Plug Program

The lockout/tagout training program provides information about current conditions, laws, rules, different systems and their use and explains procedures IDENT macro – the Brady Lockout/Tagout training program is used for model and optimal safety procedures in a company. It is an optimal program for establishing security and compliance procedures and the training of both employers and employees how to use Lockout/Tagout systems. The Brady Lockout/Tagout training program aimed at responsible occupational safety and to employees who are exposed to potentially dangerous mechanical, electrical and pneumatic hazards. The training program also helps employers in the development and improvement of internal Lockout/Tagout program. It is also very informative for employees who are responsible for this, devices, systems, etc. to switch off and wait, so avoid accidents and safety at the workplace. The Brady training program is available in several chapters with some Split short films. Included is an introduction, what is Lockout/Tagout and why there are systems for the use of lockout/tagout.

Informed is also about the strict safety standards for equipment and systems in the EU, United States, China, Japan, Australia, etc. Tony Parker addresses the importance of the matter here. including the additional regulations and laws of individual countries. The training program provides information for the protection of employees and the relevant lockout standards. Employer and employee information, to develop yourself a complete Lockout/Tagout program for your company and their jobs. Another chapter discusses a safe group lockout program for large production facilities and manufacturing systems/production lines with numerous energy isolating and many employees. As an example shows how to apply two common methods during a shift change such as the direct transfer or transfer by the shift leader. Three more chapters with several The various Lockout/Tagout systems present movies and to be used like this. The chapter is divided into multi-purpose devices, electrical lockout locks and valve locking systems. Actress has firm opinions on the matter.

It explains exactly how the single locking system with appropriate locking and warning trailers should be installed to ensure a secure barrier against dangers. Presented many of the lockout/tagout Brady are also systems. The specific use of each system explains exactly catches for 230 Volt circuit breakers, locks for protection, line breaker and Plug connections, wall switch locks, ball valve Shutoffs, block systems for valves, throttle valves shut-offs and universal valve shutoffs as for example the use of safety locks, closing brackets, cable lock systems, general purpose locking systems, group lock boxes, snap-on. The Brady Lockout/Tagout training program is in accordance with the specific of 32 chapters and modules, Training requirements of any company can be assembled also themselves individually. There is a knowledge test for employees as a document available at the end of the training. So foreign employees understand exactly the content of the programme, it is multilingual. Each individual chapter can be played in 9 languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and Russian. This effective training program helps companies implement Lockout/Tagout procedures, comply with the statutory regulations and provide more safety in the workplace. The training program, as well as all Brady Lockout/Tagout systems available IDENT at the famous Brady distributor macro from the South of Munich. For more information, also see under the link training program”.