The Bird

Designed to handle surrogates ( subjects) and dummy used for training hunting dogs. A few drops of concentrate are applied to the surface of the object or introduced with a syringe in a special porous rubber material of the dummy. Catapult to launch the bird. Consists of a lightweight metal box with holes to dog could smelled birds. Inside the box is composed Cloth "gamachok", which fits the bird – alive or broken, can also used fake. Folded "gamachok" fixed magnetic closure.

On a signal from the remote lock is disclosed, straightens the spring and throws the bird or dummy of ", as on a trampoline, a height of 10-20 m. There is also a catapult Manually operated (from the castle to nataschiku pulled cable), but they are less convenient to use. Dummy birds. Dummy birds are made of special porous rubber. The porous structure allows for impregnating a fake Concentrate odor (via syringe).

When injected into the water, dummy becomes wet but not drowning. Ranked in the fake water dilutes the concentrate and the smell of leaves on the surface of the plaster cast, along with drops of water. After drying mock concentrate remains inside – until the next workout. Casts, produced for the preparation of hunting dogs, simulate virtually all kinds of waterfowl and land birds, including the weight and consistency. For the throwing dummy using different devices. The simplest – the cord passed through the dummy. Over the wire dummy is thrown at the right distance. There are also special slingshot to launch the dummy – under this slingshot made specific dummies.

The Different Types And Classes Of Singing

Types of voice and singing lessons are general categories that are used to describe the voices in singing with particular qualities. It is important to remember that this category may sometimes be very vague, and it is possible that people can pass from one type to another without noticing, especially under the guidance of a teacher in a music school. Most of the singers spend years developing his voice before coming into operation, and is common that instructors abstain classify their students until they have developed their voices in more detail. The basic types of voice and singing lessons for women, from highest to lowest rank, are: soprano, mezzo-soprano, and contralto. For men, the voice types are: countertenor, tenor, baritone and bass.

Children are considered to have acute voices, that changes as they enter puberty. Within each of these types of voice, there is a great variety, and many music traditions divided types of voice more accurately. In addition to talking about the types and kinds of singing, people also talk about the individual variety of a singer, that can vary the dynamics of his voice, and applying other unique qualities that can affect the sound of your voice. Some singers have voices that are so distinctive that people can identify them instantly. In the field of opera, some works are written specifically for certain vocesy with certain classes of piano, which is difficult for other singers.

Among the sopranos, there is a great variation. Sopranos in coloratura that are characterized by being able to hit the higher end of the soprano range, are bright voices that lend themselves very well to decorate a complex musical composition. The soprano is a more silky voice, reaching a midrange, while dramatic sopranos hitting the lower end of the range, with a dark voice, very near the mezzo-soprano. The mezzo-soprano are very common, has often have flexible and dynamic ranges. Vocals contralto, by contrast, are very rare, very enrriquecidas, intense voices that may sound very strange. The contra-tenor is equivalent male contralto, and is also a very rare voice type. The tenors have a light, clear voice, which are both divided as sopranos with specific categories such as lyrics and dramatic. The baritone is the range of the most common male voice, a rich range of voice media can be classified into a number of categories. The Netherlands are deeper male voices, which often works well in comic roles.