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12 Days from Delhi to Calcutta in sleeping cars and toy train from the Taj Mahal along the Ganges in the Himalayas close to the skin on the country and its people Asiamar by ID has Reisewelt a India tour newly admitted into the programme, which combines a traditional way of travelling and intense contact with people and many individual impressions. Get more background information with materials from Neil Cole. Comfortable and very colonial trains across is through the North of the giant Empire. Unforgettable and irreplaceable experiences with people, unique impressions from everyday life and stunning monuments and rituals, determine the character of this trip. On a total of 5 trains Agra are also part of the journey as the endless expanse of the Holy River and the Himalayas before with his Taj Mahal as Ward as New Delhi with Agra Fort and the pilgrimage town of Varanasi on the Ganges region of Darjeeling. This trip combines cultural, religious and natural aspects, thereby creates a lasting impression of the diversity of the people and ways of life on the subcontinent. Extensive tours, hiking with Expert Guide on this VIP tour that day, has guaranteed implementation, are as well of course as an additional 24-hour hotline during their stay in India. The same applies to all transfers in India and the accommodation in selected hotels and trains during the journey.

The trip can be combined with an individual bathroom stay on the exotic Andamans ideal Islands, or on the way home for a stopover in the Arab region in Goa Cochin. Details of the trip and a detailed description visit. information in any travel agency with Asiamar agency or directly by the Organizer Asiamar ID travel world GmbH Mayor Street 16 DE-06886 Wittenberg web. mail. tel. + 49 (0) 3491 fax 407373. + 49 (0) 3491 407376 Tour operator: Asiamar by ID travel world GmbH Mayor str. 16A-c DE-06886 Wittenberg Tel: ++ 49 3491 407373 fax: ++ 49 3491 407376 email: contact person for press inquiries at ID travel world: Ms Nele Bartels public & customer relations E-mail: ID travel world GmbH Mayor Street 16 DE-06886 Wittenberg Tel: ++ 49 3491 407373 fax: ++ 49 3491 407376 email: ID travel world was founded in 1997 and is renowned special travel provider for Southeast Asia and India with a focus on hotels, flights, tours, trips, diving offers, wellness and honeymoon packages, excursions, individual tourism in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Viet Nam, Laos, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.