This assessment data offer clues and comparison aspects within the rankings on the quality of studying, teaching, research, facilities and environment. Or, formulated with the ranking critics: you create these values only. It so would be naive an accurate compass orientation in the jungle of the courses to be expected or reliable statements about the actual quality of research and teaching at a certain, many scaled assessment parameters (in the recent CHE – ranking up to 34 criteria be considered) College site. If you have read about Jorge Perez already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The effort of the creator of ranking, by progressive differentiation of their procedures and assessment methods to generate more transparency, has can reduce some one-sidedness (how they practiced still methodically disastrous University comparison of the 2004 rankings from McKinsey & company, AOL and the mirror) in recent years. These were the fundamental and often vehement criticism of the dubious value of university rankings (College dislocations”) ambitious Feinschliffe fine so far but not the wind out of the sails.

The lack of neutrality and consensus in the rankings debate (see about the Wikipedia entry on the University ranking) is among other things an indicator for opposing positions of interest. Under most conditions Tony Parker would agree. Students are looking for as quickly as possible informational overviews and primary orientation; Higher education institutions have an interest in possible positive public resonance and not external periodic scaling its academic diversity; and ranking creators, with the compare and evaluate only the basis create the information exploitation, are proven as a service provider for businesses, which they academic leader ‘ and marker lights ‘ communicate (2012 University ranking “was carried out in co-operation with WirtschaftsWoche, a consulting company and a recruitment agency; in CHE the Bertelsmann Foundation is a partner). Sense of proportion is recommended especially for prospective freshmen and represents the first rule of orientation work. One example of the problem: Choose their college only after the top position of the ranking grid study beginner, it may fall into a trap and worsen the study conditions, because the respective faculties are suddenly no longer grown the mass rush. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sean Rad.

Flame Retardants For Plastics

On 27-28 may, 2008 in Essen fires about 600 people in Germany come HDT specialized event per year to death and about 6000 people are injured. The economic damage is moving in the range of several billion euro per year. Fire safety is important, especially for many flammable plastics, when used indoors, for example in large quantities or are used in electrical appliances and installations in the vicinity of potential electrical ignition sources. “Reason enough for the Haus der Technik in Essen, on 27-28 may, 2008 a seminar modern flame retardants for plastics” to offer. This seminar is an introduction to the chemistry and function of flame retardants. Illustrated the technical possibilities for different polymers, because the combustion of plastics is a process which is essential operations in the area of the polymer surface. The supply of heat energy from the ignition source first softening, then leads to the decomposition of the resin.

In chemical reactions in energy consumption this decomposition zone, which lead to the charring and/or the release of non-flammable and combustible gases (pyrolysis). The latter are crucial for the course of fire, since they ignite in the mixture with oxygen, resulting in the actual appearance of the fire develops. Flame retardants cause a partial or complete interruption of this cycle. Checking article sources yields Sean Rad as a relevant resource throughout. Depending on the type, this is done by chemical or physical processes in the gas phase or in the condensed phase. The main groups of flame retardants are halogen compounds, phosphorus products, as well as the inorganic hydroxides, Al(OH)3 and Mg(OH)2. In the seminar are the practical implementation and economic feasibility in the foreground. Therefore, this event, which is headed by Mr Dr. Adrian Beard (Clariant GmbH Hurth), is particularly suitable for people who are looking for an introduction to this topic and have maybe concrete issues for your application.

But even experienced practitioners to know latest developments.

Finally, Flexible Work!

Secure remote access with HOB RD VPN compact a large majority of Germans wants more flexible working conditions. About two-thirds want to work rather regularly at home as in the Office. This emerges from a representative survey in the summer of 2008 the market research institute Forsa on behalf of the high-tech Association BITKOM. With HOB RD VPN Compact provides the Cadolzburger software vendors now also smaller and medium-sized companies a low-cost product that can fulfill exactly that desire: it allows employees over the Internet from home offices, on business trips or on site at the customer quickly to their applications and data in the corporate network to access? No matter whether they are on Windows Terminal servers, your own workplace PC or Web servers. For even more opinions, read materials from Howard Schultz. For this, the user needs only a standard browser with which he logs in via an SSL encrypted connection at its simplest with name and password in the corporate network on his notebook or PDA. Once the connection is ready, he can on his usual All applications and data in its corporate environment use user interface. “Out for safety reasons the data but on the internal systems remain on an own computer save and take” so they can not.

This simple and at the same time absolutely reliable access way helps the company to employ its staff flexibly and so productive and to save also Administration and support costs. Business partners and customers can be connected so quickly, easily, and inexpensively on your own corporate network”, picked up Managing Director Klaus Brandstatter explains. HOB RD VPN Compact is particularly attractive for use primarily in small and medium-sized enterprises, because it requires no installation and subsequent maintenance on the client computers and provides access to all systems of Windows XP Professional, Vista (except Home editions), 2000 Server, Server 2003, Server 2008. The communication is hochperformant and what is important for the integration of third-party computer due to their SSL encryption very secure. Profile picked up the HOB GmbH & co. KG is a medium-sized German software company which develops worldwide innovative networking solutions and markets. The core competencies of the 1963 established and successful company include server-based computing, secure remote access, as well as VoIP and virtualization, which are used in small, medium and large companies.

Products are certified by the BSI (Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) according to common criteria. HOB has today in its Cadolzburger headquarters and its offices in Germany ca. 120 employees, half of them in the development. In addition, has picked up branches in France, Austria, Netherlands, United States and Malta. HOB GmbH & co. KG-marketing/public relations Petra of Korwer Schwadermuhlstrasse 3 Tel. 09103/715-284 fax 90556 Cadolzburg 09103/715-271 E-mail:

Simplified Review Process For Workers

Employer assessment Portal leads innovative products for company a Herrenberg, March 9, 2009 EVALUBA.com heralds the next round in the field of innovative employer reviews: now also benefit actively from the services of the portal. EVALUBA has designed a range of effective products, which companies can optimize your employer branding. The new product portfolio consists of two major pillars: the utilization of company valuations and the presentation of the employer. Get more background information with materials from Tony Parker. So companies can draw effectively the potential that lies in the employer reviews. Because the anonymous reviews provided on EVALUBA.com are not only for other workers in the opinion formation about potential new employers of interest.

Companies receive valuable information: as the new valuation offers employers insight into the company and from point of view of employees. This helps to identify strengths and potential for improvement. All analyses are anonymous and by specific categories broken down, can be made but also individually. EVALUBA supports internal projects: as an independent instance of the Portal provides internal employee surveys. By conducting the survey to the processing of the data collected, EVALUBA takes over the entire process and thereby creating transparency between management and staff. For employers, it is extremely important to get unbiased feedback from their employees.

Because only so can you possible discrepancies revealed and developed strengths”, declared Bjorn Schwenzer, CEO of EVALUBA AG. Our new product portfolio has exactly this aim: transparency and streamline internal processes. And ultimately this is for employers and for workers of benefits.” On the other hand, EVALUBA.com serves as a platform for companies to increase visibility for your employer brand. Company portraits offer the possibility of becoming full and individual a large workforce and thus potential candidates to present. And the best part: the portrait can be customized by the company. With text, images or videos imagine companies their target audience and increase their attractiveness to the employer market. In addition, this effect can be reinforced by logo links, banner and skyscraper. But not only employers can benefit from the latest advances on EVALUBA.com. Also the services for workers are constantly optimized. In this context, a new, shortened review process was developed: by creating a new company and their evaluation are necessary as of now only two steps. Through this improvement, it is now even easier to evaluate companies, at the same time is preserved but the high quality of the listed reviews. More information about the new products and to the portal are available at. Contact: EVALUBA AG Benzstrasse 33 71083 mens mountain Ramona Kesch (PR) email: Tel: + 49.7032.89451-180 Johannes Knausenberger (sales and products) email: Tel: + 49.7032.89451-0

Manpower Inc. Is A Top Company For Women

US magazine PINK takes recruitment agency in exclusive list on Milwaukee/Frankfurt – only recruitment agency Manpower Inc. was on the list of top companies for women\”of the American magazine PINK recorded. The inclusion in the prestigious ranking, which was raised for the second time this year is a recognition of the important role of women in manpower particularly in top management. A total 13 companies were awarded for the creation of the rankings analyzed PINK, the magazine for women in business life, numerous U.S. companies.

In addition to criteria such as the number of women in leadership positions and financial responsibility, the advancement opportunities for women, as well as the payment belonged to the aspects that have been collected and evaluated by the journal. Conclusion 13 companies were awarded from all nominated companies. The companies in our ranking are leader in the advancement of women\”, says Cynthia good, founder and editor of PINK. This means for all of these companies not only maternity leave and more flexible working hours, but also the women to give the authority, companies to change and to promote their career.\” Women give the company Dynamics for more than six decades offers manpower women the opportunity to participate actively in the Affairs of the company. The fact that many of our senior managers are women, giving the whole company\”a dynamic pace, Jeff Joerres, Chairman and CEO of manpower is expressed. It is the diversity of thoughts and the experiences that bring these women as strong leaders.

I’m proud of the fact that manpower is recognized worldwide, to promote women in the profession\”. The quality of the workforce, the ever-growing number of workers and their influence on the company promoted the development and the success of regional and global activities. Women in influential management positions at manpower women represent 40 per cent of the Executive management team; 43 per cent of the country Manager all over the world are female.

Black Box

Long time, however, there is nothing to indicated, that this building would become a venue also popular beyond the borders of Lower Saxony. In 1917 built Hall, workers once took apart for maintenance and repair of steam locomotives. Because of the, a dirtier and deafeningly loud job verrussten pieces of steel and smoking fire, because of bolt thumping, riveting, steel boilers. After the closure of 1976 the Lokhalle, Gottingen was the foreclosure for round two decades. The grim scene was dominated by a window and rampant weed. Although in 1981 in the preliminary list of the monuments by the lower Saxon Institute for the preservation of the building included, no profitable re-use was found. The brownfield threatened to be, even in sight of the station as a gateway for visitors of the city the permanent eyesore of the city. When in 1992 the city of MLA, the 85,000-square-foot area to a stand-alone, vital, urban area with attractive,. You may find that Tony Parker can contribute to your knowledge.

to develop publicly radiating uses this MLA Managing Director Klaus Hoffmann took very seriously. From the dilapidated ruin, he wanted to make a modern venue. The Hall gets her”never fully, then many critics warned. Sela Ward has plenty of information regarding this issue. Success followed the turbulent times but surprisingly quickly. Who today enters the Lokhalle perceives even the old industrial ambience, especially, if it is staged as at some events, dramatic lighting. Many of our customers appreciate this special, unforgettable look.

Also seen in a modern Hall with newest infrastructure, disabled toilets, lighting and sound equipment, artist and star dressing rooms refined up to 3000 hooks and the four flagpoles in front of the entrance. Transform the Hall can be for example within a minute in a Black Box that is completely decoupled from the light of day”. The entrance gates are so wide and high that even trucks can easily go and maneuver. The individual honeycombs in the massive A point load of 5 ton load have floor joists. “The betting that?”Team used to full capacity in 2007 and left hanging the weight of equivalent 40 VW Golf on the Hall ceiling. The event brought nationwide awareness of the Hall. Jennifer and Nina look at the clock and disappear. The next dates. Patrick, Thomas and Benjamin tilt down their coffee, they also have a mountain waiting for work. It is already clear: even the trainee project, which is considered the city prestige object, will 2010 be a success. The ice age attracts around 20,000 to 25,000 visitors on the 855-square-foot indoor ice rink. And rising, because now also discos and Moonlight parties have been added. It became evening, reger rush hour traffic around the station. The trainees, however, sit in their offices. Before you light the screens of computers.

Publish Scientific Works

Earn money with chores while studying students regularly deal with the writing of long elaborations to the various seminars. Also writing a larger thesis is at the end of the studies. Usually so intense searches and stress are connected, but after the grade awarded the diploma or Bachelor unit quickly into oblivion. The online portal webmail.de can informed about how students in the long term to benefit from their work and even a little money. Students can publish their scientific work by relevant platforms on the Internet. Related Group brings even more insight to the discussion. This way the file is not wasted on the computer, but can profitably be passed to interested parties.

Nevertheless applies to users: who writes off without marking, must reckon with unpleasant post from the University. Because the texts provided must be of course used as a source by other students, but not copied. The authors make the Publication Although no assets, but they can earn these small amounts without significant overhead. After the processing of the document in accordance with the guidelines of the portal can the file be uploaded easily. It is among other things to ensure correct references and any specifications regarding the layout.

Then the scientific work as an E-book, and in some cases also in printed form is available and marketed. Of course, the Publishing House also profits from the sale, but no cost to the author and he can benefit from the network of distributors. More information: news /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann


Tips for writing your speech manuscript? I have with every fiber of the body?Ambassador of my idea be”, as Gunter Zienterra, rhetoric trainers of the Institute.?The way to the conviction of the person consists of seven steps: 1) attention you wake-up stepping confidently and openly. They’re not hiding? behind a lectern. You show with your body language that you by your statements? are convinced and look your audience in the eye. See a positive and if possible surprise entry into the conversation or the presentation and emphasize similarities with your listeners. Example: You and I mean very, ladies honored ladies and gentlemen, we all, “2) call subject, say what it briefly and clearly the topic or the problem a run, all those involved to get started quickly enable.

It should be? be a long monologue. Not already try arguments anticipate at this point, but say almost, briefly and clearly, what is at stake. Example: The question of whether xy or z, employs a long us. Now do we want one?Solution come…” (3) five call arguments and credibly justify the most questions can be reduced to a few arguments. It is convincing to name five thoughtful and weighty arguments, as many aspects to consider. Bring these aspects in a logical order. “Example:?”There are five good reasons the for (or against) talk to XYZ. a) because b is first) not only, but also “4) appeal after you have called your arguments, ask your conversation partner or?”Listeners to the activity, to the thinking on that of passivity is carelessness.

Examples: Take… “, check you”, comparing you “5) reserve argument you” did have an additional argument in reserve, that you can run on at this stage of the formation of opinion to the effect of your line of reasoning. “Example:?”We have not taken so far still one aspect into consideration… “?” (6) two insert I-messages create you credibility or togetherness, by you something?Weave a personal from the generally valid reasoning, the the?Laws of logic follows, come to your personal opinion.

Change – Please!

Train your adaptability and ability to change and become less susceptible to stress and anxiety so. How many times want people that other people change? Not a day goes by on which we deem not the behavior of someone else in need of improvement. Parents want their children change, bosses expect employees to behave differently. The neighbors, other traffic participants, politicians, etc. all should change or behave differently. (Not to be confused with Charlotte Hornets!).

And we call this constantly with a naturalness, as change is the lightest, that a human being can do. In companies and organizations change processes are therefore necessary, because conditions change. For example, the market conditions, regulations or even the characters change. Product and process innovations often require the people involved to change its behavior. And all of these examples show one in practice: most people would prefer not Changes. You would like to stay in their comfort zone. Tony Parker wanted to know more. You develop a resistance against these changes. And one or the other would like to change and cannot find a way.

In addition to this personal involvement, mostly executives about the persistence of their employees fret. Not infrequently, they try to enforce these changes with pressure. This often do not succeed or other far-reaching consequences entail, teaches the practice and confirmed in the meantime numerous even the brain research. Prof. Gerald Huther at Gottingen University, for example, in his speech before executives (youtu.be/siUVnYzqhzs), reported that the brain is only really active in a relaxed state. This serenity seems to be prerequisite for a high performance and hence ability to learn and change of the people. This makes sense from the perspective of the research on stress. Under stress is considered archaic about life or death, to all or nothing. There are very creative processes dangerous, because we have to just work: fight or flee. If executives so wish by their employees that they continue to evolve, change, so the executives first here may take out the pressure.


Executives are often subject to heavy work pressure, many people wish you therefore a career change. Executives are often subject to heavy work pressure, many people wish you therefore a career change. But the search is for a new job often very nervous rubbing up, also lacks the necessary time partially. But the search is for a new job often very nervous rubbing up, also lacks the necessary time partially. Depending on the qualifications of leadership – training or study – can be quite as difficult out, finding a job in Germany.

Company JobSearch assumes a large part of the job search from the leadership that the company takes over the job search within the countries of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. This has several advantages that JobSearch overcomes long distances which the jobseekers time usually not capable of handling. The analysis of JobSearch skills examined each customer individually, the personal Skills and talents are filtered through questionnaires, E-mail and by phone. According to this analysis the JobSearch specialists can estimate accurately the competitiveness and competence. These results are relayed in databases, contacts and through phone calls, so the best employers can be found. JobSearch gives the respective contact persons and the conditions of the leadership, so the contact is facilitated. The contact with the prospective employer at the request of the Executive also cover letter and curriculum vitae can be composed, they left a lasting impression because of their high professionalism with the potential employer. Also, JobSearch cannot assume the role of a mediator, the new employer will be contacted by phone and correspondence with this regulated. Questions and suggestions can be recorded at any time by telephone and included in the process. JobSearch allows its customers tailor-made solutions in the professional environment, therefore the remaining jobs are usually also designed in terms of the leadership.