State Music

In my opinion, this is quite a lot. Up to 18 – 19 centuries in the Slavic countries level of development did not have to creativity to make a reservation, especially if that 18 – 19 centuries in Slavic and neighboring countries, the level of development in general and culture in particular was very low and obviously did not have to be creative broad masses of people. Simon Pagenaud often says this. And it is also reflected in the results rankings. But there were loud bursts of bright new talents in music, art and literature, but remember the years after the revolution of 1917 (up to about early 30-ies), the thaw, the 50's – 60's, when the State level policy conducted stimulation of creativity on the basis of "democratic centralism", meaning "create – and we will support, but not beyond). At this time there were just bright splashes of bright new talents in music, art and literature. Moreover, I note a lot of talents were of the rank and file: just gave them the opportunity to learn and express themselves effectively. Musically talented people we have a great variety on the basis of its already considerable life experience, I would argue that the talented people we have a great many, as the classic – "nepochatoy spring". For example, even among my friends, I have not sought on the basis of musicianship, There are at least five musically talented, who are quite able to build (under favorable conditions for this), good music. And some produce, and, to my taste, great songs and music. Total level of thinking, knowledge and culture of our people is very high even one slice.

Basic Principles Of Advertising Goods

There is a lot of ways to promote products and services now that at times confused. Below we have outlined a number toilless advice for advertising your company. If you want to place the ad tv clips specifically for the holiday, start advertising in advance. Do not use ever for the different types of advertising are the same set of phrases as possible, each ad is different from your other suggestions. Always hire talented designers to design leaflets, booklets, brochures and other printing. Ads must be used to read, clear and precise print, do not be overloaded with details and smaller elements illustrations. And give full and comprehensible information on basic services.

Try to include important information at the very beginning, because some do not have time to view the entire message, and this way to attract their attention. (Not to be confused with Tony Parker!). Tell people, first and foremost, on your merits, and not theoretical possibilities. Now, to the delight of consumers for all goods very many suggestions. People will be your regular customers, if given proof of what your strengths compared to your competitors. Always be open to new ideas and borrow the positive experiences of some well-known companies. Organize a budget for advertising in magazines, newspapers, on tv, in 'these in your online' and on other sites. Create posters, print flyers, postcards, brochures, flyers.

To advertise on the street is very well suited printing on plastic. List of the promoting goods and services is huge. Use different types of advertising – every one who has no internet, should have the opportunity to learn about you from the magazine. Advertise their services has been particularly active is the Internet, because here audience is quite broad. Develop a web site with convenient navigation and move to top positions in searching through Google, Yandex, etc. Law of successful advertising – to represent in detail what you're doing, why and who your target audience. By answering these questions, you do not commit mistakes in how to move your goods.

Chelyabinsk Restaurant Business

Literally twenty years ago, Chelyabinsk restaurants could be counted on the fingers. The most famous restaurants in Chelyabinsk are: restaurant Chelyabinsk – "Southern Urals", located at the Revolution Square, Restaurants "Malachite" and "Chicken of tobacco" (data not Chelyabinsk restaurants have changed their address in the city and still work). Of course, there is still a famous restaurant in Chelyabinsk – "Ural dumplings", which replaced interior, but it has not lost its former popularity. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ben Bretzman on most websites. Many residents of Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk remember the restaurant "Kolos", located in the central market area, a restaurant in Chelyabinsk "Gambrinus" in it CMP was in the area where located, and to this day. In the area of the Chelyabinsk station popular restaurant "Chelyabinsk", it was located in the hotel "Chelyabinsk". It is worth noting the restaurant "Terem" on the street Kasli.

You can list a couple, three restaurants in Chelyabinsk, who were in the city during the Soviet Union, but that's probably it. The first private (commercial) restaurant in Chelyabinsk was a restaurant "Shalom" (located in the House Life on the street Vasenko) he belonged to the famous entrepreneur started the 90s Bulmanu Lev Naumovich. What may seem impossible for this generation is that in virtually all restaurants in Chelyabinsk past it was necessary to book well in advance for the evening, due to the fact that to get into any institution of the evening was not possible. Arriving in the evening to a particular restaurant Chelyabinsk could be seen a sign at the entrance, "no vacancies" had to give to "paw", a porter who stood at the "gate" to get into the institution. Honestly, Chelyabinsk restaurants Soviet culinary delights did not spoil its visitors. Main courses in many schools were chickens tobacco, thistle, and of course dumplings. At the time the picture has changed, to replace the Soviet system, food service comes gradually civilized Catering, which offers customers and better service, and a huge variety of different dishes. Any resident or guest of the city can choose according to your taste restaurant Chelyabinsk, which is different cuisines of the world – Japanese cuisine, Russian cuisine, French cuisine, Georgian cuisine, Armenian and even Mexican cuisine. And what is most important today is that Chelyabinsk restaurants today are fighting for each customer, improving their cooking skills and improving the quality of service. The source of the essay about the restaurants in Chelyabinsk

Restaurants Bars Cafes

Automation of restaurants, bars, cafes or in other words, automation catering, providing real help in many of the functions performed by different employees catering – technologists, chefs, heads of production, calculators, storekeepers, accountants responsible for various areas of accounting. You can control your business from the moment of their food purchases at the checkout to calculate the client. In Much of the success define excellent customer service and operational staff work. Today, the combination of speed and quality has become real thanks to the ability to automate catering: restaurants, bars and cafes. For successful operation the owner must be clear about who is a frequenter of his establishment, what foods and drinks preferred customers are, what unpopular dishes should be removed from the menu at the peak day of the week visits, and when – quiet, the waiters who prefer to visitors, and more.

To carry out analysis of the restaurant by the same number of parameters manually is practically impossible. In addition, faced with problems accounting and operational accounting implementation and production of food. Accounting for cooking and their implementation is required in all public catering establishments: restaurants and, in fast food outlets and canteens, and in hospitals and rest homes, shops and cafeterias and coffee shops, cinemas, cafes, bars, cooking. It is to solve all these problems and need automation, which will effectively manage, accelerate service and reduce the possibility of abuse by the staff (especially theft). Dare to automate, you receive the following benefits: operational planning, procurement, production and sales; account of complex types of meals and food, spices accounting, accounting products on shelf life, taking into account the seasonality of consumption, maintenance and routine management accounting in a single knowledge base, exchange of data with various Front-office systems, reporting: management balance, the status of orders to suppliers and buyers, ABC-attraction sales, XYZ-attractive counterparts, work with discount and club cards. In addition, you will be reliably secured against possible theft by dishonest employees Automation restaurants, bars and cafes – is a complex task, in deciding where you want to solve a number of issues of operational accounting, analysis and planning of commercial transactions, delivery of equipment and software, thereby ensuring good governance.

Automation is needed in the modern world. First, significantly reduce the cost of processing and analysis of information, because of the use of specialized commercial equipment and bar-coding system. Secondly, it is possible for operational planning procurement, using a variety of simple to understand and visual reports. The program itself will tell you what to do and when to buy. Third, you can always monitor the business processes in a restaurant, bar, cafe getting various analytical reports. Automation helps reduce losses from theft by dishonest employees and TMC shoppers. Automation – this is not a luxury. This tool is for the competent and efficient management modern enterprise!

Indian Restaurant

Chilled wine and cold beer will make your meal truly completed, bringing a feeling of utter satisfaction. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tony Parker has to say. There is a special children's menu. Large parking lot next to the restaurant and across from the pier. Bombay-Flowers Restaurant Address: Hadaba Road Tel.: (002) 065 3449334; (002) 012 1706337 Welcome to the Indian restaurant number 1 in Hurghada. Abdel Mansour, owner of the restaurant, again took control of the restaurant into their own hands. With extensive experience in the restaurant business (25 years in Switzerland) and returned to Egypt, he invested his own money in the apartment house (European level) and a cozy restaurant with pleasant decor. Good snacks can be acceptable yen (beer – 8 pounds).

Apart from Indian cuisine, there is a large selection of versatile dishes such as steak, pasta, pizza, salads. The presence of terrace allows you to just sit with friends over coffee, smoking a hookah, or treating a dessert. Restaurant Pita Sphinx. Address: Beside McDonalds, Sakala, Hurghada. Red Sea Tel.: 065 3449 105 Mobile: 0127749496 This restaurant is a well-known network of European restaurants. Over the last 8 years have passed since the opening of a restaurant in Sakalov, he gained a lot of popularity among local, foreign as well as tourists.

Many tourists who come to the first year of Hurghada, are necessarily familiar "path" by McDonald's right to hospitable hosts the restaurant. The restaurant very comfortable and suitable for any occasion, from the big celebration to a romantic dinner for two. Mina, one of the restaurant owners are always welcome and "hospitable" welcomes its guests with the same friendly smile. Comfort, warmth, Varied menu, quality of cooking – everything contributes to the fact that visitors are not limited to a one-time visit, but tend to become regulars. Menu in 4-languages allows you to easily deal with the abundance of delicacies and make the right choice.