Social Musical

We will not philosophize sly and take the definition of "Wikipedia": "The music – a kind of art, embodying the ideological and emotional content in sound art images." In my opinion, very succinctly and accurately. Next is the clarification and transcript, pretty professional and correct, but not always available in a wide range of human form. The purpose of music – the original incarnation of the creative individual author's thoughts (composition) means harmony and musical forms are (slightly simplified), from my point of view, the basic points needed as a basis for this article: 1. The purpose of music – the original incarnation of an individual author's thoughts (composition). At This is the value of music is a unique structure of a musical work, while the inner meaning of justification favorite composer. 2. Music is based on the creative use of intonation elements and the laws of their organization – the harmony, musical form.

Harmony and musical form characterized as a logical independence, and symbolically-association to the word and Social context. Written in our new music, the songs must meet the main criteria for the concept of "music" Therefore, generalizing the theory: if we want to know whether we can compose music or song, you need to determine whether the fact that we created above the main criteria for the concept of "music". To do this, answer yes to all of the following questions: 1. Can I include your work of art? 2. Does it ideological and emotional content? 3.

Inner Peace

When working with clients as their introspective Inner Peace / coach relationship, an issue that has come to my attention is the tendency we have as human beings to deviate from today. Some people tend to live mostly in the past, some live in the future, while others bounce from future to past and back again to the future. A man who has recently shared realize how deceiving himself with joy on a daily basis. He spends much time at work feel guilty about things you have to do at home. Then, when at home and get to enjoy things, you worry when your work assignment will come next! For some reason, our mental visits to foreign countries outside today are often unhappy. Living in the past usually take the form of focusing on the disturbing events. Even when the memories are happy, they are often accompanied by a painful nostalgia of bygone days. Living in the future, meanwhile, generates fear.

If we excessive focus even happy events we hope, we can not be afraid that the good things that will not happen, or that reality does not live up to our dreams. And, of course, most of our time in the future is full of imagination of the things we do not want to happen. If you look at your life, I am sure you will notice that most of the time the future is revealed as you never imagined. If you pay attention to your body the next time you are given a terrible thought, you recognize unhealthy dose of adrenaline flowing through his veins, muscles and constriction of the throat, the opacity of your mind and emotions.

Shoes For Women

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