Limiting Factors

Many people have no idea of the capacity that is found within ourselves. Do have beliefs that are limiting factors, but they have never taken the time to examine them if they are real or not?, the normal average people worldwide live convinced possess certain weaknesses and disadvantage that have never really analyzed where they come. By who? These people convinced of their weaknesses and limitations do as our conscious mind takes this information of what we can do or not? Here enters our subconscious mind for appropriating these weaknesses and limitations, and I will give you examples, our subconscious is going to try to explain these limitations with the following thoughts and words – I’ve always been so was not born with talent to do that – I don’t have the body nor the skills that are required for the sport. -I’ve never been good for that – my problem is that I do not possess the personality right – I don’t have time for me, etc humans, inadvertently, create constraints to not expand its true potential, but here comes the best thing, the problem is not physical, nor of his personality, the REAL problem are the mental programs that we have stored in our subconscious and to act as defense mechanisms that help us to safeguard the image we have of ourselves. No doubt and through my experience in the subliminal, all have the ability to improve our quality of life, if we so decide. As an example maybe when you were a kid, requested you that you spend reciting a poetry front of the class and your teacher is he laughed, or some of your classmates mocked you, by which you felt bad and since that time unconsciously costs you socialize in places with friends, you feel little valued / to. This is just one example of how subliminal in all our training since childhood, vamos acquiring information from our closest surroundings. To close this article, I want you to remember that any idea or wrong thinking that we maintain in our subconscious for a long time and to give you value with our actions, works as a powerful form of auto hypnosis or auto suggestion. This is what It prevents you from seeing many people currently the real power of the law of attraction in every area of your life, have filed information in your subconscious, traumatic, are flooded with information loaded with pessimism, poor relationship with money, with prosperity, with love, with their deepest emotions, and even when conscious level we know that something doesn’t work well and are trying to changealways happen to us the same things re-emerging from the depths of our subconscious. Remember always that you art in what in what you think about constantly, the good news is that with this information, you decide who enters and who not in your subconscious from today!