Diagnosis: 40 Degrees Art!

There is a permanent exhibition of art Refugium e.V., which can be seen from 04.03.2011 ab for six months in the Einstein RT 130 in Munich in Bogenhausen Medical Center under this motto. In the modernly furnished rooms of the specialist centre, currently only a few pictures decorate the walls and the works of the members of the Association are to create additional coziness. At the same time to shorten the waiting time and make the visit to the doctor for some pleasant, by inviting to the confrontation with art and its consideration. Art refuge is an Association of artists from all over Germany who start nationwide joint art projects and market themselves online together. In its three years of existence, the Group of artists has, currently, there are already a good degree of popularity reached approximately 40 artists from various fields of the Visual Arts through an active exhibition activity. “” Besides classic exhibition concepts, there are again unusual projects such as an art Exchange action, the image line “or the art bed”.

A special By art sanctuary seeks, which bring to art directly to the people, to provide access to those that find their way into the Museum or galleries or less. Not removed or elitist art Forum, but a vibrant subculture that makes the creative process again first hand experience. In addition the Club is engaged in increasingly socially diverse children’s workshops or fundraising for the Heidelberg children’s Hospice, rie or UNICEF. “The current exhibition diagnostic: 40 art” Gallery of the MVZ in the Einstein offers a wide range contemporary art: from the fields of photography, painting and graphics, nearly 30 artists show work, illuminating the subject from different angles. The exhibiting artists see themselves as infected by the fever of art and want to connect even the viewer through their presentation. At the same time also had the salutary effect of artistic activity, as well as their preview in the truest sense of the word in mind should occur.

The vernissage will take place on Friday, the 04.03 at 6: 00 in the Einsteinstrasse 130, 81675 Munich, 4th floor, instead. Entertaining moderated by Prof. Dr. Steike all art lovers at the champagne reception and subsequent submission of culinary specialities are welcome. Following the exhibition is until end of July may each to see the business hours of the Medical Center. Contact: Alexander Snehotta of Kimratshofen (1 Board) Prince Regent Street 94 D-81677 Munich Tel: + 49 (0) 152 019 11 019 email:


Once again, and as usual since 1933, Madrid will hold the book fair from May 28 to June 13. This year will be about 200 bookstores which will draw their booths at the Park of El Retiro. And in view of the success of editions earlier authors such as Jostein Gaarder Norwegian and Danish Peter Hoeg, this time, Feria de Madrid pays homage to the Nordic authors like Stieg Larsson with his saga Milenium. It should be recalled that the Norse literature enjoyed its golden age at the beginning of the last century with authors like the Norwegian Henrik Ibsen, the Swede August Strindberg, the Danish Karen Blixen and the Finnish Mika Waltari. And a century later, we find Steig Larsson already mentioned; to Camilla Lackberg with cries of the past and the daughters of the cold, both published novels in Spanish in 2009; and to John Ajvide Linqvist with his latest novel rests in peace among other authors and whose novels can buy at the book fair, especially if you are housed in a hotel in Madrid.

And in addition to the novels of these authors, You will also find the classics, as well as books for children of the household. And as usual, you can also discover new writers who are trying to make their way in the literary world. This edition highlights the Swedes Asa Larsson and Henning Mankell, the Leif Davidson Danish and Norwegian Saabye Christensen. This is an event organized by the Association of Madrid (Guild of booksellers) book trade entrepreneurs and, Furthermore, are they who give the book of the year award. The hours are from 11 to 14 h and from 18 to 21: 30 h on weekdays. While on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the hours are from 10: 30 to 14: 30 h and from 17 to 21: 30 h. This is an open activity of face to the public. If you are planning to attend and in view of the busy that usually it the Madrid book fair, it is advisable to book a hotel in Madrid in advance, as soon as possible since if you wait at the last minute you may have difficulties to get accommodation.

High Intensity Interval Training

In general terms, hormones can be divided into two groups anabolic and catabolic. Hormone anabolic (in the form of testosterone, growth hormone, and the insulin growth factors) help our muscles to grow, while catabolic hormones (cortisol, progesterone, and adrenaline) contribute to the degradation of proteins in the muscle, which will be used for glucose (energy) synthesis. Therefore, in other words, too many catabolic hormones really can be harmful to our attempts to gain muscle mass quickly, because you can get to undo our hard work. How to naturally reduce the catabolic hormone levels to) avoid stress as much as possible in their life stress produces adrenaline which is a catabolic hormone. b) get the rest and sleep enough between workouts to reduce levels of cortisol c) eating a diet rich in proteins to reduce the levels of cortisol 4 / sleep like a baby sleep is very underestimated in its importance to gain muscle mass quickly and the construction of a great body. Lack of sleep depriva your body time to recover and rebuild your muscles, and increases cortisol levels in the body as mentioned above. Cortisol is essential as a survival mechanism in our bodies, but the public enemy number one when you try to gain muscle mass quickly. Growth hormones anabolic occurring start 30-45 minutes after sleep, but reaching their highest levels when in deep sleep.

Their metabolic rate also slows down while you’re asleep along with an increase in blood flow to the muscles, which is an often forgotten factor in its attempt to gain muscle mass quickly. 5 / Drink lot of water water is the most important resource of life, nothing can survive without it and your muscles are no different. When you try to gain muscle mass fast, you should consume at least 3-4 liters of water daily, or more depending on their circumstances, the amount of time you spend training and the environment (which should drink more in summer than in winter). Water will help your body eliminate toxins and maintain healthy kidneys, since they will produce more waste by the increase in the protein in your diet to gain muscle mass. Likewise, the muscles are kept hydrated a dehydrated muscle will not grow, just like a plant or any other living organism. 6 / Avoid too much Cardio Cardio is great to lose fat and get perfect later, but not when you try to gain muscle mass fast, since it can increase cortisol levels in the body and begin to break the muscle mass that you’ve been working very hard to build. When done in moderation it is good, as a short session of cardio immediately after your session of training with weights, or a short session of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT intervals of high intensity training).

This will minimize the levels of cortisol, and It should help burn excess body fat to help you quickly gain lean muscle mass. 7 / Keep your workouts short this may sound counter-intuitive to gain muscle mass quickly, but seriously that makes a big difference. If you are training for too long that probably are not performing at the level of intensity or you are doing too and tired muscles. For how long should be working? Your workouts should last no more than 45 minutes, and you should approach them with the attitude of entering and exiting. This is good news since it means that you can make your workouts during their lunch, so now there’s no excuse! To go and quickly gain muscle mass!

Target Achievement – Regardless Of Time And Place

Want to reorient professionally, change, and develop? “Their answer is most likely Yes, but when and where and how should I deal with even that”. Quite simply: Start with online coaching and achieve your goal regardless of time and place. Coaching is an intensive, systematic and results-oriented process. In online coaching, the Internet is used for the trustful dialogue between coach and Coachee, what already is no longer indispensable for many of their professional and work life. Online-coaching supports seeking advice people to overcome difficulties, E.g. unhealthy relationship between effort and result in the clarification of objectives, E.g. corporate realignment or overcoming current concerns, such as conflict with an employee. The coaching process begins with an initial interview, this is usually free of charge.

It then describes the current situation and the target defined. It then becomes more difficult when working out of the motif, which paralyzes unconsciously or promotes. The Coachinganliegen is for the person, the team and the company in four perspectives structured, technical and field competence, organization and flow control, the social and personal competence and strategic competence”(Fischer-EPE, 1994). Also the overall context is cleared and then finally paths can be described, which lead to the goal with the help of tools. The coaching process ends, if the goal is reached.

Therefore, the results are measured after a reasonable time. What distinguishes the online coaching now however by the presence coaching? Why is online coaching in vogue? The biggest advantage of online coaching is undoubtedly the independence of time and place. What does that mean? You need not more looking for an appointment in your calendar, but you can formulate out whenever you have desire and time, that what you just busy. Travel expenses and time therefore fall away. And you will see that some difficulties in writing be solvable. You can as long Take time as you want and need. Presence coaching, there is always a visible person, this one is easily distracted by appearance, gestures and facial expressions. When writing your request you can concentrate fully on themselves, take breaks, read already communicated, rethink, complement and deepen. Written expressing relieved, creates distance to the concerns, structured, sorted and repeatedly supported the self-reflection. On the other hand forces the writing stance and come to the point. This intensity simplifies and accelerates the achievement of objectives. For the one or it could be other easier to present personally difficult issues about computer-mediated communication, so rather anonymous, as to transmit them directly to a personal contact. Online coaching, the modern form of personal advice in the professional field, offers a number of advantages. Demand in the business-to-business area is high, this is confirmed by Alfons Breu, Managing Director of b2b coach. Due to demand on the part of customers, the Bavaria-based company has decided with the trend of the times to go and next to place online-coaching offer and that coaching with great success. Learn more get you under since 1992 Alfons Breu advises companies in B2B sales, customer loyalty and new business. In 2000, he founded the b2b coach GmbH & co. KG. The company implements sustainable customer loyalty and new business programmes in the customer master. The services include consulting and implementation. The b2b network has two locations in Austria and two locations in Upper Bavaria. B2B-coach GmbH & Co.KG because you need customers!

Listen To Classical Music Right !

Usually we listen to classical music as background for the maintenance of mood, or as a work of art in which to listen. The general point here is that in fact, and in another case, our eyes are open. It is quite natural if the music sounds as a backdrop. But if we listen to it, just somewhere in that time to watch – it's not really reasonable. Our brains are accustomed to the fact that 70% received external information comes through vision. But the music – this is the art of sound (Even in mp3 format :-)). And here there is an idea: why not try listening to music with your eyes closed? Any psychologist known fact that isolation of one of the five human senses other acute. That is, if you close eyes, our brain is better to concentrate on the perception of auditory information than with their eyes open.

This can be easily seen by doing a little experiment: Start recording some music and start listening to it with open eyes. As soon as we close our eyes, we begin to hear once in 2 more beauty and meaning! But there is a more advanced version of the perception of classical music, allowing to transform the vision into a source of more musical information (which is not the contemplation of the performers), and remain constantly focused. The fact is that listening to music, we are constantly distracted. Then the background noise, then a fly, which also sat us on the nose. But more often we digress to their own thoughts.

They appear constantly in our brains and may be completely on different topics. To get rid of them and remain constantly focused on the music, you must have musical notation. It's simple: listening to classical music, keep it on the notes. The whole point is that as soon as we digress, we lose a place in the score, which sounds at the moment. Randomly thinking about the sandwich, we feel that here now with surveillance. And this feeling automatically keeps our attention on the music and does not cause the thought of a sandwich. Thanks to these two ways we can perceive that never would have heard at ordinary listening to classical music. In the familiar works are opened such depths that were previously inaccessible to our ears.

Interim Manager In The HR Field:

butterflymanager with great selection and competence in the matching at the moment we are addressed very often, when it comes to bridging of vacancies or to a certain expertise in a project in HR”, so Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director of butterflymanager, an interim management specialist recruitment consultancy. Just the export-oriented industries seem to be more personnel at the moment and need this support in the field of HR. Current usage examples found in national and international recruitment, in the area of compensation & benefits, as well as in the human resources department and as HR business partner. As the current provider study 2011 “of the AIMP (Arbeitskreis interim management provider) shows, the bridging of vacancies with 41% (and rising) is the most important reason to use an interim manager. Even if someone is promoted internally, the company leaves suddenly or is exempted, the resulting work must be made easy and can not long time remain”, noticed Schonfeld. Speed at highest accuracy is therefore a main reason why ask companies for recruitment consultants who are specialized in interim management. The butterflymanager GmbH was founded in 2003 and has a long-standing quality-assured pool of more than 3,500 professional interim managers. As in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland for many years active and specialized interim management provider is butterflymanager professional expertise with best results in the matching”: for all industries and all tasks in the interim management. Contact: GmbH Manager of butterfly interim management services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland Bahnhofstrasse 31 ch 8280 Kreuzlingen + 41-71-6770166 info (at) butterflymanager.com