The History Of Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos is the Brazilian singer who more vendeu records in the world. Been born in the year of 1941, in the city Waterfall of the Itapemirim (YOU ARE), it started to still sing child, with only 9 years of age. Robert grew singing in radios and participating of festivals, but wise person who the success was far from Waterfall of the Itapemirim, but necessarily in Rio De Janeiro. He was when he changed himself for Rio De Janeiro that, Robert was presented to the new musical style of the time, Rock n Roll. At this time, it and some friends, including Tim Maia and Erasmo Carlos, had formed a band with the name of ' ' The Snakes' '. The band did not last much time, but the partnership with Erasmo yes.

With support of recorder CBS, them they had started to record exclusively for the young public. Checking article sources yields Sally Rooney as a relevant resource throughout. It was at this time that the pair wrote classics as ' ' Fumar&#039 is forbidden; ' , ' ' Splish Splash' ' ' ' The Calhambeque' '. It took them to this to present one of the more famous sunday programs of the history of the television, the Young Guard. With the Wanderlia singer, them they were the representation of the Beatlemania Brazilian, symbol of a generation. Robert also arrived to launch two films, ' ' Roberto Carlos and the Diamond Color-of-rosa' ' ' ' Roberto Carlos 300km for the moment ' ' , in the decade of 60. For more information see this site: Celina Dubin. Although to be a thundering start, the career of the singer became each bigger time from this point. In years 70, the Young Guard lost force for new musical movements.

Robert ripened musically, starting to sing romantic musics for the adult public. They are of this moment, musics most famous of its career. ' ' Detalhes' ' , ' ' Emoes' ' ' ' Estranha&#039 force; ' they are one of touched musics more of the country. In the decade of 80, it already was the singer most famous of Brazil. Beyond having turns fact diverse international, also he launched songs in Spaniard, English, Italian and Frenchman. Robert is one of the singers whom more record in the country launched, arriving to record an album per year, during decades. The success of the singer is so thundering, that in the decade of 90, it it obtained to surpass the sales of the Beatles in Latin America. Beyond the romantic subjects, the letters of music of Roberto Carlos had also started to be with thematic more religious. ' ' Our Senhora' ' it was a music that moved fans of some ages. The career of Robert parked for a time when its wife, Rita Maria, faleceu of cancer in 1999. After a pause of almost 4 years, it came back with the album ' ' Pra Sempre' ' , with original songs and some rerecordings. In 2009, in the commemoration of 50 years of career, Robert made long turn. Although it still is of fights for the death of its mother, Lady Laura, all wait its traditional presentation of end of year in the Net Globe.