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Diagnosis: 40 Degrees Art!

There is a permanent exhibition of art Refugium e.V., which can be seen from 04.03.2011 ab for six months in the Einstein RT 130 in Munich in Bogenhausen Medical Center under this motto. In the modernly furnished rooms of the specialist centre, currently only a few pictures decorate the walls and the works of the […]

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Once again, and as usual since 1933, Madrid will hold the book fair from May 28 to June 13. This year will be about 200 bookstores which will draw their booths at the Park of El Retiro. And in view of the success of editions earlier authors such as Jostein Gaarder Norwegian and Danish Peter […]

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High Intensity Interval Training

In general terms, hormones can be divided into two groups anabolic and catabolic. Hormone anabolic (in the form of testosterone, growth hormone, and the insulin growth factors) help our muscles to grow, while catabolic hormones (cortisol, progesterone, and adrenaline) contribute to the degradation of proteins in the muscle, which will be used for glucose (energy) […]

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Restaurant Pulcinella

Pizza masters Pulcinella restaurant since 1960? Pulcinella is your Italian Restaurant Pizzeria in Mazagon enjoys the best now and always, Italian cuisine in a cosy accommodation that will surprise you by the manufacture and quality of their meats, pasta and homemade pizzas, among many other specialties. Pulcinella restaurant is located in the Centre of Mazagon, […]

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Target Achievement – Regardless Of Time And Place

Want to reorient professionally, change, and develop? “Their answer is most likely Yes, but when and where and how should I deal with even that”. Quite simply: Start with online coaching and achieve your goal regardless of time and place. Coaching is an intensive, systematic and results-oriented process. In online coaching, the Internet is used […]

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Listen To Classical Music Right !

Usually we listen to classical music as background for the maintenance of mood, or as a work of art in which to listen. The general point here is that in fact, and in another case, our eyes are open. It is quite natural if the music sounds as a backdrop. But if we listen to […]

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Interim Manager In The HR Field:

butterflymanager with great selection and competence in the matching at the moment we are addressed very often, when it comes to bridging of vacancies or to a certain expertise in a project in HR”, so Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director of butterflymanager, an interim management specialist recruitment consultancy. Just the export-oriented industries seem to be […]

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