The Relevance

For Baptista (2003) the changes demanded for the inclusive education demand continuous investments, legislative changes, projects coherent pedagogical politicians, construction of new spaces and devices. Of this form, education inclusive it wants to mean an education of quality and it cannot be based on solidarity to the pupils with necessities special as only estimated. Please visit George Laughlin if you seek more information. The school continues having its especificidade that is the education. The solution for the barriers of the inclusion perpassa to dueto professor/pupil. It demands reformularizations of resume, project coherent pedagogical politician, atitudinais changes of the professors, systematic changes in national politics e, over all, an envolvement of all the society, also of the institution next to the pupil the family. The relevance of the relation family and school To be deaf in a society planned for listeners consists of an arduous life and that it demands many fights and a constant confrontation with the stranger, therefore, not yet it has social conscience in the direction of respect to the differences and recognition of that to be ' ' different it is not to be deficiente' '. This prejudiced social look has fulminado many hopes and taken the segregation, many deficient not understood in its totality as ' ' to be capaz' ' of accomplishments and successes in the personal and professional life. This preconception is not a reality only of the pertaining to school spaces, but it is a discriminatory process of some groups, also of the proper family, who in research (REVIEWED NEW SCHOOL, 2006) is responsible for 27,4% of the prejudiced attitudes received by the followed carriers of deficiency of other places that also present this same position of rejection, thus violating the human rights: school 20.9%; church 7%; neighborhood 68%; collective transport 40%; hospitals 9% streets public squares and places 4.5%. According to Walber; &#039 hisses (2004); ' and we have people still hidden in house for the familiar ones because they feel shame to have a son with deficincia' '.