Water And Food

Always be careful how much water your flask is full. At every opportunity fill it from flowing body of water. Such water can be drunk raw, but in any case not fill the jar of stagnant ponds in such water can be agents of various diseases. Diarrhea in an emergency situation – a sure way to death, because it threatens to dehydration and makes you incapable of movement. Viator remember: people are living without water – 3 days without food 14 days. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jorge Perez offers on the topic..

If there are no sources of water, you can try to collect rain water or water trickling from the rocks (if you're in mountainous terrain). For the second method, use the cord, propped one end to the rock – Placing another in a jar. The water can be extracted from the juicy fruits (it is important to know the local vegetation), the dubious benefits is not worth it, due to the fact that they may contain alkaloids which may cause severe poisoning. Edible fruit: In tropical areas: coconut, bamboo, palm hearts, figs, bananas, citrus, papaya, etc. In mixed forests: blueberries, cranberries, gonobobel, raspberry, strawberry, apple, ash, and currants in some cases: zherdela, plums, Pear (wild) Vegetable food compared with animal-less calories, on the hunting and searching for insects – an important step on the path to survival. Animal meat nutritious and contains enough protein, fat and carbohydrates for replenish energy. In the food is as raw and cooked (fried, boiled) meats. Most usvaemoe and containing a maximum of nutrients – boiled, heavier foods – fried. Hunting the animals is carried out at by setting snares for animal tracks, traps, trap, as well as the chance to hunt with a sling and bow, of course, if you do not fire weapons (more on this in more detail in another chapter).

Indian Restaurant

Chilled wine and cold beer will make your meal truly completed, bringing a feeling of utter satisfaction. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tony Parker has to say. There is a special children's menu. Large parking lot next to the restaurant and across from the pier. Bombay-Flowers Restaurant Address: Hadaba Road Tel.: (002) 065 3449334; (002) 012 1706337 Welcome to the Indian restaurant number 1 in Hurghada. Abdel Mansour, owner of the restaurant, again took control of the restaurant into their own hands. With extensive experience in the restaurant business (25 years in Switzerland) and returned to Egypt, he invested his own money in the apartment house (European level) and a cozy restaurant with pleasant decor. Good snacks can be acceptable yen (beer – 8 pounds).

Apart from Indian cuisine, there is a large selection of versatile dishes such as steak, pasta, pizza, salads. The presence of terrace allows you to just sit with friends over coffee, smoking a hookah, or treating a dessert. Restaurant Pita Sphinx. Address: Beside McDonalds, Sakala, Hurghada. Red Sea Tel.: 065 3449 105 Mobile: 0127749496 This restaurant is a well-known network of European restaurants. Over the last 8 years have passed since the opening of a restaurant in Sakalov, he gained a lot of popularity among local, foreign as well as tourists.

Many tourists who come to the first year of Hurghada, are necessarily familiar "path" by McDonald's right to hospitable hosts the restaurant. The restaurant very comfortable and suitable for any occasion, from the big celebration to a romantic dinner for two. Mina, one of the restaurant owners are always welcome and "hospitable" welcomes its guests with the same friendly smile. Comfort, warmth, Varied menu, quality of cooking – everything contributes to the fact that visitors are not limited to a one-time visit, but tend to become regulars. Menu in 4-languages allows you to easily deal with the abundance of delicacies and make the right choice.

Internet Download

Tatjana85356 My question to those who have been living in Germany: it dangerous to download from the internet something for free? I mean the Russian sites with music, films and books. When I need something, I just find in the Internet and download your personal a library. Husband in horror from this session, said that just come and povyazhut, and fines are huge. For me, it sounds incredible. I told him that I use to download Russian Internet, and I have Russian citizenship, why Germans have to punish me for it? Roman2907 Everything you download with copyright infringement falls under penalty no matter what your nationality. Since you live in Germany, we must abide by their laws. In practice, is only tracked content with the western sites Russian sites they track. Tatjana85356 And if the site need to register before you download for free, it can threaten something? Roman2907 If the Russian, then nothing except as additional spam is not threatened.

The more intelligent people never their real-world data do not write. Hoffman Some people make money on catching those who are downloading from the Internet. If the detail, then you go to work, come home PC is not on the table a piece of paper from the police that the seized computer, and then they will find, plus discs. Last downloaded an album Ramstein. Total – 2,000 euros paid.

Marmusha I swung without consequences. In fact, on some sites, they write that it is possible download for your reference. So you downloaded a song, listen to, like, go buy a CD. Well, such a logic. My lelik_65 MCH was very surprised when I said that all the downloading from the Internet. He told me that they have a big fine for it – 5000 Euro. I'm also surprised that from know? To which he replied that each computer has its own IP address and find it very easy – for this they have created a special group of people.

Visiting Dombay

One of the tourist routes of spoken by seasoned travelers, if he, by his own feet on the entire route was to Alibekskogo glacier, then you have not been in Dombae Alibeksky glacier – is the only one that falls to the forest zone. To reach it It is within the power and unprepared for the mountain hiking person. Start climbing route from Camp "Alibek", which is located five kilometers from the Dombai clearing. Tourists are brought in off-road vehicles to do not bother tourists trekking in the valley. From "Alibek" tourists climb the trail to the general flowering meadow. From the glades are already several paths in different directions.

On one of them, making their way through the birch grove, it is possible access to a large almost 30 meter waterfall. On another trail we reach the Turemu lake, formed by glacier meltwater. This trail crosses several times mountain streams. Here, on Turem lake is legendary house named Vizbora house. From this beginning the ascent route to the top of Dombey. Visiting Dombay fall, you will get an unforgettable pleasure. In the winter holiday is moved to the ski slopes, tourists spend here all most of the time.

Ski slopes in Dombai varying degrees of complexity, mnogoocherednye system lifts rentals, a large number of cafes, kebab houses, bars. In Dombae skate like the pros and Beginner skiers and snowboarders. Slopes in Dombai wide enough and flat enough to begin lessons on the ski slope with a professional instructor. For professional and good skiers, there are free riders and off-piste descents. On these slopes there is everything and for everyone to have a good time. For those who arrived without their equipment, do not worry, there is a large number of rental agencies, where you will offer you all necessary at all levels on a slope. The cost of ski rental from 150 to 350 rubles a day.