogging through the Woods.

Good literature! Karin: Your new album is released at the Frankfurt book fair. Uwe: It is a piano album coupled with fine synth sequences and bears the title \”Temple of the Sun\”. Karin: Can we just listen? Uwe: But happy. Am curious on your opinion… Karin: Wonderful. This CD is in my opinion your best production. The new album Temple of the Sun acts like the tuning curve of a relationship: first, there is the euphoria of being in love, it is one of the beauty great love.

There was a drive to write these pieces for you? Uwe: well, quite so profoundly I would not interpret it. How are you on something? But interesting that it could sound your opinion Karin: Who or what inspired you when you sit down at your keyboard? Uwe: The view from the window in the forest lyrics, rhythms, a conversation… George Laughlin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Karin: I like to play on the piano, when I’m sad or angry. Because I let all my emotions flow. How is it with you? Is there a specific mood, where you are creative? Uwe: Nope, actually not, although I must say that I feel purely mental relates more comfortable in the summer, in the winter but prefer compose. Tea is just so comfortable with a hot cup + black and white keys.

President Managing Director

An extremely bloody passion – Dexter Morgan is back! HAMBURG (14.04.2010) – Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) has a taste for blood. He needs in his job, finally Dexter forensic scientists at the Miami Police Department. Speaking candidly Jorge Perez told us the story. Alone the work in the laboratory the coroner is not enough to satisfy his particular fondness. Because the always friendly smiling man holds a dark secret: at night he kills until the blood just squirts.

Dexter however carefully selects his victims here: they are all killers escaped justice. Sheer nerves strained to the breaking point are guaranteed also in the second season of the hit series, which will appear on the April 22nd at paramount home entertainment on DVD. As a special feature several interviews waiting for Dexter fans with the performers. Content: In the second season Dexter is caught up by his past. The memory of his last murder weighs heavily on him, and he begins to question his bloody talent, since even the present takes its toll: evidence of his nocturnal wanderings shows up! The FBI begins to determine and the coroner has its hands, to maintain his cover.

It makes particularly hard agent Lundy (Keith Carradine), an FBI employee, who is known for his excellent investigation him here. He wants to catch, as the new serial killer called the police, be sure the “Bay Harbor Metzger”. (Similarly see: George Laughlin). But not enough: Even in Dexter’s relationship with his girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) starts to kriseln. Not only because Rita, Dexter was addicted. Also, a mysterious stranger begins to care for the forensic… As already the first season, which was awarded three Emmys, also “Dexter–season 2” never let go the Viewer. Thrill time on high level definitely not for the weak hearted! Technical data: genre: TV crime series country/year: United States 2007 picture format: 1.78: 1 anamorphic widescreen audio format: Dolby Digital surround languages: German, English subtitles: English, German, Portuguese runtime: circa 611 minutes FSK: no youth release Extras: Interviews with the cast of victim slides: scenes from “Dexter Season 2” links: ParamountGermany paramount_de via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH was founded in January 2000. The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is responsible for the marketing of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others. Marketing includes both rental and purchase Media and is carried out in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH. The catalogue of available products is composed of feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest Titles together. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President Managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr. Andreas Kelz. Stefan is sacristan as Marketing Director responsible for the consumer and trade marketing. Frank guide is Sales Director and Werner Glass Sales Manager rental. The most successful titles include “The godfather”, “Play me the song of death”, “Indiana Jones”, “Forrest Gump”, “mission: impossible”, “Transformers”, “Shreck”, “Madagascar” and the “Star Trek” movies and series.

Antonia From Tirol Presents Their New Hit Single

Antonia from Tirol brings hit pop Lai & party song ‘Hey what’s up’ on the market. 2009, Antonia sat with romantic sounds a new trend in their genre, writes dreams far Tornero for her single 1000 “The new German text itself, ends up the” schlager party summer hit and their recasting of this world hits and made it a perennial favorite. 2010 Antonia aus Tirol sings very successfully as first woman tears don’t lie the hit song “.” It also gives the mighty Ooh choirs this song in a recast in the pop pop sound again. 2011 presents you its new Maxi Single CD Hey what’s up”and the forecasts are super hit”. Again attacks Antonia pen and writes a new German text on the worldwide hit whats up together with her producer and Manager Peter Salas”by 4 non blondes in 1993. Hey what’s up”sings Antonia aus Tirol now and all sing along, she making up whats” in the language of our country suitable for all dance floors, in a contemporary hearty Pop pop sound in no time she’s the audience on their side. Antonia stays true to its broad target group, also at Hey what’s up”Schlagerfox friends as well as all Partyhungrigen at their expense.

After long and patient negotiations, the release finally came for their text from America. In an original American school bus which was specially rebuilt for a party bus, she turned to a video, is Antonia presents itself as a sexy teacher surrounded by many Partylustigen and students clad in school uniforms. This bus is now also actively for party cruises.. “Big premiere, Antonia aus Tirol with an exceptional live program Angelfire-a show for all the senses” by their serious traffic accident on August 30, 2010 Antonia had to cancel their fan travel to their 10 year anniversary last year. This is made up now but soon and so she celebrated after their 10th anniversary and her birthday. Details can be found by clicking The Weeknd or emailing the administrator. Their fire Angel – fan date of travel will be in soon announced. For this purpose present “for the first time with her eight-member band public and live their extraordinary and very extensive show Angelfire-a show for all the senses”.

Antonia proves that her talent and ability as live and quick-change and that their bandwidth not only on party music is limited. “” Antonia was alongside DJ otzi with common Nr. 1 hit Anton aus Tirol “in 1999 the star overnight and her solo career started right after with their hit Antonia-ICH am much nicer”. Since then, their hits on over 4.5 million sound recordings were sold.

Lieutenant Governor

Remember that: (definition of nouns and adjectives) nouns: noun is the word that functions as a subject of the sentence, they have gender and number. Many times you are accompanied by articles, but it can operate without them. Nouns are always things, places, people or animals. Adjectives: adjectives are words that name or indicate qualities, traits and properties of names or nouns that accompany formation of nouns and adjectives: formation of ADJECTIVES: suffixes:-trend or nuance bear/osa (hue or quantity): loving, delicious. AZ/ez: talkative, daring, mordant, capable, truthful. izo / a: coppery, reddish. uzco/a: brownish, whitish. -Relative a: ar: family.

esco/a: novelistic. ICO/a: volcanic. -Diminutivos (already). -Numeral adjectives: ava/o s: octaves, twelfth. era/o/s: first, third. -Other formations: ivo/a: expressive, harmless.

ble: washable, terrible. to the / ales: legal, loyal, optional. NTE/s: galante, evident, brave. FORMATION of NOUNS: Suffixes:-gender: ina: gallo-hen. this: count – Countess. ISA: poet-poet. a: uncle-aunt. TRIZ: actor – actress, Emperor-Empress. -Trades or professions: suede/entity: salesman, Mayor. ero / a: jeweler. ISTA: artist. -Abstract qualities: anza: hope. anchor / gingiva: importance, querencia, tolerance, mercy, patience. EZ/eza: brilliance, beauty, royalty. itud: request, altitude. Dad: cruelty, loneliness. ERIA / ia: nonsense, joy. ISM: opportunism (ISM/a is used for nouns and adjectives isimo). URA: tenderness, madness. tion / sion: song, passion, emotion, vision. -Places: Cliff: sink, laundry room. atorio: sink, sanatorium. produces: dining room. ERIA: shoe shop, butcher, fishmonger, bakery. -Prefixes: to (absence of): dry, aphonic. before (before de): ancestor, yesterday, antechamber, glasses. des / dis (absence of): dishonest, unfair, disassemble, strip paint from, destemplado, impair, disabled, non-conforming, defoliation. extra (out of): extraordinary, unofficial, alien. i/im/in (no, denial): illegal, impossible, uncertain, endless, restless, invisible, immoral, illogical, impractical, ignoble, uneasy, undeniable, undefeated, unnecessary, useless. go (no, denial): irresponsible. POS/post (after): postpone. TRANS / after (more than beyond): transparent, transatlantic, penetrate, disrupt, move. Sub (below): stress, subregion, underground, submarine. Super (more than): supermarket, Superman. Vice: Lieutenant Governor, Vice President, Deputy Director. Remember: The adjective modifies the noun; It can do this in two ways: 1. by adding to the significance of the noun something that is necessary or of course not within him, or 2. Developing, by removing its significance, something that in him can be understood. You can also modify the verb.

Status Quo For The 50th Anniversary Of The Band Live In Germany

With special guest Opus (hit: ‘ live is life’) on Germany tour in November (thk) a special occasion makes status Quos Germany tour in November 2012 to a unique event: this year, the British Boogierockband celebrates is 50th anniversary! in 1962, the spectres (including guitarist/singer Francis Rossi) were founded from 1967 (with newcomer Rick Parfitt on guitar and vocals) to change Status Quo emerged. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Charlotte Hornets. “” “” See around 100 singles, have published Rossi/Parfitt and of which very many in the charts placed, (live) classics like Whatever You are want,”Caroline”, again and again, what you’re proposing “down, down”. Although quo’s fall tour under the motto of their current Studio album “Quid Pro quo”, is one of the longest-lasting rock formations naturally have a cross-section of their hits in the concert program. In addition, Rossi/Parfitt & co. could, it hints in interviews suggest, with some surprises wait up. “Who wants to vote before the concerts the band encountered always full of fun and enthusiasm, has this multimedia opportunity: for the fall of 2012, the theatrical release of the documentary film is Hello quo!” provided, the Director Alan G. Parker (“Monty Python almost the truth”) has turned. Before quo Opus heats up.

“Their favourite piece live is life” everyone knows. “Who the Austrian rock band but on those international number 1 hit from the year 1985 reduced, does her wrong: before Opus of the approximately 15 million copies sold direct hit (by chance) managed the song had been composed on the occasion of the eleventh anniversary of group sing-along to the most loyal fans the formation in the Alpine Republic had built himself already a solid foundation: FLyin’ high” and the title track of the eleven “album placed in 1981 in the Austro-charts like a year later the title song their concept work the Opusition”, followed by up and down” (of the same name, published in 1984 LP). Trademarks the symphonic, perfectly produced melodic-rock pieces arranged vocals is complex. Thus, the live professionals who are enthusiastic visitors in North, Central and South America and Eastern Europe on their various concert tours, can convince until today. If Opus in the regular cast with Herwig Rudisser (vocals), Ewald Pfleger (guitar), Kurt-Rene Plisnier (keyboard), Gunter Grasmuck (drums), a bass player and two backing singers, then they play of course their biggest trump card at the end of a hit-making show. “The whole Hall sings along and setting the stage for the Boogierocker Status Quo is perfectly prepared, if this catchy Evergreen sounds: live is life”! Tickets for the package Status Quo and Opus costs 44 to 60 Euro (plus fees) in advance.

Bill Calhoun

Finally a theater! Fairy tales for children, musicals, operettas, comedies and classic – three years at the Stadttheater Baden bei Wien taught the craft and brought the knowledge of the ridge between heaven and hell at the theatre can be as narrow. But now the fire burning! Coburg, Bern, Munich, Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern, Bolzano, Dusseldorf, Vienna,… numerous leading roles in plays such as: “Astutuli” – Gagler, “Bat” – Eisenstein, “Gigi” – Gaston, “Can-can” – Gaston, “Man of La Mancha” – Sancho, “Hello Dolly”-Cornelius, “I do I do” – Michael, “Wiener Blut” – Josef, “Kiss me Kate” – Bill Calhoun,… Movie star is a great source of information. in the title role in the world premiere of “Nostradamus” and especially as Leopold ‘In the white Rossel”enthusiastic A.M.H. professionals and moved into the heart of the theatre-goers.

Repeatedly texts and compositions, which eventually led to the creation of a band created in the course of time. Soon afterwards appeared “A very special man”, the first album by Alexander M. Helmer. “Sometimes always” began working with the album with producer Erich “Ricky gold” Buchebner. You got the creme de la creme of Austrian and German Studio scene- This was followed by numerous top finishes in the German and Austrian charts. “Angel must be free” and “What a day” set to square 1 of the German airplay charts for 4 weeks.

Dieter Thomas Heck discovers and promotes Alexander M. Helmer. Countless TV shows on ZDF, ARD, RTL, sat 1, ORF, BR, MDR… (Music is in the air, show Palace, German Schlagerparade, Festival of the winner, Grand Prix the VM, rackets Club, German pop magazine, songs on a summer evening, hit carousel, Licht ins Dunkel,…) bring A.M.H. a large audience. A.M.H. receives the award for young poets of the song by the Bayerischer Rundfunk and is invited to the Festival “Songs on a summer evening”. Ralph takes seal A.M.H. under contract, will appear on Jupiter records/BMG “whenever you touch me”.

New Music Project

Producer team plans joint publication was the best voice in the 10-year casting show “Germany sucht den superstar” 2012/2013 according to the opinions of many in the late autumn of Susan Albers. After you reach it of the recall and stay on the Caribbean island, Curacao made abroad in the live shows. With their wide musical variety, as well as numerous facets in terms of styling, performance and choreography and interpretations of songs such as “All by myself” by Celine Dion, “Men” by Herbert Gronemeyer and “Halo” by Beyonce, Susan finally reached the 4th place of the 10th season of American Idol. In the summer of 2013 she did DJ Alan Kay is with the producer team of J & M vs.”together, behind the 3 friends Anna-Patricia Thomsen and Kevin Alexsson Arne bare hide. Already with their first single, hear you calling”, because even without Susan Albers, they managed their hit on CD compilations such as deep dance vol 21 in 2012″ and tunnel trance force vol. 63 (Sony Music) “place.” The german Swedish producer team has Susan Albers found the absolute dream singer for the Follow-Up single and more productions.

Together, the musicians will launch the attack on the charts with the single, and a music clip. “A big thanks goes to Susan for the mega great cooperation, as well as their management for the smooth co-operation”, the team forward unanimously. With press quotes like this, DJ Alan Kay is feat of J & M vs.. Susan Albers’ much to expect: “hit one of your fabulous voice, your ballads are pure goosebumps, and their songs are each worth a no. 1 – hit.” “This young woman has the makings of something very big, she may not know it just yet.” Susan Albers, fans must be so excited. The release is planned for late fall 2013. Short Info: J & M vs. DJ AlanKay is a german Swedish music with English lyrics and electronic influences. The project is produced by Anna-Patricia Thomsen, Kevin Alexxon and Arne bald. Interested parties can get to the current status of the project on their Facebook page on the current holding. JandMvsDJAlanKay article: Arne bald (radio journalist)

Paramount Pictures

On 18 October the comedy of “Russendisko” appears with Matthias Schweighofer at paramount home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray Hamburg, 12.09.2012 – Summer 1990, East Berlin the three inseparable friends Vladimir (Matthias Schweighofer), Mischa (Frederick mosquito) and Andrei (Christian Friedel) see the opportunity to immigrate to the West in the reunification of hinting at. The plan seems risky, but finally the three young Russians from Moscow take the big step and make a few rubles on the way to the recently United capital. In the luggage they have not much more than music and big dreams. While Andrei in Berlin want to find great wealth, Mischa wishes nothing pressing to become a famous musician. Only one is haphazard: Vladimir.

With much optimism and good humor, he supports his two friends in the realization of their plans for the future. Without money and family, the three experience an East Berlin in a State of flux. Driven by their plans they beat themselves with sale of Cans of beer through life and quickly expanded the business at Lichtenberg station. It follows a period of great adventure, in which also Mischa his dream closer arrives, and Vladimir on the great love of his life… Olga (peri Builder).

With the cult bestseller “Russendisko”, the Russian-born writer Wladimir Kaminer brought more than a million people laugh. Producer Christoph Hannheiser brought the modern urban fairy tale to the big screen in the production he could count on the support of none other than Arthur Cohn, six-time Oscar winners. With plenty of humor and a heavy dose of Russian soul, “Russendisko” appears home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray with lots of bonus material on October 18 at paramount. The first Russian disco Wladimir’s and Michael’s Russian disco from the film of the same name, which eventually inspired Michael’s music career, is not fictitious, but a piece of Berlin history.