Recruitment Market Survival

In the past two years, the crisis in some degree affected all sectors of the economy, employment agencies were no exception. In autumn 2008, the personnel market decline was very rapid. And not all recruitment companies were able to survive it's difficult economic times. Small and weak agency went bankrupt. Those who survived were forced to significantly cut costs: changed to less prestigious offices, reduced staff and rebuilt their work in According to the new market conditions. As many analysts have been able to stay in business, those who managed to build effective business processes that keep the professional staff to create a workable model motivation, and most importantly prostroit competent system of working with clients. As a result, the crisis has been recruiting in the market recovery and purification – there were only efficient and strong staffing agency.

Such companies were few. For example, in the directories of recruitment agencies and popular sites for: recruitment agency in Voronezh in the list of only six agencies and two respectively. Among them are Recruitment Agency Company "Intelligence Service" – a stable company with strong market positions. Now the situation on the recruitment market is stabilizing. Expanding range of requests for personnel selection. "In times of crisis, employers do rate on the main production unit link – sales managers – says Director of Customer Service "UNITY" Olga Goriunova. – Now the company began to feel more confident.

Therefore, from the beginning of 2010, increased the need for a competent middle-management, necessary for business development. " According to the portal number of vacancies in September 2010 exceeded the level in October 2008 to 86% level in September 2009 by 2.7 times. And in July 2010, the number of vacancies exceeds the number of resumes. However, while talking about the dynamic growth of human confident the market is not necessary. So think about its effectiveness surviving player recruitment market in the coming years will constantly.

Industry Time

As he wrote one of the gurus Management – transfer your desktop from HR-department at the department for which you are now looking for people. That way you can every day to stimulate their interest in recruiting … Internal recruiters squandering time candidates. In the best candidates do not have time for a variety of tests, questionnaires, lie-detector test, etc. They just want to talk to immediate supervisor or HR-director.

All these barriers have become familiar pre- just because the internal recruiters to 90% are dealing with inappropriate and unknown candidates, question them. Instead of immediately go to those who know the job, they no longer have to deal with people who are just know how to take tests and to present themselves competently. Intermediate test and the questionnaire can alienate and offend the best candidates, and you will lose them. How can this be avoided? First of all, smai prepare for a meeting with candidate. Learn not only his resume and his record: Gather information about him in the press, the Internet and receive feedback from ex-colleagues and managers … When you do focus on quality rather than on the number of candidates (see see paragraph 2, 3, 4) for You will have more time to study only the best, but do not test everybody. Discard the assembly line, go to manual assembly.

Internal recruiters can steal your online time. Rather, they are so steal the time of the employer. Every day, thousands of people send their resumes to various jobs are posted on the Internet. Often in positions for which they are absolutely not suited and which they know nothing. Moreover, Such people often do understand that do not meet the stated requirements, that they have no chance, and look forward to "maybe". And many simply do not think about it – they say, it's yours, rekruterskaya work – take away people … Easy to work in The Internet makes it possible for everyone – clog your boxes and your time is a mass of useless resumes. In fact, you do every day sorting rubbish. Do not let the Internet and the occasional job seekers to use you! Especially in as a scavenger. You deserve the best J Use the Internet as a research tool industry and the introduction of the circle, the community in which you want to search. Instead of replicating the ad more browse Industry sites, competitor sites, read news professional, look at their names and their professional contacts, collect information about them, meet them at last! Communicate with professionals, not Sieving resume … So, you hire people who want to, but not those who can.