Christmas Gifts

New survey on men of all ages buy Christmas gifts just before Christmas Eve this is a widespread cliche. A recent survey of the wellness trip resulted in Agency beauty24 under now surprising: any third party do the Christmas shopping before Christmas. However, only 6.7 percent of men buy on the very last minute. Is said to be just men, they would buy a only a few days or even hours of the Christmas gifts for their loved ones on the last minute before Christmas Eve. This cliche proves to be wrong. The found agency beauty24 to a recent survey of the Wellness vacation. The opposite is true: men do the Christmas shopping early.

More than one-third (35.3 percent) does the gift shopping already in early November, so far ahead of the advent season. The majority of men (58 percent) buys the presents for your loved ones still during the advent season. However, only 6.7 percent of the men throw themselves at the last second in the The remaining gifts shopping battle. The survey was conducted online with 902 visitors on. About beauty24, the Wellness vacation Agency is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany.

Customers from more than 6,000 well-being feel programs in over 550 hotels choose the motto I live wellness”offer focusing in Europe. Beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional offers. beauty24 wellness are available through, in travel agencies, TV and direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 19: 00 Wellness vacation hotline 01805 24 00 44 (14 cents / min from German landline, different prices from the mobile phone) or email as an Advisor available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000. You may want to visit Ken Kao to increase your knowledge. Press contact: brand gold PR Manya Buschewski Gleditschstrasse 46, 10781 Berlin Tel. (030) 219-159 60 fax. (030) 219-159 69 E-Mail: