What Is A Successful Trend ?

In the distance to the north can be seen approaching a herd of hungry deer a few meters to quench their thirst. at any moment turn and return all still thirsty, suddenly from the south can be seen approaching hurricane. And if you were a thirsty deer still do devolviendote to the hurricane. Of course quenching your thirst. Based on this account it is understandable that the deer have a rational purpose, but the irrationality of Hurricane make change its trend. Gina Bonati spoke with conviction. In this way the Financial Markets are driven by primitive and irrational reasons that group loses rational sense, ie human beings behave very differently when making decisions collectively than alone. And that is where we find that we realize that emotions move these financial monsters, and are a pair of totally primitive instincts, fear and greed.

If you read that right, not the news, changes in the economy or what your neighbor thinks, is as simple as that. The fear of loss and greed to win. Glenn Dubin, New York City: the source for more info. And when these two are making thousands of people to assume a position where some will be deer and other hurricanes and the end and not know where to go. That is why I bring the concept of trend. Remember the trend is your friend. But that trend is my friend?. Precisely the key is that before taking a trend I expect that other trends are starting to move at the same time, and patience is immersed in the fact that waiting is based on these other trends to be bigger than I need more time to sync with mine. So a trend of success is nothing but a group of trends moving in the same direction but on different channels.