Will not stop censoring us or find flaws in our character, to such an extent that the need will feel hiding in a tunnel in the ground or climb a staircase to heaven. For that reason, while we are part of this world, will surely hurt us, United and Criticaran.como as a result, it is said, there is something that should be considered: a person who is sitting on the ground does not fall and nobody kicks a dead dog. Therefore, anger that they have towards one, can be attributed to that one exceeded him in righteousness, knowledge, good manners or wealth. Without hesitation Sela Ward explained all about the problem. In the eyes of those who criticize, one is a transgressor whose errors can not be compensated, unless we abandon our talent and leave aside our qualities worthy of praise, in such a way that for them we become stupid, worthless and innocuous. This result is exactly seeking one. Check out Hedvig Hricak for additional information. We cannot fall into his game, let us catch by negative views, often unfounded lawsuits.Therefore, it is suggested remain firm and have patience when dealing with the criticisms and insults. If the words of those who criticize they hurt and influence, it will have met the expectations that they had.

On the contrary, have to forget them, not considering them show the best in our manners. You must not let yourself be caught by them and their effects. We must not desarmonizar us, or alter us, by the way they come. Otherwise, you must be quiet. Show serenity, increase our value and merit in not adopting their attitudes. He says, certainly not you can shut them up, but you can bury their criticisms give them back and dispose of what they say. Di: Die with your hatred (Quran 3: 119) indeed, they enfureceran even more if we increase our merits and develop our talent.Definitely gives us in this regard,, that the criticism is cause of many fears, therefore, must find a strategy to deal with it effectively.

University Professor

Let us not forget, says Hector Lerma Jasso, a well-known poet wrote: Who is not happy in his job, is not the eminent. Referred to the work of the College Professor, the craft comes to be a professional occupation, made with science and technique, talent and enthusiasm, manages to give this artificial institution which is the University, its maximum human and cultural value and its firmer contact with reality. This craft is what converts or must be converted to the University in light of culture workshop and moral conscience of society. University among whose objectives are, according to Victor Savoy: transmission and discussion of knowledge more advanced in all fields; research oriented towards the increase of knowledge, without abandoning the possibility of immediate and practical results; and to prepare scientific and technically top-level professionals. Or, said by Ortega y Gasset: teach to be educated man; teach to be good professional, and a research center. Like all ex officio, University Professor is the response to a call. Limiting ourselves to the natural order, can be understood by vocation that inner impulse that affects natural or culturally to an individual, towards the exercise of certain labor activity, which found a high degree of personal satisfaction. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Spirit of effective service and personal satisfaction in that service are, therefore, the main features of the vocation. Remember, Lerma, he says that the teacher communicates knowledge and helps to assimilate it, has a great responsibility and, in many cases, students come to see the teacher as a safe guide in the University, the profession and life. Why the teacher need character, prestige and authority. Not it usurps the authority. This emanates from the influence exerted by his personality.

The true authority of Professor consists, rather, in the ascendant, respect and affection of a few students who see how surrenders to its work; that you feel understood; that never hurts and always encouraged; It punishes without offending; It is fair, because it gives to each what belongs; that your surroundings there is work, learning, tranquility and good humor. This can only be the faithful reflection of a rich and harmonious inner life. Finally, let’s take note that Jaspers CITES us, is assigned to Professor the Mission of arouse and stimulate the student to awaken the consciousness of your own responsibility in the realization of itself. The student should arrive to take charge of their own training, with the help of others and through the proper use of their freedom. Your task is to pass from the in, mode there is irresponsible and impersonal, to ‘be for Yes’, who knows perform with conscience and freedom their own personality. We share, with Francisco Michavila, that the Professor taught classes, has define and develop targets teachers of their subjects, review didactic methodologies incorporating techniques and convenient resources, prepare the necessary materials, develop assessment methods that stimulate active teaching, establish useful programs of virtual and face-to-face tutorials, update and sort the contents in an optimal manner, and so on. For the renewal of the educational methodology is feasible, it is essential educational tasks are characterized by the existence of greater interaction between teachers and pupils, greater use of new technological resources and greater cooperation between teachers, to the systematic incorporation of interdisciplinary teaching teams.


The day will come when, after leveraging space, the winds, the tides and gravity, we will seize the power of the love of God, and on that day, for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire.Tielhard de Chardin I can’t do you rich or prosperous. I can only tell you how special you are and what you can achieve with these unique talents that the universe has given you. You can’t teach how can be a better human being and get what you want. You can have a better life and deserve it. In recent months, Sally Rooney has been very successful. We are spiritual beings living a human experience, and that makes us more special than the rest of the animals. Sela Ward follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The dynamic laws of prosperity are spiritual and there are no matter what your opinion or my subject: apply now and change your tomorrow. It uses the law of tithing giving 10% of what you earn to your church, synagogue, temple or lodge or the place where you receive your spiritual sustenance. It uses another 10% to pay off your debts, another 10% for reinvertirlo and the other 70% covers your expenses.

Can the law of purpose in life use finding what you like to do so much that if do not get paid, yet it you love to do. What is your reason for being alive?: what you can do to help others to follow his vocation? Remember to offer the universe your good deeds as payment for your past mistakes, including those you’ve made without knowing it. Helps people to whom you’ve humiliated in the past with your evil deeds and if these human beings are no longer in your life, do something good by a stranger or someone to who don’t want to do a good. Sorry to those you have offended, absolutely everyone, including family, friends, enemies, known, unknown.

NLP Course

Did you know that we have the innate ability to change what we feel (and how we feel) in the twinkling of an eye? From children who we have this talent, only that many have forgotten how to use it. Looking for a baby crying dismally and offer a sweet. (Similarly see: Jorge Perez). You’ll see how your state changes automatically. You also can do the same, using tools of NLP. Today I will tell you of one of them (super powerful and easy-to-learn and apply): the display.

Many ask me how effective is the visualization without going into too much detail (imagine that within my course of NLP there are several chapters and exercises devoted to the theme) I will respond in the way that I like since I was a child: with a practical example that you can do in less than 3 minutes. Looking for a relaxed place and closes his eyes briefly and thinks the last time you tasted a gelato of your preferred taste (or, if you are of those who prefer salty, your favorite food). Feel the icy cold melting, sweet in your mouth in your tongue. Watch ice cream with either bright colors, front of you (in your mind), and listening to the sound of atmosphere, of gelato (people talking in the background, quiet music, etc). Open your eyes: I assure you that you have generated more saliva in your mouth. It is the same thing that happens when we sit down at the table, hungry, and think of the dish that we are about to taste: literally, the mouth makes us water (because, precisely, we generate more saliva). This simple example is the best demonstration of how, with only visualize something, we can generate specific effects at the physical level.

Do now, what happens to us every day of involuntary way, unconscious: we can use it for our benefit? Yes of course! Learn how to operate it voluntarily requires a bit of practice (anything difficult, obviously!) but with my guide and examples (and more than 12 techniques that you’ll find inside my course) will be an art that you will be able to handle perfectly in less than 24 hours! Some practical applications of visualization that I teach within the NLP course:. motivate you when you feel discouraged. lose weight permanently. increase your defenses. feel more secure about you. influence on others. realize projects. more goals that now don’t you think get and lots of applications. The course includes Guide for making visualizations in less than 5 minutes and the subliminal music to stimulate effective visualizations no matter where you are! It is up to you to use these tools that are available. As I always say, you’re you (and only you) who decides to start living the life or that life still live you to you. Until next time!

Take Advantage

Did you know that you can treat all dimensions of your life just listening to your soul? This is effectively what should do, listen to what tells us our soul and find our most valuable talent without thinking in the consequences or that it will say. All our dreams, our hopes may not be stopped because there is someone who does not like; because someone does not approve them. But how we can listen to our soul? Perhaps can we talk to her? Not we will find interference to our message? Well Yes, of course, that we are going to find! There is now much talk of pollution, noise, pollution, but nobody seems to take into account psychological contamination that there is in our world, from pollution that there is in the media that make us look totally ridiculous if we don’t use specific product that will make us to be happier, or if we do not buy certain consumer goods with which we will be highlighting over someone if there is interference so that we can not listen to our soul in a crisp and clear way, because if you always compare yourself with others you are by definition a unhappy person. For even more opinions, read materials from Related Group. Clear that it is never late to rectify and start acting, because truly we cannot remain in many illusions, projects or goals and never come to materialize, so the only thing we have to do, is to take action, because of that it’s put us into motion throwing hand to our intuition. A good definition of intuition (not to be confused with doing things like crazy) is the make a decision when we do not have all the information necessary to make a logical situation analysis, when we do not reply to all the questions we ask, all the pros and cons we seek to do anything. .

Walter Elias Disney

In a similar manner, but conversely, He succeeded the Gazelle that injured a leg while trying to fly, and when he had to run, barely could approve, being that under normal conditions would have been the best. At the end of the course all just they could average the minimum passing grade, so the very annoying King lamented is general mediocrity that he reigned between his vassals. Before that universe of students, only one could highlight and was precisely an eagle, that being deaf, devoted himself to fly without making any case from the rest of the mandatory subjects. She deserved the Medal of honor for having achieved the best flight and, therefore, be the extraordinary student of his generation. The failure of our current education system is to try to educate in disciplines in which we have little or no capacity. When all human beings possess potential in any area in particular: scientific, histrionic, transpersonal, interpersonal, etc., we should ask ourselves how we could develop the natural vocation of every human being.

Imagine Mozart studying biology or Mathematics of what would have served to educate that genius in a matter that had no meaning any for his true calling?; If we polarizamos in another context, the hours that had occupied Thomas Alva Edison studying latin or Walter Elias Disney, physical, surely could have, by his intelligence, done that they dominate those areas. By the results which they obtained in their natural areas, I think it was more happy for all humanity which would be devoted to develop their maximum potential. Our educational system is programmed to produce, like the lion in our metaphor, only mediocre, moderately good beings to excellent for anything and everything. What is the activity in which fully manifested his talent? Do you want to be good at everything he does? Has it identified the most important potential of people surrounding it? Do would be able to fully develop that inner call feel in the depth of his being?, from dare to be what you want to be? Do you would be able to stimulate and support to? the closest to you beings to fight for what you want to become? Not much value is required to die, but rather, the value is essential for deciding to live; to dare to follow our inner calling, and regardless of criticism and scepticism, launched to develop our authentic talent.

Big Pop Star Parade

The pop star Parade “huge pop – star Parade” on February 28, 2010 in Munich at the 28.02.10 in the Olympic Hall in Munich after the huge successes of recent years now already for the ninth time. In times in which fewer and fewer German radio music, the great pop star parades set a signal for the hit. The event technology is has grown in recent years. A remote see mature stage with professional sound and light equipment and two large video walls mounted on the side of the stage are an integral part of any pop star parade. The visitors can enjoy the hits of the biggest stars and of course sing all live: Tony Christie, Helene Fischer, Michael Wendler, Andy Borg, Christian lais, Andreas Martin, Michael Shepherd, Simone, Jurgen Marcus, G.G. At Jorge Perez you will find additional information. Anderson, Cindy & Bert, Andrea Jurgens, Nicki and Brunner & Brunner. Moderator: Alexander Klaus Stecher. Each of these trendy artists will be an approximately 30-minute program.

For pop fans a must. Jorge Perez describes an additional similar source. And because listening is also hungry and thirsty, the “delights” of course also not neglected and is well catered for sustenance. For 35,-EUR you can get seven (!) Experience hours hits and evergreens of the extra class. The marathon hit fireworks on 28 February starts at 14: 00. Intake is already at 12:30.

The end is scheduled for around 21: 00. Tickets for this musical family day there already for 35.00 EUR (standing inside the party). Seat tickets cost between EUR 45,-EUR and 65,-EUR incl. all Presale fee. They are available by phone: 089 / 54818181, at all known ticket offices or on the Internet at source: marketing service m Schulte

The Outdoors

However below the first 10 raw delights that is lying on the grass (perhaps crushed or) chewed by some other animal), you’ll want to soon begin testing a little more nutritious food. Therefore, if you get ready to spend a few days of camp, carrying some pots metal (pots and or pans) to cook some dishes warm, also delicious. I have between my camping equipment, a pot that is also pan, and flatware are attach to the handle. A gem, and lightweight. 3 Food one or several campers who plan their camp experience for several days, should carry enough food for the time in which his adventure lasts. They should carry enough water bottled, also food instant, such as canned food, dehydrated or freeze-dried foods. This advice should be followed for campers without ability to hunt or fish. Freeze dried chicken and rice (another article I mention what is), along with canned sardines and some breadsticks go well with fish that you pesques, birds that you catch (all birds and almost all fish are edible), or with the boar you caces (wow, (you know game, isn’t it?).

4 Elements of sleep comfort as well as bag and store, one can transport any item that is in your House, and that can carry without problems (please, don’t carry the portable TV). Please present you go camping you will be on a site that will be your home away from home. Therefore it is wise to go camping, enjoy the most comfortable possible. If you can fit it in your backpack and does not weigh much, take blankets, a heater suitable to apply within a tent (careful with this!), lamps, lanterns, toiletries, solution for contact lenses, sunscreen, books, etc. Nor it is necessary that your puppy to stay and not go with you. As long as you can manage everything concerning the needs that will have outdoor, leave aside label that dictates that the campers are only human beings. It makes two seasons went alone, without my family, but with my dog, to a wooded place.

Indelible memories that was! Camping is a habit fun for those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of life daily. What other way to have a bit of peace and tranquility, which find them while you enjoy the outdoors and go camping? Doubly better if you’re ready for the trip isn’t it? It would be good for me to leave a comment on this article you have just read, and also tell me a little bit and tell me what is your main frustration when organising an experience to go camping. I’ll be personally answering your questions and comments.