Soul Carnival

Recreation program, designed for multi-age audience. A lively and soulful celebration carnival is coming. But he can not take place because Winter does not start in the spring of their possessions. A real battle of the seasons. Many competitions and trials will have to overcome the participants for the wires of winter. Margaret Loesser Robinson brings even more insight to the discussion. A lively and riotous celebration – carnival! Songs, dances, dances, fist fights, "wall to wall" and shuteynye fights, delicious pancakes baked on fire, the traditional burning of effigies and a fire show to your favorite folk songs – all my soul, carnival! Guests come for a holiday carnival.

It sounds funny Russian folk music, all welcome merry clowns, that rhymes with jokes and escort guests to the place of celebration. As the days of the week Pancake do not like each other, each has its own special meaning and entertainment and celebration will consist of seven parts. In Program: Meeting: Meeting costumed team of animators (clowns, girls, beautiful, brave fellows), craft classes, people skills, interactive handmade.ZAIGRYShI: dance performances and demonstrations fights traditional Shrovetide "Carousel" Gourmand: baking contest at the largest pancake on the fire at anturazhnoy pan, eating contests blinovRAZGUL: traditional Russian entertainment and fun (nodding fighting mega-Thani, tug of war, sack-race and on stilts, team skiing, etc.) Vecherko: dance workshops, dance, pereplyasPOSIDELKI: traditional Shrove guessing on grain and oleaginous obryadyShIROKAYa MASLYANA – the riotous part: fire show and of course the burning of effigies of carnival, jumping through fire! Test all passed, murmuring streams, birds singing, spring comes into its possession. Here and dance and dance infest begin. Sleigh rides take out a stuffed hero of the occasion and traditionally burn the Matrona, Carnival at the stake. Burning effigies is accompanied by a fire show (the cost is not included, sold separately)