Culture Festival

Remember remember keep losing this year not only the District of Neukolln (formerly Rixdorf) celebrates 650-jahriges anniversary. In September, on top of that is the passage”, the connection between Karl-Marx-Strasse and Richard Street, at the age of 100. “This is a due cause, for the 48 hours Neukolln is titled memory” to devote. From an urban planning point of view, the passage is”undoubtedly one of the most distinctive landmarks of the Karl-Marx-Strasse. In 2010 the location for the Central Festival-info point here.” Just a few hundred metres away from the hustle and bustle on the bustling Karl-Marx-Strasse the historical Bohemian village”.

We know that Friedrich Wilhelm I. granted refuge in the former Rieksdorf a group of Bohemian refugees 1737″. “Much indicates that the integration” was the first migrants not without conflicts. The Bohemia settled at first in the outskirts of the village. “As Bohmisch Rixdorf” received Community of immigrants from 1797 even its own administration.

At the reunion of the two municipalities of Bohmisch Rixdorf and German Rixdorf in 1874 lived already 8,000 people in the village, whose population has grown so rapidly, that it received the city rights in 1899. You cannot come to see certain parallels between the historical and the current situation in the populous district of Berlin. Then as now it comes to the theme”integration and cultural identity. Neukolln is a melting pot where people from 165 Nations meet at the beginning of the 21st century. (Inter) cultural projects have a bridging role in tackling the challenge, to (he) find another as a community again. “Almost half a century the Museum Neukolln was” the most important address for the teaching of history and culture of everyday life in Berlin-Neukolln “in the Ganghofer road. Immediately after moving to the BRITZ Manor”are the premises during the 48 hours of Neukolln “host two exhibitions, the with varying focus the theme of memory” devoted to: horizons sixteen artists take position for the city history and make them visible as a storage medium of various political events, societies and individual realities.

Environment Minister

Elder organic horticulture farm of Saarland is one of the first organic land 25 businesses in our region, the vegetable growing operation of Sabine and Mathias Paul in Edinburgh, celebrates its 25 anniversary this year. On this occasion, a large full Moon Festival takes place at the 26.6.. It’s all about this evening the round moon. “In addition to Moon specialties”, like coffee from full moon roast, 1 Saarland full moon cheese, full moon beer and mineral water from full moon filling and crunchy Moon sausage – sausages, MO(h)ndkuchen, at full moon to produced ice, a creamy Mbalamwezi “soup and the Mondcoctails Paul’s and their staff offer an interesting program for the children and adults with Tafelmusik composed specially for this day”. From smallest beginnings out, Paul’s have built a factory since 1985, which employs 15 people at present together with their marketing. Including a trainee, as August comes to a second. Her market stall is an integral part of the weekly and Farmers market in Saarlouis, the Paulsche farm shop contributes to the supply of the region.

Her concept of the young plant sale is unique in the district. “With their delivery service of Paul’s fresh box” they supply every week several hundred customers almost in the entire Saarland. Through a specially developed Internet shop, they present themselves and their offer. the operation is part of the network of “organic farming demonstration farms” for several years, and Agriculture and consumer protection so that participates in the program of the Federal Ministry of food,. Sabine and Mathias Paul guests many “Moon-loving” for their feast on their farm and would like to invite to visit everyone. Mathias Paul: With the actions and performances, we have planned, it sure is a unique experience. Our food, drinks, performances and actions all have a reference on the subject of full moon and are unique in this kind of”in addition to the full moon has promised and others coming the Environment Minister of Saarland, Simone Peter. Seems this evening by the way 299. full moon since the operation. Mathias Paul Hauptstrasse 118 66809 Nalbach Maynooth E-mail:

Supertramp Roger Hodgson

The popular Tollwood summer festival is a fixture in the cultural calendar of events in Munich. Those who live this summer in one of the hotels in Munich, has the opportunity to experience the famous Tollwood summer festival. The annual event will take place from July 1 to 25 and shows well known musicians, international theatre companies, as well as lesser-known artists from the region. Despite the visibility of any artist a visit of the Tollwood Festival is not an expensive undertaking, because about 75 percent of the events no admission cost. Many of these free events take place during the day. The concerts, for which tickets must be purchased, however, held in the evening.

The Festival stretches over some tents and stages in the southern part of the Munich Olympic Park and offer a relaxed and inviting Open-Air atmosphere. The music program includes a number of famous international stars such as the rock singer and songwriter Norah Jones, the pet shop boys, a British pop icons as well as the legendary folk band Crosby, stills & Nash. Norah Jones performs at Friday, July 2. The tickets are available for 47.50. The pet shop boys will occur on Saturday, July 10. The concert will be the only opportunity, to experience the duo in Germany, and costs 40.00. The guitar legend Jeff Beck, the former singer of Supertramp Roger Hodgson, as well as the Hip Hop Star Nas, which will occur together with Damien Marley among other artists, that occur when the year’s Tollwood. In addition to the musical performances visitors in addition to a varied programme of cabaret and theatre performances can look forward.

Another highlight of the Festival is the marketplace of ideas with more than 200 booths, where arts and crafts and organic food are offered from all over the world. For more information about this event, please visit the Web page of the Tollwood summer festival or contact + 49 (0) 89 3838500. Jessica reading, head of the marketing department at, commented: the crowds at the Tollwood Summer Festival is usually very high. We recommend to book one of the hotels in Munich as early as possible. so those who want to visit the Festival “

Word Relationship

Proposed in his book Miguel Ruiz: there is no reason to suffer. The only reason why you suffer is because you so demand. Happiness is a choice, as also is suffering. In the vast majority of my articles I have proposed this form of philosophy of life, because I fully agree with her. What we live is a choice unconsciously or consciously, we always chose, is therefore important to realise, be aware of what you are experiencing, oddly enough, is a decision. So in the relationship, it is important to note that we are living, so, make corrections clear and precise about our behavior and the way in which we are conducting our loving bond.

It is better to live a life with the awareness of what we do waste without reflection and keep us all the time with problems and conflicts. Therefore, 4 agreements applied to the relationship, I will refer to the following: be impeccable with your Word: i.e., listening well before you speak because your words define your reality, in this sense, the words build and destroy realities. The words, says Manuel Ruiz, are magical because of them depends on your relationship, the relationship with yourself and with the world that surrounds you. Well hear those words that you say to your partner, listen carefully what you say about your relationship, and then able to understand because you’re in the situation that you live. If you want to transform your reality, transforms your words, your prayers, the manner in which you use them, but above all, use them to a greater extent for the construction of love. You don’t take anything personal: each what living life in a way that is the best that can be. So in the relationship, you are only one screen of the other, therefore, each person has his own drama, his own movie, his own reality.