The Brazilian striker is tied to the club until 2015. Real Madrid aims to football player for next season. He indicates that he is happy playing in Brazil and being with his family. Striker Neymar, regarded as one of the biggest revelations of Brazilian football in recent years and sought by clubs such as Real Madrid, ensures that he is happy at the club Santos and Brazil and that he would only accept to go to any team that provide more happiness. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, but I am happy in the Saints and I’m happy in Brazil, playing next to my family, said the attacker’s 19 years in an interview published today by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo and to be questioned about the interest of several clubs in signing him. Just a proposal that make me most happy to me I’m out of here, added the player, the biggest attraction of the Santos team that today at home played the final of the Copa Libertadores with Uruguayan Penarol. The President of Santos, Luiz Alvaro Ribeiro, admitted this week that received proposals from several European clubs by Neymar, including one from Real Madrid, but clarified that, in addition to pay 45 million euros from termination penalty, the interested party will have difficulty in convincing the player go. The salary of Neymar is already one of the largest in Brazilian and football comparable to that paid by major European clubs.

The Player ensures that neither the visibility that can be achieved in a European club in moments in which Brazil rides the selection that aspires to compete in the 2012 Olympics and the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 will weigh on his decision to leave the Saints. I have contract with Santos (until August 2015) and I intend to fulfill it. I want to stay. It won’t be a tournament that makes me stay or go, said the striker in his interview to the daily paulista. Neymar made it clear that, despite the recommendations it receives from his various advisers and representatives, including his father and the former footballer Ronaldo, always has the final say in decisions about his career. Who gives the last Word in everything I am, I am the player and which has to be happy in the working environment. My father does everything for me, negotiate, talk but who gives the last word always I am, he said. The player is not repentant of having rejected the year passed the proposed millionaire who made him Chelsea and added that the possibility to dispute the Libertadores, which was one of his dreams, confirmed you that he took the right decision.

It was a very difficult moment when I had to decide and reject a proposal for Chelsea, who was a millionaire. And tome, certainly the right decision. Until today I do not regret nor a little. And the final of the Libertadores confirmed me that I was correct, he said. In terms of the America’s Cup, that will be disputed as one of the stars of the Brazilian selection, ensures that he will address this responsibility with much tranquillity. I want to do what I do in the Santos in the selection and help my country. I hope to be champion in my first lathe with the Brazilian national team, He assured. Source of the news: Neymar: “I have contract with Santos and I intend to fulfill it”

Balearic Islands Castro

Canaries striker managed to equal winning that game goal before the Granada. The Balearic Islands had more chances, but pardoned before the Betis goal. Statistics of the Betis 1 0 Mallorca. A new goal of the Canary Ruben Castro – the second in what goes League – and that has meant the triumph against Real Mallorca, has given the other three points to Real Betis and thereby chaining two consecutive wins in his return to the first division in a match in which debuted at the Paraguayan Roque Santa Cruz League. He didn’t much showiness shock, perhaps because the players accused the strong heat, but uncertainty in the marker made to retain the excitement until the last moment. The Mallorca had more occasions, in its suit to Kickback and the limit of the offside before the hesitant dnsa of a Betis that started with ambition but that little by little is was diluted – perhaps also by the heat-, where chaste meta had to look at launches of Alfaro (m.17 and m.22) to avoid the both of the Balearic Islands. Betis, with only intermittent flashes in his game, could, already in the decline for the first time, tip the balance in their favor.

When it was closer to this it was at the minute 43 in Ruben Castro backlash, with release to a pole and the rejects, by two times, Jorge Molina carried in the spherical sill Aouate that plugged what could hollow. In the second part, the changes – entered Jonathan Pereira, Vadillo and the Paraguayan Roque Santa Cruz – gave another physiognomy to the Betis game. Alfaro could overtake Mallorca, but not ended, while Betis Ruben Castro and Pereira, on clear occasions, they did that Aouate out the best in his team. After forgiving Nsue (m.67), came the goal for Betis, and again the betico pichichi Ruben Castro, from nearby and by low, put what would be the final 1-0. Technical sheet 1 Real Betis: chaste, girl, gold, Amaya, Nacho; Iriney, Benat, Salva Sevilla (Vadillo, m.69) Jefferson Montero (Jonathan Pereira, m.59), Jorge Molina (Santa Cruz, m.74) and Ruben Castro. 0 Real Mallorca: Aoute, Zuiverloon, Chico, Ramis, pineapple; Victor, Caceres, Tejero (Kevin Garcia, m.66), fear Hemed (Chori Castro, m. 59); NSUE and Alfaro Tissone (m.85) goal: 1-0. m.84, Ruben castro.

Referee: Carlos de Cerro Grande (c.madrileno). He showed card Amaya (m.11), Caceres (m.32), Victor (m.44), Salva Sevilla (m.54), pineapple (m.79), and Chico (m.81). Incidences: Match played at the Benito Villamarin, hot morning and some 35,000 spectators. Field of play in very good condition. In the balcony had a representation of the family of the extinct President Benito Villamarin and also Vice-President of Mallorca, Lorenzo Serra Ferrer, received in both cases with a standing ovation. Before the match it was saved a minute of silence for benthic fans who died in the season. Entry was not allowed to the radio stations, by the arrangement of the LPF charge a canon. Source of the news: another goal by Ruben Castro gives three points to Betis before the Mallorca

Santi Hernandez

Mischievous, ready and spontaneous. Marc Marquez just had to catch the point to the intermediate category, a new bike and his chief mechanic, Santi Hernandez, with which already it is understood perfectly. The rest comes from series: talent to go fast, intelligence to indicate how to tune his Suter, the ability to fly as the day, asphalt and its tires require at each time; finest in a few moments, more aggressive in others. In Indianapolis he played roll soft, without requiring too much to gums that summer his bike, because the terrain, dirty and slippery, not helped out of the Loft. A day before the race, Marquez ceded ground to the evidence: the title is possible. What am I going to say! It is pure reality. I only say that there are, he noted, smiling, after aiming the pole on Saturday, the fourth consecutive. Source of the news:: Marquez, much Marquez

Barcelonas League ACB Champion

SADA did not stop until he came out with his own: make champion Regal Barcelona. Their commitment, their success, their intelligence, their effectiveness, gave brightness to the title of a team that managed to translate his theoretical and acknowledged superiority on the Court before a Bilbao Bizkaia not desmerecio its role of team correoso, very capable of the feat more unsuspected, as weeks earlier demonstrated against the Power of Valencia and Madrid. You couldn’t with Barca, even managed to give a title to your priceless hobby, but not dissuaded in his endeavour, and demanded a long a rival of great packaging. He was perhaps not the most. Movie actress is actively involved in the matter. Perhaps missed you the devastating success of previous matches. But, aside from its own mistakes, must have weighed a lot the tremendous demand which, in turn, raised the boat, whose merit, beyond the talent of its stars, estribo on the professionalism and perfectionism with which the battle took. As a result pulled forward a party which are crossed on several occasions and Thanks to this you can lift the title by sixteenth time, after not having reached last season, but after having their eight matches in the qualifying rounds by him before the Unicaja, Caja Laboral and Bizkaia Bilbao awarded in the current. Source of the news:: El Barcelona, League ACB champion.

Maverick Vinales

He is 16 years old and has just finished, with good grades, fourth of ESO. He says that he wants to study law and be notary. But it will be if their enormous talent allows it. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Maverick Vinales needn’t raise the voice to speak out. Nor do fuss to seduce the objectives of cameras, because protagonism in the track earns him squeezing his intelligence.

Shy and slow speech, has no qualms in recognizing that as they were failing some sections very difficult path of Assen, when Johann Zarco were found along the track, in full qualifying session, is it hooked to your wheel so teach him which was the correct traced. Rogue him and entrusted to the French. Vinales learned every curve of the historical Dutch circuit and stole the pole on Friday, the second consecutive. Achievement with which enrolls another record, being the youngest to do so; Dani Pedrosa did it before him. Source of the news:: the Picardy’s Maverick Vinales

Discovering New Talents

It was held in Barcelona Gamelab, a cycle of conferences and exhibitions that serves as meeting for major developers of video games. Many of the representatives have made Scouts looking for talent. The most sought after profiles are young newly hatched design or study of professional and specialized graduate with work experience. Gamelab is much more than a cycle of conferences and exhibitions for gamers. It is a meeting with representatives of major developers, who often act as Scouts in search of young talents in the game programming, the dream of many who grew up to the sound of the ocarina from The Legend of Zelda or the psychedelic world of Super Mario Bros. Ubisoft Barcelona has tapped the fair to collect resumes of attendees looking for an opportunity to devote himself to his passion, as in David, producer of Ubisoft Spain has stated: we have some vacancies that we want to cover, but we also seek to take advantage of meetings like this for discovering new talent.

The profiles most sought to enter the video game industry are young newly hatched design or study of professional and specialized graduate with work experience. Essential Darnes requirement is quite clear: passion for video games, since it is a discipline to which spends too much time, so there must be motivation beyond money. An industry complicated there who believes that the reality of the industry is a little different, and that experience takes precedence over the interest or training. Daniel Alonso, a student of Pompeu Fabra, has commented that engage in the creation of video games is complicated: no experience do not give you work and if you don’t work you don’t have experience. For this reason, many students who want to steer its future employment in this industry, created a video game as a project of end of study that serves as a professional business card. Microsoft has also tapped Gamelab to open doors to self-taught developers futures with the publication of a kit to create applications for Kinect. Given its popularity, it has launched a contest open until August 17, with the prize of a visit to the Microsoft campus in Seattle (USA).UU.). Source of the news: discovering new talent in video games