Paronomasia or paranomasia Game of words that is realised joining similar words that are only distinguished of others by a few phonemes. Of means it arrives Romans, of average down, rosemaries. (Lope de Vega, century XVII) I, rower of boats, ramera of men romera of souls, rimera of verses, Ramona, to serve to them. (Gloria Strong) 25. Perfrasis or circumlocution the perfrasis or circumlocution is a figure that eludes the direct word and alludes to the object by means of a roundup.

Thus, perifrsticamente, we alluded to Lope de Vega calling it the Fnix of the Spanish talents (Carreter, 1995, 11). The perfrasis can affect whole orations, to paragraphs and complete writings. 26. Polisndeton Consiste of the reiterated use of conjunctions. Normally, this image looks for an effect of prolongation in the time.

27. Affectation Consists of attributing to qualities to something or somebody that does not correspond with their nature. It is possible to be realised of diverse ways, for example: Personification: It consists of attributing human qualities to inanimate beings, or are animal or things: The hemp twisted with rough moaning, enroscando itself slowly on itself. The threads mounted some on others, complaining the violent tension. Cosificacin: Also call reificacin, consists of attributing qualities of object to an alive being. It is a procedure used mainly in the aesthetic vanguardista of the expresionismo of century XX, but also his it used previously. The Renaissance poetry, for example, transforms to the woman into an authentic object of luxury composed of precious matters. Later, during the Baroque one, the cosificacin was used rather like satirical mechanism to degrade or to disillusion: If not to duer his face to me with Filena, nor with its teeth it eats and its dress the three parts steals its husband to him, and the fourth makeup clips to him, If it finds out with him eats and with him it has dinner, but underneath I milk badly fulfilled all their bulk hides, reduced to chapinzanco and bun by battlement, Why you are frightened, Fabio, that embraced his wife looks for, it announces and it, if, it undresses, it is descasado? If accounts by woman which composes the woman, you do not lay down to your side the woman, but the bundle that is put.