It started plus an eve of Christmas and end of year, and when the December month is come close, it is always the same thing: a wave of campaigns against the hunger, the cold, many times in a heat of 40 degrees as of Palms. In these campaigns it is collected of everything, until transportation voucher enters in the bulge. Everything this seems mainly that it goes cleaning the consciences heaviest, of the high society, that had been with them (the consciences) atrophied during the others eleven months of the year. They make fervorosas donations, as if all the misery of the country finished in one month of campaign. It is as if all the needy Brazilians, suddenly, were happy with the goodness them men who reign here in the land.

To be well sincere, this practical does not differ very from the televising propagandas that we attend: A Christmas without hunger, a happyer Christmas, with that flock of full people of chances declaiming the love to the next one, with a not perishable food bag in the hand. All native we see to overflow the old hypocrisy human being, mainly when if accepted a year turn with hunger, a carnival with cold, a Passover without toys, one day of the children without happiness, but never, never we will have a Christmas that it has hunger, cold and misfortune! While the Christmas does not arrive, the povo goes if contenting with the such Stock market Family during the 360 days of the year. Still we have so said to basic basket, by the way, who was that it listed what must contain inside of a basic basket? Salt, pasta, extract, sardine, rice, beans, oil, big cookie pra I want who you, starch of maize, milk and sugar? Where they are the meats? The fruits? The vegetables? The material of personal hygiene and domestic cleanness? The gas? The water and energy account? The rent? To such basic basket it does not have nothing of basic, it in the truth, is total empty. Read additional details here: Sela Ward.

Culture World

The Fulla is not produced by the Mattel. The Barbie word finished for if becoming a term of pejorativo calo, for one rapariga or considered woman ftil, as in the song pop ' ' Barbie Girl' '. It has difference of the two dolls is marcante, therefore Barbie has blue eyes, blond hair and Fulla has black eyes, hair chestnuts, and uses a covering of head and one abaiah when to leave house. Fulla does not have boyfriend and only follows the professions of doctor or teacher. With its anniversary of 50 years, it had the Barbie exposition for the world in Porto Alegre in April, that congregates 102 dolls of different cultures showing traditional clothes and typical hairdos of diverse countries. launches in its anniversary Barbie the more expensive Doll of the world, evaluated in 165 a thousand Reals that exhibit 318 diamonds in a luxurious suit of party. Coincidence or not, never human being how much in the last times said itself in such a way in vanity.

She finishes it the news comes of England, where a woman spent about R$ 2 million in plastic surgeries to changed into a Barbie doll of meat and bone. Official site: real-estate developer. The owner of house Sara Burge, 49 years. To have an idea, it was submitted 100 treatment surgical and more than cosmetic. According to it, unhappyly, or happily, the women have different bodies, with a different genetics and from the instant that if she desires to changed into that we are not, we finish in transforming into nobody. Today she is complicated if to incase in a world in which the women have that to be pretty and lean. Please visit Tony Parker if you seek more information. Concluding after many research, Barbie clarifies the power that the Industry of the Culture exerts on the mass, and being each more popular time, it is easy to identify the power that the doll today influences women of the world all with its body esbelto and also becoming the woman as sexual symbol. It controversial certain cause in the society, however with several controversas on the doll, others already they defend the same one.

Online Golf Games

The Golf is an elitist and expensive sport, however the games online of golf are gratuitous and super easy to play. With diverse versions, them they are available for all the Internet and you it only goes to need a hardwired computer the Internet to play. Hear other arguments on the topic with Author. A good option for who likes realistic games is the game Vertigolf. Based in the format mini-golf, you tantocom will go to impress itself the appearance, how much with the jogabilidade of this joguinho. With the appearance 3D, it allows that you see angles and locate the parquet block in a differentiated way. The places to play mini-golf are very popular in the United States and therefore we find as many games directed toward this style. The mini-golfs costumam to have some obstacles and have as characteristic basic the fast and not programmed plays. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez.

For who it wants to play classic ummini-golf, the Mini-Put game is a good option. Already who tans less realistic games and more joking it can be moored in the HackTack game. Full of engraadinhos obstacles, it uses the golf field as scene, but in the truth its objective is to make right the targets spread for the fields. It only takes care, because while you try to make right the target, a stand of golf can be walking its front well. if the games of golf did not count on small balls and yes with disquinhos? In the game Disc Golf, you it goes to have to learn to substitute the movements that would make with the ball for the movements adjusted for a record, criandouma new sensitivity. With one challenging and intriguing mechanics, this game goes to leave vidrado you. Now, if you do not like delayed departures very, but she adores to make points, also exists a good solution for this. Let us say that the game Golf Ace is special for apressadinhos. With on timer, the only objective of the game is that you make right the biggest number of holes before the time finishes. What probably it does not go to finish so early is its diversion. It uses to advantage since beyond these, much more games exist today online in the net and not skirt of the Internet without if amusing with them.


The Christmas is commemorated in day 25 of December, on this day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ de Nazar. Exactly being the correct date of its birth, it was not the chosen day so that the date was commemorated. The old commemorations of the Christmas lasted about 12 days, therefore this was the time that the magos kings had delayed to arrive until Belm, where had delivered to its gifts the Jesus there. Nowadays the people have the custom to mount Christmas trees to edeixar present its return, beyond other decorations that demonstrate to the arrival of this day creating a pleasant climate of union. The trees are disassembled 12 days after the Christmas, in 6 of January where officially it would finish the Christmas, in the Day of Branches. It enters some traditions of the Christmas, created in the end of century XIX, when Noel Papa appeared. With clothes of winter in dark the brown or green color, you were as soon as you represented Noel Papa old. Seumodelo of clothes as we know lode in 1886, when one became red and white with black belt.

Some people at this time beyond mounting the tree of Christmas, also mounted the prespio celebrity, simulating the birth of Jesus Christ. With the baby in the manger, and the other personages of the bible who had participated of this moment. At this time it is possible to listen to for all part the Christmas songs. In the streets, in the store and chorales spread for the cities, we find diverse manifestations in commemoration aessa dates so special. This is a moment that the families if congregate, changes gifts, they make prescriptions special, and also the people costumam to change the famous Christmas cards, some are simple, other musical comedies, and nowadays with the advanced technology super cards livened up by the Internet exist now, that you can send through the social nets. It is enough to have access the site Native Clickut, that you will obtain to choose a card with the face that the person whom she desires to sanction. Tony Parker does not necessarily agree. It has access! It is simple, amused and certainly it goes to touch the heart of who to receive.

Games Of Online Robots

Since always the Robots they are part of the imagination and fantastic of children and the adults. They are a fantastic mixture enter the perfection of the machine and the functions human beings. Although currently already inserted robots in day-by-day exist of plants, hospitals and other environments of work, to good part of the population they do not pass of a fiction story personage. Films, drawings, games and even though books adore to approach this subject. With the popularizao of the computer and the Internet, the robots had also become important personages in games online. With thousand of being able and functions that, human beings if want could imagine, the Games of Online Robot if they had become the new sensation of the garotada one. In optimum Transformers style, the game Arm Metal is a powerful fight being giant robots. Two powerful robots are in a dispute and one of them goes to need its aid to gain the battle.

At this moment it does not import its size. Its great differential in this game will be the rapidity with that you it will obtain or not to make right its great adversary using only the keyboard for this. If to defend of a fierce dog already is difficult, to face two nervous cachorros robot more is complicated still. But he does not need to be with as much fear thus, after all you also are a robot and go to obtain to defend only with some kicks and kicks. He liked? Then he uses to advantage that the Recoil is another game that goes to need only its ability with the keyboard to take you the victory. If you are a typical Brazilian you can until liking robots, but certainly she is vidrado same is in the soccer. A good option to join these two passions that seem so distant is the Soccer game. With an adept minifield and robots you will go to have fun yourself with the spectacular plays of these modern machines.

He has who also finds, that of bonzinho, the robots do not have nothing. For the people with this thought, also a game exists. In the Overrun game you are part of the army and have to protect the society of evil robots invading creatures. You go to need much courage to reach its objectives. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rick Garcia. Onlines is possible to find this style of game in diverse games that they are full of adrenalin. You, with certainty, go to love and if to dedicate to each battle as if finishes she was it.

Promising Artists

Beside the point known history where all see the king without clothes, however only one boy in its innocence and unprovided of any feeling of bajulao, cries out for that the king is naked. Other leaders such as Boxing champion offer similar insights. What more lack to wait to say to the four cantos that with regard to the carnival of the Bahia, the king is naked? Divulged in you chat and verses as the biggest spectacle of the land, as the carnival of the democracy, the biggest concentration of artists in an only event, the biggest launching enclosure for bullfighting of new and promising artists to each year, and optimum place an alive being if to amuse in security, and enjoying of a flaring appearance having the sky and the sea as witnesses. For more information see Margaret Loesser Robinson. But the reality is well different of what it spreads. To start for the people of the land. In recent research if it evidenced that it enters four inhabitants of Salvador, mainly the ones who inhabit next to the carnavalescos circuits, three run away from the city in the week of carnival.

Who supports a mesmice for as much time? What if it sees to each year in the traditional circuits account is the violence taking of carnival and the policy each more impotent time for counts it. Not for incompetence, but for increase of demand. the majority of the violent facts is not shown by the press, therefore it is connivent with the governing and owners of trios. Who wants to be outside of the mounts of money of propaganda of the government? The given orientation to that they visit in them in this period is for not leaving with this, not to leave with that, does not take money, does not use mark tennis, they prevent the independent trios, and for it goes there. Better it would be to order the excessively visiting tourists and, to play the carnival for correspondence.